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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witnesses
Top quality
PI Insurance cover
at market-beating prices

Little Books
The Little Books
We have learnt the lessons from the mistakes of others, now you can learn them too!

Expert Witness
Year Book
The Expert Witness Year Book
Slip one in your bag, and you can be the expert with the facts at your fingertips!

Let us show you how we can help you...

  1. Have confidence in the new experts you instruct – Every registered expert has been independently vetted by us. Indeed, many subject themselves to period re-vetting. And the support we give listed experts means they tend to cause fewer problems for lawyers.
  2. Use experts who understand their duties – Much of our time is spent helping listed experts understand their role in the justice system. So when you instruct registered experts you won’t need to waste your time getting them ‘up to speed’ with the basics.
  3. Avoid censure from the court – Judicial criticism of experts reflects on those who instruct them. We have already shown you that by using registered experts you are less likely to attract judicial criticism. If you adopt our ‘Practical Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Civil Cases’, you will have objective evidence that proper steps are being taken to fulfil your professional obligations in both the selection and instruction of experts.
  4. Have experts compete for your instruction – From the comfort of your desk, you can issue eCasts that poll potentially hundreds of registered experts simultaneously. Why not let the experts come to you?
  5. Never use a bad expert twice – Using the on-line Notes system, you can capture your experiences with each expert – good or bad – and build for your colleagues a single point of reference for all your intelligence on experts.
  6. Access information the way you want – We publish the Register on paper, on disk and on line, so you can choose the format that suits you best. Alternatively, allow our dedicated Expert Location Helpline to take the strain – with 30 free searches per year, it couldn’t be simpler.
  7. Find experts fast – We can help you locate experts quickly because we have a broad reach into the world of expert witnesses. Since 1988 we’ve built an in-depth understanding of expert witness matters and have created industry-leading indexing and software tools to speed the search even more.

Just £130.00 (+ VAT) per year will secure for your law firm full access to the UK’s largest vetted expert witness resource. (Click here to buy the Register now and feel the benefit immediately.) But, if you’re still not convinced, do call us on (01638) 561590 or click here to find out why other lawyers are willing to pay to use the Register.


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