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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witnesses
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Little Books
The Little Books
We have learnt the lessons from the mistakes of others, now you can learn them too!

Expert Witness
Year Book
The Expert Witness Year Book
Slip one in your bag, and you can be the expert with the facts at your fingertips!
  The book
... leading the way in interactive versatility and flexibility

The is available on paper, on disk and on line.

On paper
352 pages, A4, edition 31, first published 1988

The printed book is divided into three main sections:

  • Subject index: 23,833 headings and subheadings, fully cross-referenced, with regional identifying codes to aid selection by geographical area.
  • List of expert witnesses: ordered by region, postal district, town, then surname. Contains standard and extended entries for listed experts, as well as additional information icons.
  • Additional indexes include the surname index, company index and abbreviations index.

Tips on using the printed Register

  1. Decide on the expertise you require and find it in the index.
  2. Decide on your geographical preference, if you have one, and check the regional code for that part of the UK. (Use the map on the card insert at the front of the book, or the town index at the back of the book.)
  3. Read through the list of numbers after your selected index term until you find the set prefixed by your chosen regional code, e.g. L2263, L2667, L2678...
  4. These numbers represent the numbers of the experts in the book who have this index term registered against their names. They are not page numbers. Turn to these numbers and select the most suitable expert.
If your firm subscribes, you may send eCasts to help locate a suitable expert witness, or access our free helpline for assistance.


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