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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witnesses
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Little Books
The Little Books
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Expert Witness
Year Book
The Expert Witness Year Book
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  The Swift Guides
... practical guidance on expert witness matters

The Swift Guides are a series of clear and succinct references to practical matters that arise in the provision and use of expert witness evidence. A Swift Guide may be used by anyone who, after due consideration of the Guide’s content, comes to the conclusion that it is suitable for their proposed use, provided inter alia the Guide is not altered in any way. tell me more about permitted usage...

Swift Guide 1: Practical Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Civil Cases
Swift Guide 2: Practical Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Criminal Cases

Experts should be familiar with the nature and purpose of expert evidence. And those experts listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses have free access to the most comprehensive information resource on expert witness practice and procedure. However, as recent judicial criticism of experts has demonstrated, not all expert witnesses understand their important role.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the instructing lawyer to ensure that the expert is familiar with any relevant rules, protocols and codes of conduct, as well as the form the expert report must take. With this in mind, these expert witness information packs have been written for the convenience of lawyers instructing experts in cases governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and the Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR) respectively.

Their use is a clear demonstration that the lawyer has made efforts to ensure the instructed expert has all the necessary detail at his or her fingertips, including the Rules and Practice Direction.

Sample copies
If you are interested in a Swift Guide, please call and ask for a sample copy (in PDF format) to be forwarded to you. Request a sample

What do they cost?
Swift Guides are available as printed booklets or as a licence to print the Adobe Acrobat pdf version.

Prices vary depending on how many copies are ordered. Be aware that changes to the CPR and CrimPR will need to be reflected in this booklet, so it is advised that orders are placed regularly, rather than bulk buying for, say, a 12 month period.

Copies required Cost per copy Total cost
Should you require more than 200 copies, please call Haley Jones on 01638 561590. We will be happy to provide you with a tailored quote.
10 £1.00 £10.00
50 £0.75 £37.50
100 £0.60 £60.00
200 £0.45 £90.00

pdf licence
If you have in-house printing facilities, you may prefer to buy a licence that permits you to print on demand. You’ll also benefit from being able to download and print new versions of the booklet on publication.
Price: £200 + VAT per year, including the option to personalise the front cover.

To order your licence or booklets, please contact Haley Jones on (01638) 561590, send your order by e-mail to [email protected] or complete our on-line order form.

Annual Updater Service: £58.75/year
The annual updater service ensures your Swift Guide always reflects the latest changes in the rules, codes of guidance, etc. The one-off annual fee ensures we send you replacement copies every time the Swift Guide you use changes.

All orders attract a delivery charge of £5.00.

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