Asperger syndrome

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Mr Hughes in ST HELENS
Children • Adults • Intellectual ability • Functional skills • Literacy • Communication • Police interview • Need for Appropriate Adult • Understanding of interview caution • Understanding of documents and forms • Fitness to plead • Capacity to instruct/participate • Special measures in court • Need for Intermediary • Vulnerable witness • Suggestibility • Compliance • Learning difficulty • Disability • Specific learning difficulties • Neurodiversity • Dyslexia • Dyspraxia • ADHD • Attention difficulties • Hyperactivity • Autism • Asperger Syndrome • Reasonable...
A Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health Professions Council • Areas of expertise include: • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in adults • IQ & cognitive functioning • Psychometric evaluation • Suggestibility • Mental capacity • Fitness to plead or stand trial • Fitness to practise for psychologists • Psychiatric misdiagnosis • Specialist interest in providing expert witness testimony for cases involving adults with autism, Asperger's syndrome and/or learning disability
Food intolerance - dietary recommendations • Failure to thrive - paediatrics • Enteral feeding - adult & paediatrics • Nutritional requirements - adult & paediatrics • Diet & obesity • Nutritional assessment • Feeding problems • Obesity in children • Dysphagia problems • Dietary assessment • Dysphagia problems - children • Feeding problems - cerebral palsy • Poor growth - children
Mrs Kyle in TAUNTON
34 years' clinical experience within NHS and freelance • Expertise in adult and paediatric dietetics in acute and community settings • Previously professional and clinical lead with responsibility for managing and developing dietetic services • Registrant dietitian for fitness to practise tribunals with HCPC • Paediatric: traumatic injury, artificial feeding, neuro-disability, ARFID, ASD • Adult: artificial feeding, surgical, medical, neuro-disability, eating disorders, LD
Ms Poate-Joyner in CHICHESTER
Specialist areas include: • Adult mental health • Full range of psychological disorders • Learning disability • Vulnerable adults • Intellectual & cognitive functioning assessment • IQ • Mental capacity • Capacity to consent • Global parenting & family assessment • Risk assessment • Child care proceedings • Sexual abuse • Sexual offences • Trauma • PTSD • Specialist training & expertise in the assessment of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), especially Asperger's Syndrome • Domestic violence • Controlling & coercive behaviours Also consults...
Dr Cleaver in STOWMARKET
Statutory Special Educational Needs & Disabilities mediation & ADR • Statutory Special Educational Needs & Disabilities judicial ADR • Statutory Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Tribunal Appeals (SEND Chamber) • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Statutory Framework & legislation • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Mental Capacity Assessments • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Youth Offending Team • Statutory Education, Health & Care Plan analysis & composition • Accredited CMC Training Provider...
My special interests are in forensic issues and diagnosis in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger's syndrome. Working with people affected by ASD since 1991, working closely with forensic and other psychiatric services, social workers, solicitors and the court service since at least 2000. I receive referrals for assessment from various departments, typically considering diagnostic issues, risk, potential involvement of symptoms in criminal behaviour, and recommendation of supports to reduce...
Dr Lyle in BRISTOL
Criminal Justice Expert Reports (defence/prosecution) Special areas of expertise: • Psychometric Testing • Learning Difficulties • Memory Testing • Suggestibility • Head Injury • Asperger's and Autistic disorders • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder • Detection of Malingering or otherwise • Sexual Offences • 'Viewing' offences •Driving, Fitness, Psychological (Cognitive) Assessment Personal Injury Expert Reports and/or Treatment Special areas of expertise: • Phobic Anxiety (including travel, driving post-accident) •...

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