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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Acoustic trauma

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Acoustic trauma. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Mr Gooder in BLACKBURN
Otolaryngology • Head & neck oncology • Occupational deafness • Alleged clinical negligence in ENT surgery • Occupational rhinitis • Personal injury in ENT • Whiplash injury, including otological effects, deafness, tinnitus & imbalance • Medico-legal work only ...
Noise-induced hearing loss & acoustic trauma • Whiplash, ear & balance trauma • Occupational rhinitis • Smell & taste disorders, e.g. occupational smell impairment • Voice trauma • Mr Murty consults at his own clinic which provides a comprehensive range of ENT services, e.g. pure tone audiograms, speech audiometry & balance testing, etc.
Mr Trimble in BELFAST
Paediatric ENT diseases • Diseases of the ear & hearing • Noise-induced hearing loss
Professor Homer in KNUTSFORD
Ear, nose & throat surgery • Head & neck cancer • Head & neck tumour surgery • Thyroid surgery • Salivary gland disease • Laser surgery • Voice & swallowing disorders • Noise-induced hearing loss • Facial plastic surgery
Mr Strachan in BINGLEY
Ear, nose & throat surgery • Rhinosinusitis • Rhinitis, including allergic rhinitis • Endoscopic sinus surgery • Nasal surgery • Hearing loss & deafness • Tinnitus • Ear surgery • Acute & chronic ear disease
Mr Olarinde in SHEFFIELD
Clinical negligence • Tinnitus • Noise-induced hearing loss • Facial injuries • Head & neck cancer • Thyroid surgery • Vertigo • Smell disorders • Ear, nose & throat surgery • Head & neck surgery • Nasal injuries & fractures • Voice disorders
Mr Grace in YORK
Personal injury involving the head & neck • Acoustic trauma • Cancer of the head, neck & throat • Deafness • Traumatic deafness • Ear injuries • Ear surgery • Head injury - ENT complications • Throat infections • Otolaryngology negligence • Neck injury
Mr Hawthorne in DARLINGTON
All aspects of ear, nose & throat surgery • Noise-induced hearing loss • Occupational nasal disorders, especially those due to chrome & similar chemicals • Medical negligence in the field of ENT surgery • The therapeutic use of botulinum toxin • Disorders of balance & equilibrium
Mr Hoare in BEDFORD
Ear nose throat, head & neck surgery & medicine, including: • Deafness • Tinnitus • Balance disorders • Nasal trauma • Smell disturbance • Sinus problems • Voice problems • Tracheostomy cases • Head & neck cancers & benign tumours • General medical issues, including: • Consent • Communication • Training
Mr Sadek in TAUNTON
Industrial deafness • Occupational rhinitis • Whiplash injury • Facial & neck trauma • Loss of sense of smell & taste in trauma • Deafness & tinnitus as a result of road traffic accidents • Vertigo in trauma
Dr Hariri in LONDON
Paediatric audiology, including difficult to test children & children with multiple disabilities • Hearing loss due to road traffic accidents • Noise-induced hearing loss • Tinnitus due to road traffic accidents • Dizziness due to accidents • Ear medical negligence cases • Neonatal & birth-related hearing loss • Noise-induced tinnitus • Occupational hearing loss
General ENT surgery • Head & neck surgery • Head & neck oncology • Emeritus Honorary Consultant ENT Surgeon & MacMillan Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist at The Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals & Buckinghamshire Hospitals Trusts
Mr Lew-Gor in LONDON
Consultant UK ENT Surgeon with busy clinical & medico-legal practice • Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate • High-quality medico-legal reports • Reports submitted within 2 weeks • National coverage • Cases include noise-induced hearing loss & other occupational disability, personal injury & clinical negligence cases ...
Mr Khan in CHEADLE
Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) • Industrial deafness (ID) • Acoustic trauma • Vertigo after RTA, trauma or assault • Tinnitus after RTA, trauma or assault • Loss of sense of smell after RTA, trauma or assault
Mr Lancer in DONCASTER
Noise-induced hearing loss • Otology (all aspects) • Special interest in stapedectomy • Mastoid surgery • Facial nerve paralysis • Conductive deafness • Rhinoplasty • Nasal trauma • Nasal obstruction • Bat ears • Routine ENT problems (tonsillectomy, nasal septal surgery, etc.)
Mr Silva in OXFORD
General ENT/head & neck surgery • Personal injury • Noise-induced hearing loss • Medical litigation & negligence
Dr Raglan in LONDON
Hearing & balance problems following head & whiplash injuries in adults & children • Noise-induced hearing loss • Hearing & balance disorders in adults & children • Birth-related hearing disorders • Tinnitus ...
Mr Houlihan in TORQUAY
I am an ENT Consultant based at Mount Stuart Hospital in Torquay. I have held an NHS consultancy post at South Devon Healthcare Trust, Torquay and an honorary consultant post at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital for over 25 years. My practice was of general ENT but with a special interest in otology and neurotology. My interests involved running an audio-vestibular clinic dealing with disorders of hearing and balance. I have had a long experienced career in noise-induced hearing loss, acoustic shock and ...
Noise-induced hearing loss • Whole body, hand & arm vibration
Noise-induced hearing loss • Whole body & hand-arm vibration
Professor Raine in BINGLEY
Available to give opinion on matters related to disease & disorders of the ear, nose & throat • Sub-specialisation into paediatrics & otology • Extensive work with industrial hearing loss • Tinnitus • Rhinology • Clinical Director of the Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Unit
Mr Webber in KING'S LYNN
General ear, nose & throat surgery • Industrial & occupational deafness • Nasal trauma • Otology • Rhinology ...
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