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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Air quality

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Air quality. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Ms Tierney in HAREFIELD
Asbestos • Provision of CPR Part 35-compliant reports on: • Adequacy of asbestos surveys (compliance with HSG 264, 227) • Adequacy of asbestos removal contracts (compliance with CAR 2012, HSG 247, 248) • Compliance with the 'duty to manage' (CAR Reg 4) • Asbestos land contamination • Assessment of exposure for asbestos-related disease claims
Alan Jones has been involved in several aspects of work to do with asbestos fibres. He has recently led an IOM team in drafting a practical guide on best practice to minimise risks of asbestos exposure for the European Commission. The guide is available in 20 languages from the EC: asbestos_en.htm. ...
Mr Griggs in WORTHING
Holder of the Cardiff University and Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate and with over 19 years' direct asbestos industry experience managing the risk of asbestos in buildings and brownfield sites, Matthew offers expert witness and opinion on all asbestos regulatory compliance, remediation and management, including: • Remedial disputes and removal standards • Survey quality and practice • Analytical quality and practice • Occupational exposure • Compliance • Testing
Occupational hygiene • Asbestos • Solvents • Dusts • Metals • Fumes • Airborne contaminants • Occupational exposure • Mesothelioma • Respiratory lung diseases • Dermatitis
Mr Horrocks in ST ALBANS
All forms of environmental health work undertaken, including: • Environmental protection, including air pollution control • Environmental, community & occupational noise assessment & control • Investigation & resolution of statutory nuisances • Environmental assessments of new development proposals under Town & Country Planning Acts • Food poisoning investigations • Food safety audits • Food hygiene training • Housing disrepair & fitness assessments • Health & safety risk assessment & accident investigations ...
Mr Asker-Browne in TOTLAND
The effect of work upon health • Management of occupational health programmes • Health & safety policies • Ventilation for control of contaminants • Control of substances hazardous to health • Health effects of the indoor environment • Stack emissions & their measurement
Chimney stack emissions & dispersion • Air pollution: dispersion & effects • Occupational hygiene & safety • Toxicology of industrial & environmental chemicals • Biological & chemical aspects of forensic science • Water pollution & its effects • Analytical chemistry • Odour assessment & control • Alcohol & drink driving • Environmental & occupational noise
Dr Gibson in DIDCOT
Evaluation of odour & volatile organic compound abatement systems • Environmental impact of emissions • Dispersion modelling • Odour & dust management plans • Waste & effluent treatment & recovery • Industrial ventilation • Dust & fume control • Independent quantitative measurement of odour in accordance with BSEN 13725:2003 (UKAS Accreditation no: 4729) • Quality assured measurements & reporting • Experience of applications for permitting, planning inquiry, expert reports, public inquiry & courts
Dr Bond in LONDON
As Associate Sustainability Consultant for Hilson Moran, Paul is competent to accept instructions in: • Nuisance from odour, dust & other amenity impacts relating to waste management, composting & industrial facilities • Air quality & odour monitoring & modelling • Flood risk & surface water management issues • Paul is experienced in finding environmental solutions to achieve planning permission for developments in some of the most challenging of urban environments
Matters relating to exposure to hazardous substance including, but not restricted to, asbestos, isocyanates, epoxy resins, metal & wood dusts, hydrocarbons, fumes, etc. • In addition, this would include retrospective exposure assessment, exposure modelling, legal duties of employers & employees, & evaluation of the efficacy of working practices & control measures such as ventilation, enclosures, protective clothing & other equipment
I am an expert on the health effects and control of exposures to physical, chemical, biological and psycho-social stressors that arise in the work environment. My reports are accurate, brief, clear and meet the requirements of CPR 35. My current work is 80% for claimant; 5% for defendant; and 15% as single joint expert. ...
Mr Hodgkiss in NORWICH
Expert advice can be given in all aspects of asbestos in the field of occupational hygiene, including historic exposure assessment, rent arbitrations or litigations resulting from irreversible damage to belongings & /or property
Dr Dickerson in BRISTOL
Nuisance from dust, odour & noise • Environmental permitting under IPPC, appeals & statutory notices • Planning & pollution control • Technological pollution controls, including determination of BPM, BPEO & BAT • Atmospheric emissions monitoring & air quality modelling • Environmental management systems & audits • Experienced in wide range of industrial processes, commercial, educational & residential development
Professor Ball in NORWICH
Risk assessment, examinations, evaluations & reports • Public safety • Occupational safety • Environmental contamination • Risk management policy • Safety policy • Water slide safety • Playground safety • Leisure & sport safety • Consumer safety • Transport safety • Accidents • Child safety • Legal requirements for safety
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