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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Accident reconstruction

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Accident reconstruction. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Mr Thorneycroft in RINGWOOD
Over 30 years' professional engineering experience, including 22 years as an expert witness • Extensive range of cases undertaken, including machinery & equipment performance, fault & failure analysis, industrial disputes, product liability & consumer personal injury • Experienced in giving evidence in both the High Court and County Court
Mr Hooghiemstra in BRECHIN
Personal injury accidents: • Road traffic accidents • Slip, trip & fall accidents • Accidents at the workplace • Criminal injury Road traffic collisions: full collision investigation, reconstruction & scene examination • Scaled plan (both pre-collision & post-collision scenarios) • Digital stills photography (day time & night time) • Measurements • Tyre mark speed calculations (pre-brake & pre-impact speeds) • Impact momentum calculations • Throw calculations (pedestrian - motor car collisions) ...
Forensic investigation & scientific reconstruction of road collisions • Evaluation of expert reports • Evidence appraisal • Interviewing police officers • Crash site survey • In-car drive-through video recording • Inspection of damaged vehicles • Expert report presented with accompanying photographic & video exhibits ...
Mr Hawthorn in PLYMOUTH
Traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Specialising in the visual interpretation of evidence • Car & commercial vehicle accidents • Pedestrian impacts • Motorcycle accidents • Video recording of scene from driver's eye view • Vehicle defects, particularly brakes • Technical vehicle examinations • Scene recording & interpretation • High-quality scale plans • Evaluation of expert reports, witness statements & police reports • Plaintiff & defendant reports • Experienced in report writing & court presentation
Mr Hockenhull in BEDFORD
Forensic road collision investigation • Vehicle examination (all classes) • Site surveys & scale plan preparation • Locus reports • Photography • Videography • Evaluation & analysis of existing evidence • Road traffic enforcement incidents investigated • Expert reports prepared • Evidence presented in all courts • 30 year police career, 24 years roads policing • 21 years as police collision investigator, 7 years as Senior CI • Independent consultant since 2009
Motor vehicle damage assessing • Commercial vehicle damage assessing & vehicle valuations • Pre-accident: • Motor vehicle damage assessing • Pre-accident: • Motorcycle damage assessing • Damaged vehicle salvage valuations • Mechanical component failure • Caravan damage assessing • Accident scene reports & plans • Agricultural equipment damage assessing • General accident insurance claims assessing • Racing car & classic car valuations • Witness proofing • Insurance claims investigation • General insurance loss adjusting ...
Road traffic accident & reconstruction • Personal injury & fatal accidents involving motor cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, commercial vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians & emergency vehicles • Accident scene reports, plans, photograph, driver factors, vehicle factors, road conditions, skid marks, speed assessment & analysis • Vehicle impact & collision studies • Vehicle handling & stability, roll overs & jack knifing • Vehicle braking, tyres & wheels • Tachograph examination & interpretation
Mrs Wassermann in GLASGOW
Mechanical failure, stress analysis, fracture & fatigue • Incineration, waste disposal, waste management, clinical waste treatment • Pipework design & construction • Boiler components • Personal injury
Mr Lovis in SANDBACH
Consultant Forensic Engineer & expert witness, previously with Dr J H Burgoyne & Partners LLP (Burgoynes) for over 6 years • Forensic investigation of engineering incidents & personal injury accidents for commercial, legal & insurance clients • Provision of independent & impartial expert witness evidence • Mechanical, metallurgical & non-metallic materials (i.e. polymer, composite, rubber, glass & ceramic materials) based investigations • Forensic investigations both on-site & laboratory based • ...
Mr Burgess in LEYLAND
Forensic collision investigation & reconstruction • Examination of all classes of vehicle • Damage analysis & consistency • Tyre marks • Speed calculations • Reaction times • Vehicle light bulb analysis • Condition & use • Pedestrian collisions • Bicycle collisions • Police vehicle collisions • Motorcycle collisions • LGV & PCV collisions • Digital & analogue tachograph analysis • Appraisal of available evidence & expert reports • Photography & scale plans • Experienced expert witness • Early response & interim reports to ...
