Air ambulance medicine

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Dr Taylor in LEEK
Anaesthesia for general and urological surgery • Anaesthesia for cardiac and thoracic surgery • Emergency anaesthesia • Prehospital emergency medicine/ambulance and HEMS • Immediate management of major trauma • Airway management and intubation • Resuscitation • Accidental awareness under general anaesthesia • Vascular access, including arterial and central venous lines I am a Consultant Cardiac and Trauma Resuscitation Anaesthetist at a leading major trauma centre in Stoke-on-Trent. I also work as a...
Dr Bleetman in FARINGDON
Personal injury • Assault • Injuries sustained during arrest & detention • Emergency care • Ambulance care • Resuscitation injuries from road traffic accidents • Pre-hospital care • Accident & emergency medicine • Dr Bleetman is also an Honorary Associate Clinical Professor & retired HEMS doctor
Dr Sadek in HOVE
I have worked in the field of accident and emergency medicine since 2004 and have worked as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at The Royal London Hospital, a busy teaching hospital and major trauma centre, since 2011. I have worked in the field of pre-hospital care since 2009 across South East England with four air ambulances. I now work as a consultant with London's Air Ambulance and have close links with the London Ambulance Service. In both roles, as well as delivery of care, my roles...

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