Agricultural meteorology

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British Weather Services is the UK's longest established and leading independent meteorological organisation, headed by Jim Dale. We supply expert site investigations, court-ready desk reports and trusted expert witnesses for court purposes. Quick turnaround, no padded reports and very competitive pricing. Try us, trust us! Agricultural, civil engineering, construction, highway, marine, forensic & pollution meteorology • Meteorological data • Overseas meteorology • Weather-related...
Mr Lynagh in TIDESWELL
Investigation of weather events world-wide • Specialist in marine meteorology • Storm analysis • Assessment of the accuracy of weather forecasts • Climate world-wide • Reconstruction of past weather events • Meteorological statistics • Forensic meteorology • Weather information relating to insurance claims • Weather related to accidents
With 22 years' experience, WeatherNet have expertise and experience in all aspects of weather • Since 1997, WeatherNet have prepared in excess of 2200 weather-related legal reports • In the last 22 years, WeatherNet have provided weather-related reports for the following cases: • Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) • Personal Injury Claims (Falling, Tripping and Slipping Accidents) • Flooding and Drainage Claims • Domestic and Commercial Insurance Claims • Liability • Travel...
Mr Runacres in OLD ALRESFORD
Forensic, highways & construction meteorology • Routine & winter highway maintenance • Road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Slips, trips & falls • Ice & frost prediction & detection • Thermal mapping • Snow clearance • Adverse road conditions due to weather • Fog, wind, storm & rainfall analysis • Micro-climatology • Estimation of flooding • Road surveying • Surface water drainage • Weather forecasting

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