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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Agricultural waste

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Agricultural waste. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Ms Heasman in ATHERSTONE
Provision of expert witness services in areas such as: • Waste management & treatment • Landfill sites • Health effects of waste management facilities & contaminated land • Assessment of risks from contaminated land, including risks to water & to human health • Assessment of impacts from odour
Specification, costing & field testing of water systems & water protection in the built environment • Drainage, wastewater treatment, water supplies, storm & flood analysis, septic tanks & soakaways, dampness, structural defects, diagnosis of mould, remediation & prevention • Microbiology, epidemiology & control of waterborne diseases • Damp-related allergenic agents, measurement of airborne mould & fungal spores • Installation & management of swimming pools, hot tubs & spas • Water quality & toxicity ...
Mr Danks in READING
Town & country planning: • Environmental impact • Environmental protection: • Environmental management • Environmental monitoring • Water: • Water resources • Water quality • River pollution • Effluent pollution, analysis & treatment • Air: • Odour pollution & nuisance • Agriculture: • Agricultural engineering • Agricultural construction & use regulations • Health & safety accidents • Irrigation systems
Dr Szmidt in AYR
Anaerobic digestion • Odour & emissions from compost & related facilities • Environmental & societal pollution • Agricultural pollution • Waste management & recycling • Facility design & operation • Production of compost & composted waste • Use, quality & fertiliser value of compost & digestate for horticulture & agriculture • Mushroom & hydroponic production systems • Cannabis cultivation • Microbial content, contamination & pollution of compost ...
Dr Smith in CREDITON
Fish kills • Environmental impact assessment • Pollution • Agricultural waste • Remote sensing • Toxicity testing • Freshwater biology • Estuarine biology • Marine biology • Aquatic chemistry • Arbitration • Quantum • Freshwater pollution • River pollution • Marine pollution • Conservation • Environmental monitoring • Discharges • Effluents • Oil pollution • Contaminated cargo, e.g. fish ...
British Institute of Agricultural Consultants in BRISTOL
Agricultural consultants • Expert opinion • Rural planning • Renewable energy • Farming business & estate management • Crops & livestock • Trees & forestry • Environment & conservation • Rural Payment Agency matters ...
Mr Peck in OXFORD
Appraisals in support of planning applications for new agricultural or horticultural buildings & occupational dwellings • Reports on agricultural businesses in support of medical, insurance & product liability claims • Appraisals & budgets in support of agricultural rent reviews • Specialist reports for ADHAC & land tribunals • Assessment of liability & consequential loss due to spray damage on agricultural crops
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