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Little Books
The Little Books
We have learnt the lessons from the mistakes of others, now you can learn them too!

Expert Witness
Year Book
The Expert Witness Year Book
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Little Books for Experts

This series of Little Books, from the publisher of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, offers lots of practical guidance to busy expert witnesses. Distilled from the experience of two decades of working with thousands of expert witnesses, each book includes short, clear introductions to the various topics designed to help the novice reader quickly grasp the key issues and to act as an aide memoire for the experienced expert witness. More than this, though, each book has been written to be a handy reference to the practical aspects of expert witness work. Experts will benefit from heaps of practical guidance, helping them to make choices that not only fulfil their duties in the litigation process but also protect their own interests.

The Little Books do not offer an academic treatise on the subject. Instead, they provide highly readable, down-to-earth practical guidance on the issues that really matter to practising expert witnesses!

Finding out more on each title
You can read more detail about the titles in this series below. To view sample pages from the books, just click on the link below the relevant book cover.

How to order
There are several ways you can order.

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 1: Expert Witness Fees

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As every lawyer knows, setting out clear terms for any contract, at the outset, is essential if subsequent problems are to be avoided. And the contract between expert and instructing lawyer should be no different. So why do so many experts fail to use a written contract?

From binding contracts to essential terms, this book offers lots of practical advice and guidance to help experts tie down their instructing lawyer or agency. Armed with this knowledge, experts will also be able to minimise the risks of delayed payment, stay on top of debt chasing and proceed with a DIY small claim.

In addition, the book contains useful indicators of current expert fee scales and pointers to detailed survey results on expert fee trends since 1995.

ISBN 1-905926-24-4 Paperback

Publication date: January 2016 (3rd Edition)
Price £35 + p&p (Register Member discount 5%)
Format A5 338pp

1: Introduction
2: Terms of engagement
3: Court procedure rules
4: Public funding
5: Oral evidence in criminal courts
6: Common concerns
7: Getting paid
 2: Expert Witness Practice in the Civil Arena

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Since 1999, the role of the expert witness working in the civil justice system in England and Wales has become increasingly complex. In the system of case management that existed prior to 1999, lawyers held sway and the use of expert evidence as part of the case management strategy was all too common. So often this approach involved finding the most circuitous route to court, and misuse of expert evidence was just one tactic adopted.

Now, critical to the role of the expert witness is independence. And this overriding duty enshrined in the Civil Procedure Rules has made the role of expert witness an increasingly lonely one. This book is designed as a practical guide to the complex array of rules and guidance for expert witnesses as they interact with the civil justice system in England and Wales. In recognition of the isolation borne of their independence, this book is written with the interest of the expert firmly to the fore. It encourages experts to fulfil their overriding duty to the court, and their professional duty to others, whilst making choices that protect their own interests.

Edition 2
It is a measure of the rapid development of the expert witness world that, just 4 years after the first edition of LittleBook 2: Expert Witness Practice in the Civil Arena, the time came to prepare a new edition of the title. With numerous updates, occasioned by changes such as expert witness immunity and the removal of a solicitor’s personal obligation to pay expert witnesses by the loss of Rule 20.01 of the Law Society of England and Wales’s Guide to the Professional Code of Conduct of Solicitors, this new edition provides excellent coverage of the key matters in civil work. But it can only be a part of what must be an ongoing process of refining one’s skills as an expert witness – and not least because it could now cost you dear should it all go horribly wrong!

ISBN 1-905926-14-5 Paperback

Publication date: January 2012
Price £35 + p&p (Register Member discount 5%)
Format A5 224pp


1: Expert evidence
2: Instructions
3: The report
4: Meetings of experts
5: Answering questions
6: The hearing
7: Payment of fees
8: The witness summons
9: Immunity from suit
 3: Getting Started as an Expert Witness

Sample now...


Little Book 3: Getting Started as an Expert Witness is designed as a practical guide to building an expert witness business. It helps you to analyse your motives, explore the different roles and duties of an expert witness and decide whether this really is a good career move for you. This book gives you the background information on expert witness work, plus lots of hints and tips about getting ready for that first instruction.

Edition 2
ISBN 1-905926-23-7 Paperback

Publication date: June 2015
Price £35 + p&p (Register Member discount 5%)
Format A5 298pp


1: What‘s it all about?
2: The justice system in England and Wales
3: Preparing your service
4: Getting instructions and growing your business
5: Deskwork
6: Expert discussions and court work
7: Fees and getting paid
8: Business matters
 4: Practical Marketing for the Expert Witness

Sample now...


Little Book 4: Practical Marketing for the Expert Witness is not a book about marketing theory. It’s been written as an easy-to-read practical guide to the expert witness market, full of insights into managing your marketing data and prioritising your strategies. All examples are drawn from the expert witness arena, focusing on how best to get in touch with instructing lawyers.

ISBN 1-905926-13-8 Paperback

Publication date: June 2011
Price £35 + p&p (Register Member discount 5%)
Format A5 210pp


1: Introduction
2: Getting the service right
3: Marketing strategy
4: Marketing tactics
5: The way forward




What others have to say...

“Dr Chris Pamplin’s style in both books is clear and as far as possible jargon free. Compared to the cost of a standard medico legal report they are reasonably priced indeed.”

“These two concise books are nicely laid out and easy to follow [and] offer a solid overview to the beginner.”
Maria Ward,
The Psychologist

“I followed through on the advice in the Fees book with a letter before action and got my fee within days.”
David Ellis,
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

“... it can be confusing, frightening and (if ill prepared) uncomfortable in court! As a remedy, [this Little Book] is a wonderful book...”
Dr Kim Survarna,
Consultant Histopathologist,

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