Mr Barker in TAUNTON
20 years' experience as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer in: • Design & manufacturing • Commercial vehicles • Transport • Heavy goods • Road trailers • Tankers • Curtainsiders • Handling & lifting machinery • Cranes • Earthmoving plant • Agricultural tractors • Sawmill bandsaws • Timber & log handling • Diesel engines • Accident & failure investigation • Reconstruction • Forensic engineering examination • Materials testing • Fracture • Fatigue & stress analysis • Design standards • Maintenance of machines • Fitness for purpose • Health & ...
Personal injury accidents in: • Factories • Workshops • Construction sites • Warehouses • Chemical plants • Power stations • Offshore platforms • Quarries • Docks • Transport premises • Agricultural premises • Offices • Shops • Fairgrounds • Leisure centres • Theme parks • Vehicles • Private dwellings • Places of public assembly • Streets, etc. • Also work-related upper limb disorders, asbestos-related diseases, occupational asthma & other work-related diseases
Independent investigation of accident & collision enquiries: • Examination of scenes, vehicles & components • Collation of evidence by photography & video • Preparation of scale plans • Consideration of witness evidence • Preparation of technical reports • Provision of advice & oral evidence • Speed assessment • Tachograph evidence analysis • Incident data recorder analysis • Independent advice in disputed civil claims • Investigation of suspected fraudulent or staged collisions • Investigation of police road traffic ...
Mr Roberts in PRESTON
Forensic collision investigation • Vehicle examination, all classes • Motorcycle examination • Off-road & plant collisions • Motorcycle collisions & dynamics • Damage inspections, analysis & consistency • Tyre mark analysis • Vehicle light bulb analysis • Critical appraisal of available evidence • Speed calculations • Reaction times • Pedestrians & pedal cycle-involved collisions • Detailed site investigation • Preparing detailed but clear reports • Experienced expert witness in presenting evidence at court
Forensic engineering associated with: • Incident investigation & reconstruction, including those associated with construction sites, infrastructure, buildings, factories or other places of work • JCT contracts • Incident or equipment failure causality analysis leading to personal injury or property damage • Investigations that require the support of hazardous operations analysis & failure mode evaluation • Incidents involving human & machine interface, including use of displays, machines & manual ...
TCRI (Traffic Collision Reconstruction & Investigation Ltd) in WORCESTER
Road traffic accident prevention & reconstruction • Road traffic control systems, management & safety • Road traffic signals (traffic lights), timing analysis, operation • Road traffic engineering • Cycling, road use • Road junctions & safety • Mechanical accident investigation • Bicycles, motor vehicles, motorcycles & public service vehicles • Tachograph analysis • Motorcycle accident reconstruction • CCTV image analysis • Image enhancement • Highway maintenance • Highways • Video image analysis, simulation & visualisation • ...
Dr Cox in MORDEN
Expertise: • Safety • Accident investigation • Health & Safety at Work Act & Regulations • Personal injury • Fires • Explosions • Risk assessment • Safety management • Occupational accidents • Product safety • Dangerous goods • Falls • Mechanical or structural failure • Machinery Sectors: • Industrial • Construction • Mechanical • Electrical • Manufacturing • Factories • Oil • Gas • Offshore • Chemicals • Pipelines • Railways • Public transport • Ports & docks • Food • Retail • Leisure
Mr Stuart Blackwood MSc in EDINBURGH
Road traffic accident prevention & reconstruction • Forensic collision investigation • Accident investigation • Road traffic signals, timing analysis & operation • Road traffic engineering • Cycle path & footpath accident investigation • Mechanical accident investigation • Mechanical failure of bicycles, motor vehicles, motorcycles, heavy goods vehicles & public service vehicles • Digital & analogue tachograph analysis • CCTV image analysis • Video image analysis • Vehicle identification • Highway maintenance • Pedestrian ...
