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Dr Patel in LONDON
Consultant Stroke Neurologist working in hyperacute & acute stroke services at St George's Hospital, involved in thrombolysis & thrombectomy service provision • Secondary stroke prevention care (inpatient & outpatient) • General neurology: mainly outpatient neurology clinics (two a week) seeing about 24 new patients a month with a variety of neurological symptoms & diagnosis. Also some inpatient neurology work seeing ward referrals & acute neurology admissions (these could range from infection/cancer to autoimmune...
My routine practice involves the care of people with neurological illness or injury, including acquired brain injury, MS, movement disorder, epilepsy, neurodegenerative conditions, functional conditions and neurodevelopmental conditions. I am jointly responsible for adult neuropsychology services at Nottingham University Hospitals neurosciences unit. I have undertaken medico-legal work for 23 years in criminal and civil proceedings. I have reported in cases of brain injury, dementia, fitness to plead, dissociative...
Dr Mahmood in MANCHESTER
General adult psychiatry • PTSD • Trauma
Employment Experts Ltd in GLASGOW
Key expertise and experience in: • Loss of earnings • Employment matters • Return to work after injury and related wage loss estimates • Particular expertise in return to work after acquired disability and brain injury • Vocational rehabilitation • Functional capacity assessment Can also provide: • Occupational and aptitude assessment • Vocational case management • Wage loss • Counselling
Dr Orrell in LONDON
Neurology • Whiplash • Head injury • Muscle injury • Nerve injury • Neurogenetics • Headache • Migraine • Epilepsy • Stroke • Neuropathy • Neuropathic pain • Neuromuscular disorders • Neurological diseases & disorders • Neurodegenerative diseases • Muscular pain & disorders • Brain injury, diseases & disorders Also at: (i) Department of Neurology, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Welwyn Garden City , Hertfordshire, AL7 4HQ. (ii) Spire Harpenden Hospital, Ambrose Lane, Harpenden , Hertfordshire, AL5 4BP. (iii) Wellington Hospital, London , NW8 9LE. (iv)...
Dr Rawson in HULL
Medical neurology • Head injury • Whiplash neck injury • Brain & spinal cord injury • Peripheral nerve injury • Lumbar spine & nerve root injury • Post-trauma syndrome • Post-trauma epilepsy Secretary Tel: 01430 828133 E-mail: [email protected]
Mr Brennan in email/phone contact only
I provide well-constructed, evidence-based, expert reports for clinical negligence and personal injury claims across the range of general elective and emergency neurosurgical practice. I have particular expertise in head injuries, cauda equina syndrome and surgical neuro-oncology. Areas of medico-legal expertise: • Adult elective and emergency neurosurgery • Head injury • Brain tumour diagnosis and management • Cauda equina syndrome
Ms Hussain in CHESHAM
Adult neurological & ENT conditions • Bilingual Urdu (Punjabi) speaking & interpreting experience HCPC Registration SL10526
Dr Cullen in email contact only
Personal injury: • PTSD • Depression • Chronic pain & medically unexplained symptoms • Exacerbation of pre-existing mental illness • Traumatic brain injury • Neuropsychiatry • Criminal: • Fitness to plead • Mens rea assessments • Drug & alcohol assessments • CICA assessments • Family: • Parental mental health assessments • Personality disorders • Drug & alcohol assessments • Employment: • Disability & discrimination • Disciplinary proceedings • Assessments for work • Housing: • Disability & vulnerability due to mental illness • Capacity: • Testamentary...
Professor Bunnage in BRISTOL
Clinical neuropsychological assessment • Assessment of cognitive, psychological & behavioural function • Psychometric testing • Brain injury & disease • Traumatic brain injury & head injury • Stroke • Dementia • Epilepsy • Alcohol • Anoxia • Differentiating organic, psychological & behavioural causes of problems, including comment on issues of malingering • Personal injury compensation • Prognosis • Rehabilitation Additional website:
Dr Sumanasuriya in WOKING
Since 2001 Dr Sumanasuriya has experience working as a consultant in neurological rehabilitation both within the acute sector and community • Special interests: • Acquired brain injury • Head injury • Traumatic brain injury • Management of spasticity in neurological disability • Return to work following neurological disability or acquired brain injury • Competent in accepting instruction in personal injury claims in relation to the above and clinical negligence claims in relation to rehabilitation medicine
Dr McCarthy in BRISTOL
I provide clinical psychology expert witness reports for court in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence involving children and adolescents. The reports assess the impact of traumatic events on the psychological functioning of children, the nature of the injury suffered and give recommendations for treatment. I provide clinical psychology expert witness reports for court proceedings involving public and private legal cases involving the care and upbringing of children and adolescents.
