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Miss Sandeman in HAYWARDS HEATH
Acne scarring • Tattoos • Psoriasis • Vitiligo • Melasma • Scarring • Insect bites • Rosacea • Solar lentigo • Prosthetic margins • Port wine stains • Flushing & blushing • Birthmarks • Radiographer's markings • Thread veins • Discoid lupus • Erythema • Café au lait • Xanthelasma • Granuloma necrobiosis • Kaposi's sarcoma • Grit-embedded injuries
Professor Shokrollahi in LIVERPOOL
• Expertise in scars, burns, trauma, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, lasers & consent law • Editor in Chief of Scars, Burns & Healing Journal • Master of Law with commendation 2005 • Hunterian Professor of the Royal College of Surgeons 2007 • Associate Editor, Annals of Plastic Surgery • Three textbooks related to plastic surgery & burns • Extensive claimant & defence expert • Adult & paediatric surgeon...
Mr Stone in SIDMOUTH
Consultant Plastic Surgeon since 2001 • Reconstructive & aesthetic plastic surgery for both personal injury & clinical negligence reporting • Experience in giving evidence at court & the GMC (fitness to practise) Locations: Exeter, London, Cardiff
Ms Davies in LONDON
Established in 2007, Skin Camouflage Services Ltd provides clinical treatment to the healthcare profession and is best placed to offer expert quantum services for adults, young people and children • Expert reports provide a professional skin camouflage opinion on past, present and future care arising from clinical assessment • Specialist scar therapy • Over 25 years' practitioner experience • Bond Solon trained • CPD compliant • Five medical consulting clinics across the UK...
Mr Logan in NORWICH
Hand injuries • Burn injuries • Scarring • Cosmetic surgery
Mrs Ross in LONDON
Expert Witness reports • Bond Solon trained • Specialist in skin camouflage applications for men, women and children who have a range of disfigurements, i.e. scars, skin graft tissue, burns, pigmentation, etc. • Wide and specialised product range • Long-term solutions for camouflaging scarring, reducing appearance by up to 80% • Able to determine if medical micropigmentation is suitable, and provide projected costings for treatment as well as or instead of skin camouflage creams
Dr Mian has a broad scope of clinical experience delivering general practice, accruing substantial inpatient and outpatient dermatology experience to establish proficiency using a dermatoscope to diagnose skin lesions and regularly managing a wide range of complex skin conditions. She also has RCGP-accredited training relating to nutrition, allergy, exercise and lifestyle medicine.

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