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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Aneurysm

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Aneurysm. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Professor Gurusinghe in PRESTON
Head injury • Post-traumatic epilepsy, headache, concussion • Spinal injury • Whiplash injury • Lower back injury • Neurovascular diseases • General neurosurgery • Nerve injury
Mr Collin in OXFORD
Vascular surgery • Abdominal surgery • Claudication • Sympathectomy • Thoracoscopic sympathectomy • Sweating • Hyperhidrosis • Carotid surgery • Arterial injuries • DVT • Aortic aneurysm • Arterial bypass surgery ...
Mr Kirkpatrick in CAMBRIDGE
I am a Consultant & University Neurosurgeon who practises all aspects of cranial & spinal surgery. I have a specific interest in trauma to the brain & spinal column, cerebral vascular surgery & the treatment of stroke. I also have an interest in spinal degenerative disease, & much of my legal reporting concerns cervical & lumbar spine injuries, disc prolapses & consequences of cervical & lumbar arthritis. ...
Mr Buxton in LIVERPOOL
Medico-legal cases in the fields of: • Neurosurgery • Paediatric neurosurgery • Spinal surgery • Military medical matters • Trauma management
Dr Greenwood in LONDON
Brain injury • Stroke • Neuro-rehabilitation • Director of two brain injury units
Mr Ameen in LONDON
Consultant General Neurosurgeon with interest in head injuries, cervical & lumbar disc diseases & sequelae of their treatment (i.e. post-concussion syndrome, failed neck surgery & failed back surgery syndrome) • Medical negligence in neurosurgery • Criminal injuries
Professor Venables in SHEFFIELD
Neurological disease • Cerebral vascular disease • Epilepsy • Brain diseases, disorders & injuries • Brain lesions • Headaches • Migraine
Mr Heather in CHELTENHAM
General surgery • Special interest in vascular surgery, including: • Abdominal aortic aneurysms • Carotid artery surgery • Peripheral vascular disease • Varicose veins • Deep venous thrombosis
Diseases & conditions of the brain & spine • Vascular surgery of the central nervous system • All aspects of general neurosurgery & head injuries • All aspects of spinal & cranial neurosurgery • Additional training & expertise in cerebrovascular surgery • Head & spinal trauma • Pituitary surgery • Author of Outcome following Post-traumatic Intracranial Haematomas & other cerebrovascular papers
Mr Grotte in CHEADLE
25 years' experience in adult cardiothoracic surgery & cardiothoracic trauma as a consultant • Past Performance Assessor for the GMC • The vast majority of my work (medico-legal) is complainant based, i.e. expert witness for the complainant, but I am equally prepared to act as an expert witness for the defence • Expertise in (i) Cardiothoracic trauma (excluding the trachea) and (ii) Adult cardiac surgery • NB I cannot accept cases relating to adult VAT, thoracic & oesophageal surgery resections ...
Neurosurgery • Spinal surgery
All aspects of general cardiology & interventional cardiology ...
Mr Riordan-Eva in LONDON
Clinical negligence only • Adult neuro-ophthalmology (visual problems from neurological disease - idiopathic (benign) intracranial hypertension, intracranial tumour, including pituitary tumour & meningioma, CVA (stroke), intracranial bleed, aneurysm, carotid dissection, blocked CSF shunt, meningitis, intracranial infection, multiple sclerosis, sarcoid) • Loss of vision after non-ocular (e.g. lumbar spine, cardiac or ENT) surgery • Ischaemic or toxic optic neuropathy • Giant cell arteritis
Miss Myint in LONDON
Having had my entire education in the UK, I have been a Consultant Surgeon in both vascular and general surgery since 2000. I was jointly appointed to a teaching hospital and a district general hospital. In addition, over the course of my consultant tenure, I have held regional and national training roles, managing surgical trainees of all grades. Thus I am happy to accept instructions in the fields of vascular surgery and cases where training is an issue.
Mr Wilkins in PLYMOUTH
General surgical conditions, including trauma & hernia • Specialising in endocrine, vascular & venous disorders, including industrial disorders such as vibratory vasospastic disorder, hand-arm vibration syndrome • Medical negligence
Professor Norris in LONDON
Stroke diagnosis, prevention, treatment • Cerebrovascular disease • Cerebral infarction & haemorrhage • Head injury • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Chiropractic manipulation complications • Migraines
General neurosurgery excepting functional & pituitary neurosurgery • Oncology neurosurgery • Head injury • Spinal neurosurgery • Paediatric neurosurgery • Vascular neurosurgery • Degenerative spinal disease • Human factors & mathematical modelling of disease & treatment • Clinical trials ...
Dr Forbes in AMLWCH
CT & MR scanning of the brain & spine • Neuroradiology • Special interest in paediatric neuroradiology, particularly neonatal & other asphyxial brain injury • Trauma to the head & spine in adults & children • Spinal imaging • Radiology of the extremities
Professor McCollum in MANCHESTER
Artery & vein diseases • Arterial & venous thrombosis • Vascular injury or surgery • Arterial & venous surgery • Varicose veins • Stroke & cerebral perfusion • Carotid & extracranial artery surgery • Heart attack & stroke in young adults • Shock & organ damage • Blood transfusion • Leg ulceration • Pressure sores & bedsores • Provision of expert reports across the range of arterial & venous surgery • Life expectancy • Experience in medical negligence for both plaintiff & defence • Special experience in multi-party ...