Mr James Keenan LCGI MITAI in DURHAM
Road accident investigation & reconstruction • Accident site examination • Motor vehicle examination • Forensic examination & analysis of incident data recorders (black box) • Tachograph chart analysis • Speed enforcement analysis • Personal injury & road death accidents & collisions involving motor cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, commercial vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians • Human factors, driver reaction times, vehicle factors, road safety audits, speed assessment & analysis • Image analysis from ...
Mr Wagstaff in MAULDEN
My main specialist field is the analysis & interpretation of forensic evidence & information gathered from road traffic collision scenes & incidents, examination of the vehicles involved, of the interviews of parties involved & other independent witness evidence. I have also specialised in the analysis of tachograph data, including hours analysis & the analysis of digital tachograph data in relation to speed & vehicle movements during collision events. I am a Bosch CDR Operator, where I am a ...
Dr Darren Walsh BA BAI MSc PhD in STEVENAGE
Chemical engineering investigations • Contamination assessment • Electrical Failure investigations • Fires & explosions • Forensic evidence • Marine cargo loss • Marine fire investigations • Materials failures • Mechanical failure investigations • Personal injury • Road traffic accident investigations • Traffic collision • Water leaks • Marine engineering investigations • Metallurgical investigations • Marine firefighting equipment failure investigations
Mr Lock in DORKING
A senior manager of structures & design within an engineering consultancy (established over 30 years) • Over 20 years' experience, with specialist knowledge of the following: • The roll-over of heavy goods vehicles • Structural analysis • Computational structural analysis • Design • Structural design
Mr Runacres in OLD ALRESFORD
Forensic, highways & construction meteorology • Routine & winter highway maintenance • Road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Slips, trips & falls • Ice & frost prediction & detection • Thermal mapping • Snow clearance • Adverse road conditions due to weather • Fog, wind, storm & rainfall analysis • Micro-climatology • Estimation of flooding • Road surveying • Surface water drainage • Weather forecasting
Mr Wheeler in BILLERICAY
I deal with all motor vehicle enquiries, including: • Reporting on condition • Value • Quality of repairs • Reduction in value following repair • Cause of failure • Methods of repair • Costs of repairs, etc. • I also deal with road traffic accident investigations & reconstructions for both criminal charges & civil litigation ...
Mr Henderson in BURNLEY
Reconstruction of road traffic accidents (minor damage through to fatal accidents) • Low speed collisions • Vehicle examination for construction & use regulation offences • Braking & acceleration tests • Vascar & radar speeding offence enquiries • Tachograph chart analysis • Training: drivers' hours legislation, tachochart analysis • Consulting automobile engineer
Mr Boulton in STOKE-ON-TRENT
Expert in all areas of road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • The service for civil & criminal matters includes: • Visit to the scene to obtain measurements for scale drawing • Photographs or video, as required • Read & comment on all witness statements • Comment on police reports, including accident investigation reports • Compile full & concise report as to cause of accident, supported by mathematics, where applicable • Give evidence in court, where I have been accepted as an expert for ...
All road traffic matters, specialising in forensic collision investigation in both criminal and civil forums. Key areas include CCTV analysis, vehicle examination, high-speed loss of control, civil litigation, review of other expert's reports, locus reports, plans and technical drawings. Mark is published in his field and has presented his research both nationally and internationally. He is also experienced in training others in this field and has vast experience of giving live evidence.
Mr Church-Taylor in PRESTON
Forensic collision investigation • Road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Accident causation & consistency of staged or contrived collisions • Detailed site inspection & locus reports • Examination of motor vehicles & components • Analysis of expert reports • Preparation of computer-aided design drawings & scale plans • Preparation of computer-derived motor vehicle damage assessments & repair costing
Mr Sorton in PENRITH
Accident investigation, road traffic • Accident reconstruction • Mechanical examination • Forensic examination • Site examination
I am a Consultant Forensic Scientist specialising in road accident investigation. I am competent to accept instructions in all the usual aspects of road accident investigation, including the examination of vehicles involved in collisions. I can also prepare videos, photographs and scale plans of collision sites as required.
