Anaerobic digestion

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Dr Godley in DIDCOT
PhD in anaerobic microbiology & 40 years' experience • Expert in microbiological activities associated with waste & wastewater treatment & soil & groundwater protection • Industry expert in biological waste treatment (anaerobic digestion, composting) & waste to land • Expert witness in insurance claims & procurement technical advisor in design & performance of mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facilities with expertise in MBT operations • Expert in criminal matters & permit breaches
Mr White in DIDCOT
23 years in environment sector, 19 as waste regulator & consultant • Expert in commercial disputes & insurance claims for large waste treatment facilities since 2010, including adjudications • Expert in permit breaches, civil disputes & criminal cases (e.g. Environmental Protection Act, Waste Shipments, Duty of Care, PoCA) • Former Environment Agency investigation & enforcement officer with invaluable insight • PACE trained • Conveys complex technical & regulatory information into plain English
Mr Ramsay in DIDCOT
IMechE with 20 years' experience • Specialist in energy from waste (EfW) infrastructure (incineration, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, waste to fuels) procurement, development, technical & commercial due diligence, including as Owner's Engineer • Expert witness, delays & defects, in insurance claims (2 waste gasification plants) & disputes (3 biomass gasifiers) • Expert witness considering Best Available Techniques (BAT) in EfW dispute in International Court of Arbitration (ICC)
Dr Szmidt in AYR
Anaerobic digestion • Odour & emissions from compost & related facilities • Environmental & societal pollution • Agricultural pollution • Waste management & recycling • Facility design & operation • Production of compost & composted waste • Use, quality & fertiliser value of compost & digestate for horticulture & agriculture • Mushroom & hydroponic production systems • Cannabis cultivation • Microbial content, contamination & pollution of compost...

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