Traumatic brain injury • Cerebral haemorrhage • Subarachnoid haemorrhage • Multiple sclerosis • Spinal cord injury • Major limb amputation • Hypoxic brain injury • Cerebral palsy in adulthood • Management & prevention of pressure ulcers • Management of complex neurological disability • General disability • Prolonged disorders of consciousness • Painful conditions, e.g. complex regional pain syndrome
Ms Hanisch in KENDAL
Age range: Adults, children and young people Quantum reports covering a wide range of injuries caused by accident or negligence, including: • Amputation • Brain injury • Chronic pain • Orthopaedics • Stroke • Visual impairment/sensory loss • Post-traumatic stress • Psychological conditions & depression, including epigenetic/unexplained trauma Report Types: • Quantum - wrongful birth • Care/case management • Care/occupational health • Loss of service • Occupational therapy/equipment
Mr Howard in SHEFFIELD
Clinical interest with 20 years' experience in expert reporting specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, including assessment of orthopaedic physiotherapy & rehabilitative requirements • A special interest in personal injury, assessment of quantum for physiotherapy treatment & future needs • Review of physiotherapy treatment, medical records & correspondence • Practising Member of the Academy of Experts • Member of the Association of Medicolegal Physiotherapists • APIL & Bond Solon expert witness training • Tier...
Dr Clarke in LONDON
Also consulting at: 88 Rodney Street, LIVERPOOL, L1 9AR Neurology, general • Head injury • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) • Spinal cord injury • Cervical injuries • High altitude & mountain medicine • Epilepsy • Multiple sclerosis • Cold injury • Medical negligence • General medico-legal work • Disability assessments • Genuineness of complaints • Stroke • Parkinson's disease • Motor neurone disease • Brain tumours • Whiplash injuries • Subarachnoid haemorrhage • Meningitis • Sequelae of anaesthetic accidents • Health fraud
Mr Pople in BRISTOL
Hydrocephalus • Spina bifida • Childhood neurological conditions (paediatric neurosurgery) • Lumbar disc disorders • Head injury • Neuro-endoscopy • Child abuse affecting the brain
Dr Harper in EDINBURGH
I have experience in providing expert witness reports, largely within the areas of personal injury and medical negligence. I undertake assessments of individuals reported to be experiencing the type of difficulties that I routinely see in my clinical practice, including PTSD, cPTSD, depression, anxiety, complicated grief, somatisation disorder and adjustment disorders. I have provided over 1000 reports and have experience of acting as an expert witness in both the Sheriff Courts and Court of Session.
Professor Hormis in ROTHERHAM
Anaesthesia • Critical care medicine • Major trauma • Emergency medicine • Orthopaedics and trauma anaesthesia • Penetrating trauma All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Professor Soopramanien in HARROW
Spinal cord injury • Acquired brain injuries • Rehabilitation medicine
Mr Hughes in ST HELENS
Children • Adults • Intellectual ability • Functional skills • Literacy • Communication • Police interview • Need for Appropriate Adult • Understanding of interview caution • Understanding of documents and forms • Fitness to plead • Capacity to instruct/participate • Special measures in court • Need for Intermediary • Vulnerable witness • Suggestibility • Compliance • Learning difficulty • Disability • Specific learning difficulties • Neurodiversity • Dyslexia • Dyspraxia • ADHD • Attention difficulties • Hyperactivity • Autism • Asperger Syndrome • Reasonable...