Mr Doughty in ROCHESTER
Provision of expert opinion on all legal & technical aspects of vehicle usage • Maintenance systems, loading, weighing & measuring • Forensic road traffic collision/accident investigation & reconstruction • Forensic motor vehicle examinations • Forensic route tracing from tachograph charts & tachograph analysis • Criminal & civil cases involving stolen vehicles • Forensic vehicle examinations regarding the true identity of suspect vehicles • Heavy goods vehicle & public service vehicle licensing dealing with ...
Mr Griffin in BURY
Road traffic accident & reconstruction • Personal injury & fatal accidents involving motor cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, commercial vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians & emergency vehicles • Accident scene reports, plans, photographs, driver factors, vehicle factors, road conditions, skid marks, speed assessment & analysis • Vehicle impact & collision studies • Vehicle handling & stability, 'roll over' & 'jack knifing' • Vehicle braking, tyres & wheels • Driver sightline simulation & highway ...
Industrial & personal injury claims • Slipping & tripping • Playgrounds & swimming pools • Manual handling • Upper limb disorders/RSI • Building site & glazing accidents • Fork-lift truck accidents • Scaffolding accidents • Soft play areas • Stairs & passenger lifts accident investigation
Mr Hammersley in CHEADLE HULME
Consultant Forensic Mechanical & Materials Engineer & expert witness (practising since 1997, 18 years with Dr J H Burgoyne & Partners LLP (Burgoynes), 9 of which as a partner) • Forensic mechanical engineering-based investigations • Forensic metallurgical based investigations • Forensic polymer/non-metallic materials based investigations • Forensic component failure analysis, including expertise in fractography & electron microscopy • Forensic investigations into the cause of damage to equipment ...
Mr McGlinchey in MAGHERAFELT
Providers of forensic engineering and scientific advice to the legal professions in both criminal and civil forums • Criminal areas include: • Dangerous driving • Evidence evaluation • Ballistics • Forensic computing • Arson • Explosions • Eyewitness evaluation • Scene illustration • Civil areas include: • Health & safety • RTAs • Employer's liability • IT security ...
Mr Donaghy in BELFAST
Accident investigation & reconstruction of cases where private cars, light & heavy commercial vehicles, farm machinery, industrial site machines & their associated equipments, are the subject • The collection & recording of evidence, compiling of material facts, analysis of expert reports, collision studies & the calculation of vehicle speeds, culminating in detailed reporting for litigation • Appointed as mediator & /or arbitrator in automotive-based disputes involving vehicle repairs, machine ...
Mr Williamson in LIVERPOOL
I can provide reports relating to most aspects of road vehicles, agricultural machinery & general engineering covering the following subjects: • Accident investigation & reconstruction • Damage, cost assessment (vehicle) • Vehicle valuations • Mechanical failures • Vehicle fire investigation • Photography & video recordings can be provided on these subjects
Mr Elliott in ST NEOTS
Road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Forensic stolen vehicle examinations • Forensic tachograph chart analysis • Route tracing • Electronic scene surveying & computer-generated plans • Witness statements & interviews • Speed detection devices, PILOT & VASCAR • Verification & analysis of other expert's report • General vehicle examinations • Locus reports • Criminal & civil litigation • Personal injury • Forensic examination of light bulbs & tyres • Fraudulent insurance claims • Staged collisions • Death by ...
Investigation of industrial accidents • Preparation of detailed court reports supported by photographs & plans • Manual handling • Upper limb disorders • Falls & falling objects • Slipping & tripping • Machinery • Noise & deafness • Component failures
Mr David Winstanley DipASM MITAI LCGI in WIGAN
Personal injury & road death accidents & collisions involving motor cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, commercial vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians • Human factors, driver reaction times, vehicle factors, road safety audits, speed assessment & analysis • Image analysis from photographs, negatives, transparencies • Photogrammetry • Reconstructions & analysis & interpretation from CCTV evidence • Vehicle examination • Evaluation & analysis of existing reports • Fraudulent claims investigation • Dashcams, ...
