Air filtration

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Dr Humphries in LONDON
Building services • Air conditioning systems • Office air conditioning systems • Boiler plant & heating systems • Condensation in building fabric • Drainage & plumbing • Environments for museums & works of art • Fees for consulting engineers • Close controlled environments • Swimming pool plant & equipment • Engineering evidence
Mr Asker-Browne in TOTLAND
The effect of work upon health • Management of occupational health programmes • Health & safety policies • Ventilation for control of contaminants • Control of substances hazardous to health • Health effects of the indoor environment • Stack emissions & their measurement
USFDA & EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Cleanroom Installation & Operational qualification & validation • Pharmaceutical HVAC systems design - aseptic manufacturing - parenteral products • Pharmaceutical HVAC systems design - non-sterile manufacturing (oral solid dose, oral liquids & creams) • Pharmaceutical HVAC systems design - biotechnology products • International regulatory compliance - cleanroom manufacturing environment
Matters relating to exposure to hazardous substance including, but not restricted to, asbestos, isocyanates, epoxy resins, metal & wood dusts, hydrocarbons, fumes, etc. • In addition, this would include retrospective exposure assessment, exposure modelling, legal duties of employers & employees, & evaluation of the efficacy of working practices & control measures such as ventilation, enclosures, protective clothing & other equipment

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