Dr Orrell in LONDON
Neurology • Whiplash • Head injury • Muscle injury • Nerve injury • Neurogenetics • Headache • Migraine • Epilepsy • Stroke • Neuropathy • Neuropathic pain • Neuromuscular disorders • Neurological diseases & disorders • Neurodegenerative diseases • Muscular pain & disorders • Brain injury, diseases & disorders ...
Mr MacSweeney in NOTTINGHAM
Appointed as a Consultant Vascular Surgeon in Nottingham in 1995 • Provided over 700 medical reports • Provided reports in medical negligence & personal injury cases on behalf of both claimants & defendants on vascular injuries & complications, management of circulatory problems of various kinds, deep venous thrombosis, complications of arterial, venous & orthopaedic surgery & compartment syndrome • Attended courses on medico-legal report writing & on giving evidence in court • I am aware of my ...
General adult neurosurgery, including head injury, brain tumours, pituitary tumours, hydrocephalus, degenerate spinal disorders, cervical & lumbar disc disease, brain haemorrhage, aneurysms, AVMs • I am able to provide personal injury reports & clinical negligence reports • I am situated in The Midlands & can do home visits if required
Professor Charles McCollum in MANCHESTER
Artery & vein diseases • Arterial & venous thrombosis • Vascular injury or surgery • Arterial & venous surgery • Varicose veins • Stroke & cerebral perfusion • Carotid & extracranial artery surgery • Heart attack & stroke in young adults • Shock & organ damage • Blood transfusion • Leg ulceration • Pressure sores & bedsores • Provision of expert reports across the range of arterial & venous surgery • Life expectancy • Experience in medical negligence for both plaintiff & defence • Special experience in multi-party ...
Dr Patel in LONDON
Consultant Stroke Neurologist working in hyperacute & acute stroke services at St George's Hospital, involved in thrombolysis & thrombectomy service provision • Secondary stroke prevention care (inpatient & outpatient) • General neurology: mainly outpatient neurology clinics (two a week) seeing about 24 new patients a month with a variety of neurological symptoms & diagnosis. Also some inpatient neurology work seeing ward referrals & acute neurology admissions (these could range from ...
Dr Hardie in BRISTOL
Traumatic brain & spinal injuries • Clinical & occupational neurology • Disability assessment • Neurological rehabilitation • Cerebrovascular disease: intracranial aneurysms, AVMs, TIA & stroke services, thrombolysis for acute stroke • Sport-related injuries, especially concussion & spinal injuries • Military medicine & defence medical rehabilitation • War pensions & armed forces compensation
Mr Maurice-Williams in LONDON
Wide experience in general neurosurgery, with special experience in spinal surgery & the surgery of intracranial aneurysms & arteriovenous malformations • I have undertaken medico-legal work for the past 36 years, dealing with both personal injury & clinical negligence cases, appearing in court at one time between 10 & 15 times per year, though much less often since the introduction of the Woolf Reforms • I can only take instructions directly from firms of solicitors, & not via agencies
Professor Coakham in BRISTOL
All aspects of neurosurgery, especially: • Brain & spinal injury • Brain tumour • Trigeminal neuralgia • Personal injury • Cauda equina syndrome • Aneurysm • Sub-arachnoid haemorrhage • Medical negligence, acting on behalf of plaintiff or defendant
General neurosurgery • Neurovascular neurosurgery • Neurosurgical trauma • Head injuries
Mr Pople in BRISTOL
Hydrocephalus • Spina bifida • Childhood neurological conditions (paediatric neurosurgery) • Lumbar disc disorders • Head injury • Neuro-endoscopy • Child abuse affecting the brain
Mr Wolfe in LONDON
Arterial surgery • Venous disease • Lymphoedema • Carotid disease • Surgical management of aneurysms, including those affecting the abdominal, thoracic & thoraco-abdominal aorta • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Mr Trivedi in CAMBRIDGE
Brain & spinal injuries • Spinal disease & disorders • Spinal surgery • Stroke • Brain haemorrhages • Aneurysms & AVMs • Peripheral nerve disorders & surgery • Head & spine trauma • Brain tumour • Personal injuries & medical negligence claims in the areas described above
Professor Mendelow in NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
Disc protrusion • Head injury • Neurosurgery • Spinal injury • Subarachnoid haemorrhage • Cerebral haemorrhage • Brain abscess • Spinal abscess • Brain & spinal tumour • Operative neurosurgery • Paraplegia • Specialises in the effect of delay in treatment, investigation or referral on outcome in the neurosurgical conditions listed • Effect of timing of treatment in the conditions listed • Professor Mendelow is Head of the Academic Department of Neurosurgery & one of Britain's Top Doctors (2010) & Top Surgeons (2011) ...
Dr Clifford in LONDON
All aspects of clinical cardiology • High blood pressure • Chest pains • Heart rhythm • Pacing • Heart failure • Angiography • Angioplasty
Dr Wroe in IPSWICH
Clinical neurology • Trauma • Head injury • Epilepsy • Headache • Multiple sclerosis • Dementia • Medico-legal practice ...
Dr Paviour in LONDON
General neurology • Headache • Movement disorder • Parkinson's disease • Clinical negligence • Neurological problems in pregnancy • Obstetric neurology
Dr Peatfield in LONDON
Patient complaints, alleged negligence & personal injury cases in neurology, particularly in patients with headache
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