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List of every expert witness claiming expertise in Aesthetic surgery

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Aesthetic surgery. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Trauma & elective plastic surgery • Trauma & elective hand surgery • Soft tissue injuries (e.g. treated in accident & emergency)
An experienced GP and trainer with extensive experience of GP skin surgery and vasectomy • 22 years' experience of using and advising on cosmetic lasers and aesthetic treatments such as 'Botox', fillers and sclerotherapy • Cross-examined twice at the GMC, once in a civil case and once in the Coroners Court
I am an NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeon & a Member of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons, British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons & the Expert Witness Institute • Plastic surgery • Reconstructive surgery • Aesthetic & cosmetic surgery • Breast plastic surgery • Breast reconstruction • Hand injury • Hand surgery • Burns • Scarring • Pressure sores • Nose reshaping • Face lift • Abdominoplasty • Liposuction
Mr Bishop in LONDON
Plastic surgery • Cosmetic plastic surgery • Scars from disease, trauma or surgery • Management of scars • Willing to undertake medical malpractice work ...
Dr Norman in LONDON
Obstetric anaesthesia & analgesia • Complications of epidural & spinal techniques • Anaesthesia for plastic & cosmetic surgery • Hypotensive anaesthesia • Risk management
Dr Philips in BRIGHTON
Intensive care medicine: • Particular interests: • General intensive care • Acute kidney injury • Vascular access • Hospital-acquired infections • Trauma • Airway care • Metabolic & endocrine disorders • Cardiovascular optimization Anaesthesia: • Particular interests: • Anaesthesia for breast surgery • Breast reconstructive surgery • Endocrine surgery • Orthopaedics & trauma • Emergency surgery & pre-operative assessment • Clinical ethics • Please contact by e-mail in first instance ...
Ms Andersson in LONDON
Aesthetic (cosmetic) & reconstructive plastic surgery • Registered GMC specialist for plastic surgery • Large experience in medico-legal field • Single joint expert • Breast reconstruction, deformities, enlargement & reduction • Trauma • Burns • Hand & microsurgery • Birthmarks • Skin cancer • Facial aesthetic surgery • Liposuction • Eyelid surgery • Correction of protruding ears, nose & chin • Nerve reconstruction • Transsexual surgery • Tummy & skin tucks • Thigh & arm lifts • Botox • Hyaluronic acid & chemical peel treatments ...
Mr Elliot in MALDON
All hand, tendon & nerve injuries except repetitive strain injury & wrist joint injuries • Practising Consultant Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon with very extensive personal experience of hand injuries over 25 years as senior consultant in a large hand trauma unit • Past President of BSSH & past Editor of British Journal of European Hand Surgery • Published widely on various hand surgery topics • 25 years' experience of medico-legal report writing with approximately 150 new instructions ...
Mr Freedlander in SHEFFIELD
Consultant Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years' experience of medico-legal work • Personal injury & clinical negligence reports • Extensive experience in cosmetic & reconstructive surgery • Burns & scalds • Hand trauma • Cleft lip & palate • Scarring as a result of injury or surgery • Cases involving non-accidental injury & cases involving child protection issues • Past President of British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons
Mr Stone in EXETER
Consultant Plastic Surgeon since 2001 • Reconstructive & aesthetic plastic surgery for both personal injury & clinical negligence reporting • Experience in giving evidence at court & the GMC (fitness to practise) • Instructions from a variety of sources, including independent solicitors, secondary care NHS trusts & the NHS Litigation Authority ...
Mr Bantick in LONDON
Hand surgery • Plastic surgery • Cosmetic surgery
Professor Shokrollahi in LIVERPOOL
• Expertise in scars, burns, trauma, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, lasers & consent law • Editor in Chief of Scars, Burns & Healing Journal • Master of Law with commendation 2005 • Hunterian Professor of the Royal College of Surgeons 2007 • Associate Editor, Annals of Plastic Surgery • Three textbooks related to plastic surgery & burns
Mr Humzah in HALESOWEN
Plastic & reconstructive surgery • Scars • Burns • Skin cancer
Plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery • Major burns (acute management) • Burn scar reconstruction • Skin grafting • Cosmetic surgery, both facial & breast • Liposuction • Microsurgery • Accident & soft tissue trauma • Surgery of hand, wrist & upper limb injuries • Dermatological surgery • Skin cancers (melanoma) • Medical negligence
Mr Orton in LONDON
General plastic surgery, including: • Scarring • Hand injuries • Treatment of burns • Cosmetic surgery • Reconstructive surgery, including micro-surgical techniques
Scars • Skin malignancy • Skin lumps • Soft tissue trauma • Burns • Dupuytren's contracture • Cosmetic surgery • Burns • Plastic surgery • Hands • Past-President, Warwickshire Medico-Legal Society
Mr Burge in BRISTOL
Burns, including acute care & long-term effects • Other soft tissue trauma & tissue loss • Scars • Hand trauma • Cosmetic surgery of the breasts, trunk & limbs • General plastic surgery • Skin cancer surgery
Mr Milward in LEICESTER
General plastic surgery • Aesthetic surgery • Burns & scar problems • Hand trauma • General hand problems
Dr Marshall in LLANYBRI
General dentistry • Odontology • Restorative dentistry • Interventional facial aesthetics • Implantology
Mr Timmons in BINGLEY
Plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic surgery: • Medicolegal • Personal injury cases • Soft tissue injuries • Head • Neck • Trunk • Limbs • Hand injuries • Burns & scars Medicolegal: clinical negligence cases: • Skin cancer • Wounds • Scars • Burns • Necrotising fasciitis • Hand surgery • Leg injuries • Breast cosmetic surgery • Abdominoplasty Paediatric plastic surgery
Mr Henderson in LEICESTER
Cosmetic surgery • Hand surgery • Breast reconstructive surgery • Burn surgery • Ophthalmic plastic surgery • Aesthetic surgery ...
Mr Sarangapani in CARSHALTON
Work-related & domestic injuries • Road traffic accidents • Accidents at school, on holidays & in public places • Assault • Tripping accidents • Medical negligence • I have extensive experience in reconstructive surgery, scar management & emergency surgical procedures following trauma, including hand & burn injuries
Mr Lyons in LONDON
Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists • All matters related to the hair & scalp • Hair damage from chemical processing • Scalp burns from chemical processing • Hairdressing negligence • Acting on behalf of hairdressers when & where applicable • Prepared to consider medical malpractice cases in hair transplantation & cosmetic surgery ...
Certificate of competence in laser protection (RPA2000) - medical & research • PhD in light-based therapies
General surgery • Disorders & surgery of the endocrine system, thyroid, parathyroid & adrenal glands • Treatment of breast disorders • Inguinal, femoral & incisional hernias • Laparoscopic surgery • Disorders of the colon & the rectum • Surgical oncology in general • Trauma • Colonoscopy & gastroscopy ...
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