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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Altered documents

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Altered documents. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Mrs Sarah Morley BSc(Hons) MSc in HUNTINGDON
Alcohol technical defences • Alcohol back calculations • Drink driving • Blood & urine testing (drugs & alcohol) • Drug driving • Toxicology • Illicit drugs • Cannabis cultivation • Drug valuation • Drug usage patterns • Drug packaging comparison • Handwriting • Fibres • Glass • Footwear • Paint • Toolmarks • Blood evidence, including detection, pattern interpretation & event reconstruction • Semen & saliva • Evaluation of DNA evidence • Independent DNA profiling ...
Ms Ellen Radley, BA PgDip(Law) MAE in READING
Instructions accepted in both civil & criminal matters • Experience as an SJE • Work undertaken includes: • Signature & handwriting identification • ESDA (Electrostatic Document Analysis) & ESDA sequencing • Non-destructive ink analyses (infrared luminescence & reflectance) • Identification of thermochromic inks • Obliterations, alterations, erasures • Printing defects • Non-destructive paper examination for identification & comparison • Document manipulations • Font identification ( & dating of same) • Photocopy ...
Mrs Thorndycraft-Pope in STONEHAVEN
The examination of questioned handwriting to help identify the author, e.g. wills & contracts • The examination of alterations, obliteration, etc., to help reveal the original entries, e.g. altered cheques • The detection of indented impressions to aid, e.g. in identifying the author of anonymous letters • The examination of documents to establish authenticity, e.g. security fibres • All necessary scientific equipment, e.g. stereomicroscope, VSC, Mi-Scope & ESDA
Mr Handy in READING
Handwriting comparison: identification of writer based on comparison • Signature analysis: comparison to establish genuineness or otherwise of signatures • Document examination: detection of alterations, additions & erasures; detection of indented impressions by ESDA • Typewriting comparison • Civil & criminal work undertaken • Confidential reports prepared & evidence given at court or tribunal ...
Mr Robert Radley MSc CChem FRSC FSSocDip FAE RFP in READING
The oldest independent forensic document laboratory in the UK with over 40 years' experience in: • Forensic signature examination • Handwriting • Document examination • Typewriting examination • Forgeries: detection & examination • Alterations • ESDA (Electrostatic Document Analysis) • Ink analysis • Evidence presented in more than 20 countries worldwide • Extensive laboratory & photographic facilities • CVs & free of charge estimate of costs on submission of copy documentation & instruction ...
Mr David Browne - Senior Associate in LONDON
Diligence International uses the latest techniques and facilities to extract, process, analyse and present forensic material. We act in both criminal and civil cases, representing plaintiffs and/or defendants and are often instructed as third party experts. ...
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