Anti-money laundering

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Anti-money laundering. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Mr Palette in WEDMORE
UK banking operations covering: • Fraud & money laundering, including account opening, account monitoring & customer due diligence • Cheques & electronic payments • Mandates • Mortgages • Credit & securities for lending (commercial & personal) • Retail & private banking disputes • Credit cards & ATMs • Bank notes • Bank account operations • Conduct of bank staff • Private banking
Mr Winch in LEEDS
Forensic accountant specialising in crime & proceeds of crime, including theft (including theft from employer), fraud (including mortgage fraud & benefit fraud), money laundering & confiscation (under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 & earlier legislation) • Preparing expert witness reports & giving evidence in Crown Court, Magistrates' Court or High Court
Mr Clarke in LONDON
Banking expert • Lending expert
Mrs Berrington in LOXWOOD
Criminal litigation support • Tax cheat • Benefit, VAT & duty fraud • Money laundering offences • Proceeds of Crime Act • Commercial fraud • Drugs offences • Civil matters, including: divorce settlements, partnership disputes, valuation of business, loss of earnings claims
Mr Pitman in LONDON
40 years' legal experience • Principal of own company • Core practice: advising on international sale & purchase contracts, charter parties, contracts of affreightment & bills of lading, bankers' documentary credits, guarantees & security, marine, insurance & re-insurance, international sugar trade, international steel trade, iron ore trade • In addition, casualty investigation such as: safe port, fire/explosion, wreck removal & IMDG cargoes including calcium hypochlorite • Other specialisations:...

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