Aircraft systems

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Forensic engineering associated with: • Incident investigation & reconstruction, including those associated with construction sites, infrastructure, buildings, factories or other places of work • JCT contracts • Incident or equipment failure causality analysis leading to personal injury or property damage • Investigations that require the support of hazardous operations analysis & failure mode evaluation • Incidents involving human & machine interface, including use of displays, machines & manual...
Aircraft damage or delay, resulting in loss of aircraft use or loss of profits • Aircraft repair, maintenance (including maintenance errors), engineering or modification • The purchase, sale & transfer of aircraft, including engines & spares • Aircraft leasing & finance, including asset assurance, monitoring, delivery, redelivery & repossession • Airworthiness, technical records & regulatory compliance • Commercial & technical due diligence or business disputes involving the associated organisations, including...
Mr Dyer in HOVE
Independent aircraft accident analysis • Professional misconduct - maintenance engineering • Professional misconduct - commercial aircraft operation • Negligent aircraft maintenance • Negligent aircraft operation • Inadequate safety management • Disputes concerning complex aviation technology • ADR - RAeS arbitrator
Dr Dixon in NEWBURY
GNSS & GPS forensics • Global positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou) • Radio navigation • Vehicle tracking telematics & insurance • Electronic offender tags • SatNavs • Aviation & maritime navigation & communications • Integrity & safety systems • AIS • Timing • Jamming & interference analysis • Intellectual property & patents
Professor Last in LLANFAIRFECHAN
Radio navigation systems • Satellite navigation • Global positioning systems (GPS) • Vehicle tracking systems • Satnavs • Telematics insurance • Maritime navigation & communications systems • Aviation navigation & communications systems (instrument landing system, VOR, DME, NDB, satellite) • Safety equipment: emergency locator beacons, EPIRBs • Radio communications • Planning enquiries, location of radio masts • Engineering education

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