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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Mental Capacity Act

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Mental Capacity Act. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Ms Poate-Joyner in RINGWOOD
Specialist areas include: • Adult mental health • Full range of psychological disorders • Learning disability • Vulnerable adults • Intellectual & cognitive functioning assessment • IQ • Mental capacity • Capacity to consent • Global parenting & family assessment • Risk assessment • Child care proceedings • Sexual abuse • Sexual offences • Trauma • PTSD • Specialist training & expertise in the assessment of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), especially Asperger's Syndrome ...
Assessment of criminal responsibility • Assessment of fitness to plead • Assessment of psychiatric aspects of compensation • Assessment of causes & treatment of aggression • Assessment of sexual criminal behaviour • Assessment of fire-setting behaviour • Assessment of testamentary capacity • Assessment of psychiatric aspects of child custody cases • Mental Health Act • Assessment of homicide cases • Diminished responsibility • Assessment of insanity • Reports for Mental Health Review Tribunals • Reports in respect of claims ...
Dr Halari in LONDON
Family work • Disability • Psychometric testing • Autistic spectrum disorder - diagnostic assessment • Personality • Asperger's disorder - diagnostic assessment • ADHD • Neuropsychological assessments - brain injury • RTAs, ADHD & PTSD • Criminal law • Immigration • Personal injury • Capacity • Negligence • All the above with adolescents, adults & older adults
Nursing care of older people with mental health problems in hospitals or care homes • Suspected abuse & neglect • All categories include people who suffer from dementia & physical frailty • Nurses who work with older people who are in care homes • Mental Capacity Act assessment • NHS continuing care assessment • NHS continuing care assessment • Independent reviews & serious untoward incident investigations • Serious case reviews • Adult protection investigations • Criminal & coroners • Court of Protection Best Interest ...
Adoption • Asylum seekers • Attachment • Child abuse (all types) • Chronic & enduring childhood illness • Cognitive assessments • Contact disputes • Child development • Domestic violence • Foster placements • Gender identity disorder • Learning disabilities • Mental capacity • Mental health • Multicultural & multiracial families • Non-accidental injuries & child death • Parents in prison • Risk behaviours (injury to self & others) • Sexual abuse • Sexualised behaviour • Sibling relationships • Substance abuse • Trauma • Implacable hostility
Dr Drayton in BIRMINGHAM
I am able to provide psychological reports that will answer the questions in your letter of instruction. The reports will be written for a legal audience, in plain English, with no psychobabble. All my reports will have clear recommendations and practical advice on how the person being assessed can be helped. ...
Child & adolescent development & behaviour • Impact of educational provision on life chances, employability & education • Impact of medical treatment on life chances, employability & education • Impact of head injury on life chances, employability & education • Special Educational Needs, including 'failure to educate' • Bullying (child & adult) • Fitness to plead & mental capacity • Capacity to parent • Adolescent sex abusers • Child & adult learning difficulties
Criminal, Parole Board, Prison & Civil (especially capacity & civil behaviour orders) • Fitness to plead • Fitness to be interviewed • Effective participation in legal proceedings • Insanity • Diminished responsibility • Provocation & loss of control • Duress • Risk assessment & dangerousness • Disposal • Mitigation • Prognosis • Effect of imprisonment on mental health • Parole recommendations • Civil capacity issues • Violent offences • Sexual offences • Arson • Drugs offences • Committed to providing a speedy response to enquiries & ...
Dr Shenoy in WIMBLEDON
Assessments of: • Cogntive & intellectual functioning • Neuropsychological • Mental capacity • Parenting • Fitness to work • Mental illness • Personality & personality disorders • Trauma • PTSD • Asperger's • Adult ADHD • Risk • Domestic violence • Self-harm • Adjustment disorders • Disability • Children & adults' safegaurding • Family • Psychological sequelae • Impairments & functioning • BME population • Personal injury • Asylum • Sexual abuse • Occupational stress • Malingering • Anger • Pain • Grief • Bereavement
Dr Series in OXFORD
Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust) & Member, Faculty of Law (University of Oxford) • Mental health problems of all kinds in older people • Capacity & incapacity (including current & retrospective testamentary capacity, & LPA & COP3 certificates) • Deprivation of liberty • Mental Health Act work • Psychopharmacology • Dementia, depression, psychosis & anxiety disorders • Negligence • Training provider • CUBS Expert Witness Certificate • Civil & Criminal
Dr Lyall in LONDON
Having trained in forensic psychiatry, general adult psychiatry & rehabilitation psychiatry, I presently work as a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. I regularly act as an expert witness in criminal & family cases. I have expertise in the following areas: • Personality disorder • Assessment of alcohol & drug misuse • Violence risk assessment • Psychological effects of domestic violence • Fitness to plead • Capacity to form intent • Diminished responsibility • Insanity • Provocation • Disposals under the Mental ...
Dr Sumners in LONDON
I am a general adult psychiatrist with a special interest in brain injury rehabilitation & experience of forensic work • My work as an expert witness is in the field of the psychiatric effects of personal injury, e.g. brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, & also in relation to clinical negligence & the assessment of capacity
Dr Scott in GLASGOW
Children & families (local authority child protection & private law) • Mental capacity & competence • Personal injury victims • Criminal justice (including fitness to plead, interview & appear) • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority • Mental Health Act (including guardianship) • Employment & occupational health (incapacity, Disability Discrimination Act, stress) • Immigration & asylum • Housing (vulnerability) ...
