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Expert Witness Questionnaire 2017

You will find below the expert witness questionnaire for 2017. I do hope that you will be able to find a quiet 10 minutes in which to complete the questionnaire so that the statistics we publish are as representative as possible. Last time around, one quarter of experts listed in the Register responded – with your help we should be able to beat that figure this year!

1) About you

We will treat all information you provide on this questionnaire in the strictest confidence and nothing we publish will allow your individual responses to be identified.

You may submit this information anonymously if you wish, but if you are willing to identify yourself please enter your name or JSP reference if you have one.

Name: JSP reference: JSP/U
1.1 Please tell us which of these general sectors you belong to and your specific area of expertise.

Paramedicine (e.g. nursing)
Accountancy & Banking
Science & Agriculture
Surveying & Valuation
Architecture & Building
1.2 What is your specific field of expertise?:
1.3 In which county do you live?:
1.4 Do you work within a ‘group’ of expert witnesses? Yes
  If 'Yes', please tell us the nature of your group and how many experts it contains:
1.5 If you hold a position within a professional body, please tell us which body and the post you hold.
2) About your expert witness work

2.1 Do you work full-time, part-time or are you retired?
2.2 How much of your work is expert witness work? %
2.3 How many years' experience do you have of expert witness work? years
2.4 Do you see your expert witness work as an expanding part of your workload? Yes
During the past 12 months
2.5 How many reports of an advisory nature have you prepared in the last 12 months?
2.6 How many instructions to prepare reports for use in court have you had in the last 12 months?
2.7 How many times have you accepted instruction as a single joint expert in the last 12 months?
2.8 How many times have you appeared as an expert witness in court in the last 12 months?
2.9 In comparison with 2 years ago, would you say your number of instructions has: Increased?
Stayed the same?
2.10  How many times, in the last 2 years, have you been threatened with proceedings arising from your expert witness work?


   Legal proceedings:    Professional proceedings:
2.11  How many of these have resulted in actual actions?  
   Legal proceedings:    Professional proceedings:
2.12  What proportion of your work falls into each of these categories?  
   Family court cases: %
   Civil court cases: % (non-family cases)
   Criminal court cases: %
Legal Aid
2.13 What proportion of your work is currently funded through legal aid?
2.14 If, in the past 12 months, you have reduced the amount of legal aid work you do, what proportion of your work was funded by legal aid a year ago?
2.15 If a further cut of 20% is imposed on the amount paid to expert witnesses in legal aid cases, how much of your work would still be legal aid funded?

Litigants in Person
2.16 Are you willing to accept instructions from Litigants in Person (i.e. people running their own legal cases without the help of a lawyer)? Yes
2.17 What proportion of your work comes from Litigants in Person? %
2.18 When working for Litigants in Person, do you insist on receiving payment on account (i.e. they pay you before you do the work)? Yes
3) About your terms of engagement
3.1 Prior to accepting instructions, do you stipulate your terms and conditions for so doing?


3.2 When accepting instructions, do you use a standard written form of contract? Yes
3.3 Do your terms or contract state your fees and expenses are to be paid within a fixed period of you submitting your invoice? Yes
3.3a If yes, is payment due within: 30 days?
60 days?
(please specify)
3.4 Are more solicitors asking you to accept deferred payment of your fees than was the case 2 years ago? Yes
4) About your fees
4.1 What is your charging rate for reports? £
per hour
per report
4.2 On average, how many hours do you spend on a report?   hours
4.3 What is your charging rate for court appearances? £
half day
full day
4.4 What is your annual income bracket from expert witness work? <£10,000
£10,000 to £20,000
£20,000 to £50,000
£50,000 to £80,000
4.5 How many firms of solicitors give you regular instructions?   firms
4.6 What per cent of your fee do you charge if notified of a court cancellation within:
28 days:
14 days:
7 days:  
1 day:   
5) About payment of fees
5.1 In what percentage of cases have you found solicitors pay your fees and expenses on time?


5.2 On average, how many weeks does it take solicitors to pay from your invoice date? weeks
5.3 On how many occasions, in the last 5 years, have you had to take legal action against solicitors to recover your fees and expenses? times
5.4 In the last 5 years, how many invoices for expert witness work have you written off? invoices
5.4a How many of these were in dispute? disputed
5.5 If you use any form of fee factoring, please tell us who you use.
5.6 If you use a third party for invoice chasing, please tell us who you use.
5.7 In comparison with 2 years ago, would you say your invoices are being settled: More promptly?
Less promptly?
At about the same speed?
5.8 If you have any debts for more than £750 that have resisted all your normal attempts to enforce payment, would you like to receive information about a no-nonsense alternative to deal with them? Yes
6) Jackson Reforms
6.1 Have you been involved in the concurrent giving of evidence (so-called ‘hot tubbing’)? Yes
6.2 If so, do you think it helped the court to better understand your evidence? Yes
6.3 Have you been asked to provide a costs budget for a case? Yes
6.4 If so, please tell us about any difficulties you had in preparing the budget:
Send your responses to us by passing this simple test and then clicking the submit button.

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