Mr Biffin in TELFORD
Road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Interpretation of tyre marks & vehicle damage • Speed calculation • Tyre examination • Visual tachograph chart examination & interpretation • Vehicle examination • Vehicle handling characteristics • Seat belt examination & usage • Photographic services • Report validation & interpretation • Plan drawings • Locus reports • Interviewing police officers & witnesses • Court attendance & evidence presentation • Trial & inquest notes • General traffic enquiries
Mr Parkin in WORCESTER
Road traffic accident reconstruction • Vehicle & scene examinations & photographs • Speed of vehicles prior to impact determined from skidmarks, damage to the vehicles, debris distribution, etc. • Determination of seat-belt usage from forensic examination of seat-belts, vehicle interior & occupant injury • Contributory negligence versus seat belt use • Expected injury levels for accident type by age, sex & restraint use
Mr Wilson in PRESTON
Accident investigation • Forensic collision investigation • Road traffic accident reconstruction • Motor vehicle examinations • Scale plans • Expert reports • Photography & video • Damage profiles, critical speed & other tyre marks • Motorcycle collisions • Police vehicle collisions • Pedestrian collisions • HGV & bus collisions • Tachograph analysis • Video & still photography • Critical appraisal of previously prepared reports • 30 years' experience presenting evidence at court
Mr Lynagh in TIDESWELL
Investigation of weather events world-wide • Specialist in marine meteorology • Storm analysis • Assessment of the accuracy of weather forecasts • Climate world-wide • Reconstruction of past weather events • Meteorological statistics • Forensic meteorology • Weather information relating to insurance claims • Weather related to accidents
Accident investigation • Forensic collision investigation • Road traffic accident reconstruction • Damage profiles, critical speed & other tyre marks • Motorcycle collisions • Police vehicle collisions • Pedestrian collisions • Tachograph analysis • Video & still photography • Critical appraisal of previously prepared reports • 30 years' experience presenting evidence at court • Former senior investigating officer & head of accident investigation unit of a metropolitan police force
Formerly employed by the Health & Safety Executive as one of HM Inspectors of Health & Safety, my expertise lies in the investigation of industrial accidents & the interpretation of health & safety legislation • Particular fields of expertise are: • Forestry • Sawmilling • Agriculture • Construction • General manufacturing • Oil & gas industry • The company I run employs specialists in noise & vibration, lifting machinery & appliances, asbestos & fire
Mr Dabek in WIRRAL
Reconstruction of road traffic accidents, opinion given on reconstructions already carried out by others • Plans & photographs prepared for use in court • Examination of vehicles in respect of mechanical failures or quality of repair work • Accidental damage & diminution of value inspections undertaken
Mr Corrigan in BIRMINGHAM
I specialise in collision investigation and reconstruction & motor vehicle examination. A collision investigation and reconstruction involves attending the scenes, carrying out a thorough investigation, including motor vehicle examination, from the evidence available, reconstructing the collision, and examining the behaviour of the persons and vehicles involved in determining the causes. I am conversant with the role of an expert witness and the duty owed to the courts in preparing reports, ...
Root cause analysis of major engineering failures • Forensic engineering • Productivity & inefficiency assessment of construction projects • Reinstatement, remediation & mitigation consultancy • Project/program management & forensic scheduling • Oil & gas fire - investigations • Construction disputes consultant (delay matters)
Mr Anderson in DORKING
Technical Authority of structural analysis for a major consultancy operating worldwide • Over nearly 30 years my particular fields of expertise are: • Stress analysis • Structural design, analysis, engineering & integrity • Finite element analysis • Fatigue • Fracture mechanics • Creep • Crack growth • Failure analysis • Dynamics • Vibration • Shock • Non-destructive testing • Design code assessments • Pipewhip • Missiles • Jet loadings • Blast • Safety cases • Risk management • Probabilistic analysis • Peer review
Motor accident investigation • Forensic inspection of motor vehicles • Collision analysis using PC-Crash • Animation of crash scenarios • Low speed accident investigation • Locus reports • Repair quality & mechanical fault reports • Night time photography (HDR) • Criminal cases - murder, attempted murder, death by dangerous, death by careless • Civil cases - high value personal injury, low speed incidents & fraud, fitness for purpose • Dispute resolution & arbitration
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