Dr Dhar in LONDON
Harley Street medico-legal practice • Personal injury causation & quantum • Employment disability & discrimination • Negligence & duty of care • Mental capacity & testamentary capacity • Criminal mitigation & psychiatric defences • Immigration cases • Reports prepared within 2 weeks of instruction ...
Dr Lewis in SOLIHULL
I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and expert witness in civil, criminal and family law working in the Midlands area of England with offices in Solihull. I specialise in conducting assessments of cognitive functioning/IQ, mental capacity, suggestibility, personal injury, clinical negligence, trauma, PTSD, abuse and neuropsychological assessment. I also undertake therapy within a medico-legal context.
Dr Donner in LONDON
A Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health Professions Council and a Chartered Psychologist at the British Psychological Society • Areas of expertise include: • IQ & cognitive functioning • Psychometric evaluation • Suggestibility • Mental capacity • Dementia assessment • Forensic risk assessment • Diagnosis of autism & Asperger syndrome • Fitness to plead or stand trial • Specialist interest in providing expert witness testimony for cases involving adults with autism, Asperger's syndrome and/or learning disability ...
Dr Braier in LONDON
Assessment of mental capacity • Care proceedings • Child abuse • Family & child issues • Fitness to plead • Parenting assessments • Psychotherapy & counselling
Dr Clark in BEARSDEN
Trained as a single joint witness by Bond Solon • Litigation experience in High Court & Sheriff Court • Involvement in criminal & civil cases, as well as medical negligence cases • Neuropsychological assessment & rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury, as well as acquired brain damage due to neurological conditions & exposure to environmental toxins • Identification of psychological sequelae of brain damage • Differentiation of organic versus psychological behaviour disorders
An independent clinical & forensic psychologist with over 18 years' experience in the assessment & treatment of mental health issues & in relation to offending & risk assessment ...
Dr Blandford in CLACTON-ON-SEA
Adult psychological assessment for civil & criminal court proceedings: • Cognitive & intellectual functioning (e.g. IQ) • Daily adaptive/social functioning • Capacity & fitness to plead • Executive functioning (e.g. adaptive behaviour, abstract thinking, mental flexibility, problem solving, planning, inhibition & social behaviour) • Malingering • Memory • Suggestibility & compliance • Personality disorders & clinical syndromes • Dementing processes • Affective conditions (e.g. anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD)
Mental Capacity Act 2005 & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard Assessments • Psychiatric assessments of people with learning disabilities, autism & Asperger's syndrome • Mental Health Act 1983-related assessments of mental disorders • Testamentary capacity & COP assessments • Section 12 approved MHA 1983
Dr Davies in SWANSEA
Adult psychiatry • Liaison psychiatry • Psychiatric reactions to illness & trauma, including PTSD • Clinical negligence • Factitious disorder & malingering • Mental capacity • Extensive clinical experience in psychiatry of physical disease & trauma • Appointments available in Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea & Bridgend, plus elsewhere by arrangement • Usual availability 4-6 weeks or less • Fees £180/hour; fixed fee quotes available
Dr Amin in SALE
Adult psychiatric reports for family law proceedings, including both public law (child care proceedings) & private law matters • Assessment of mental incapacity • Capacity assessment • Medical/clinical negligence (adult psychiatry)
Dr Albazzaz in NOTTINGHAM
Consultant stroke physician, geriatrician & general medicine practitioner • Special interest in stroke & Parkinson's disease • Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield Medical School • Extensive experience in all aspects of geriatric & general medicine • Experience in the assessment of disability, falls & rehabilitation, mental capacity assessment, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, movement disorders & osteoporosis • Pressure sores • Medical negligence • Medico-legal reporting • Any physical accidents, ...
Dr Horsford in LONDON
Neuropsychological assessments • Parenting assessments • Assessment of cognitive & intellectual abilities • Sexual abuse & risk assessments • Mental health & mental capacity assessments • Disability assessments • Drug use & addiction • Occupational stress & depression • Offender assessment & fitness to plead • Performance & fitness to work assessments • Equality, diversity & human rights • Recruitment & selection • Children Act • Employment Tribunals • Unfair dismissal • Expertise working with black & minority ethnic communities ...
All matters pertaining to adult & old age psychiatry • Particular expertise in: • Psychiatric & psychological sequelae of stress & trauma, particularly post-traumatic stress • Occupational health in relation to psychiatry • Postnatal mental disorder • Medical negligence • Approved clinician for the purposes of the Mental Health Act
Dr Blake in LONDON
Neuropsychology • Assessment & rehabilitation • Acquired brain injury • Personal injury • Assessment of capacity
Dr Ashcroft in WIGAN
Family proceedings: assessment of adults & children, including domestic violence, substance abuse, non-accidental injury, cognitive functioning & capacity, personality, mental health issues, propensity for violence • I also write reports for criminal court & civil court & have completed the Bond Solon Cardiff University Law School Training for these, in addition to family court • I assess complex cases, PTSD & related disorders • I can offer opinion on therapeutic input & prognosis
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