Dr Harrison in EDINBURGH
Head injury • Traumatic brain injury • Personal injury • Acquired brain injury • Rehabilitation • Medical negligence • Psychological assessment • Neuropsychological assessment • Cognitive assessment
Diseases & conditions of the brain & spine • Vascular surgery of the central nervous system • All aspects of general neurosurgery & head injuries • All aspects of spinal & cranial neurosurgery • Additional training & expertise in cerebrovascular surgery • Head & spinal trauma • Pituitary surgery • Author of Outcome following Post-traumatic Intracranial Haematomas & other cerebrovascular papers
Mrs Jennings in LEEDS
Julie Jennings heads a team of experienced and specialist occupational therapists. Fully costed reports are produced for all age groups and conditions, e.g. amputations, brain injury, brachial plexus lesions, cerebral palsy, hand injuries, industrial diseases, neurological damage, musculoskeletal injuries, paediatrics, psychiatry, spinal cord injury, medical negligence and disputes. Reports consider (with costs): • Ability/disability • Aids & equipment • Housing • Transport • Rehabilitation • Care & total permanent disability...
Occupational therapy and care expert reports including: • Paediatrics • Orthopaedics • Surgical • Amputees • Spinal injuries, including Cauda Equina • Brain injuries • Loss of service • Wrongful birth • Specialist reports, including manual handling Additional email: [email protected]
Dr Prelevic in LONDON
Reproductive Endocrinology Menstrual irregularities • Premenstrual syndrome • Polycystic ovary syndrome • Menopause & premature menopause • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) • Eating disorders & menstruation • Anorexia nervosa Osteoporosis Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis • Postmenopausal osteoporosis • Osteoporosis in anorexia nervosa & eating disorders • Osteoporosis in men Thyroid Disorders Hypothyroidism • Hyperthyroidism Parathyroid Gland Disorders Hypercalcaemia • Hyperparathyroidism • Hypocalcaemia Traumatic Brain Injury Pituitary...
Dr Kishore in MANCHESTER
Dr Kishore is involved in the delivery of high-quality hyperacute stroke care, including thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy. He has a special clinical interest in the diagnosis and management of acute cerebrovascular conditions such as acute ischaemic stroke, acute intracerebral haemorrhage, carotid and vertebral artery dissections and TIAs. He is also interested in secondary prevention, understanding the aetiopathogenesis of stroke and the evaluation of embolic strokes of unknown source.
Mrs Green in TARPORLEY
The Bunbury Agency has been providing domiciliary quantum and staff placement reports to solicitors on personal injury cases for the past 25 years. I joined the Agency in 2004 as care manager and I have been writing expert witness reports since 2005. In 2009 I became a certified expert witness, having completed a Bond Solon Expert Witness course in conjunction with Cardiff University. My knowledge and understanding of the domiciliary care industry is now considerable, enabling me to assess in depth a client's...
Mr Humberstone in TODMORDEN
Specialist assessment & CPR 35 compliant reports (CUBS accredited since 2012) for assistive technology • Bespoke IT solutions (e.g. switch, voice or eye gaze control) • Assistive technology from cause & effect to full home environmental control & multimedia distribution systems • AAC (communication aids) • Equipment training & rehabilitation with extensive experience of using technology as a communication therapist • Specialist areas: brain & spinal injury • Fully independent with no commercial interests • Project management...
Dr Moodley in LONDON
Acute neurological emergencies (stroke and non-stroke-related brain and peripheral neurological injuries) • General neurology • Cognitive disorders (including mild cognitive impairment, dementia, delirium and encephalitis)
Mr Jackson in BARNSLEY
Personal injury, including: • Brain & spinal injuries & birth defects • Employment prospects • Loss of earnings • Loss of opportunity • Labour market analysis • Research service • Employment case management • Vocational rehabilitation • Occupational psychology • Psychometric & occupational testing • Careers advice • Employment practice • Employee retention • Discrimination in employment • Claimant, defendant & single joint instructions undertaken • UK-wide service • Job analysis
A qualified social worker with over 30 years' experience of working with people who have had a brain injury and experience of working at every stage of recovery • Competent to comment on case management and rehabilitation needs, and to provide a needs assessment in the light of my experience • A Founder Member, Former Chair and Fellow of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers, a Member of the European Brain Injury Society, and Life Member of Headway, the National Head Injuries Association
Diagnostic neuro-imaging in adults, diagnostic cerebral angiography and CT/fluoroscopic-guided spinal procedures including myelograms, nerve root injections, facet joint and epidural injections. Consulting in Liverpool/Chester
Assessment and management of patients with organic psychiatric disorders, including acquired brain injury, and progressive neurological conditions like dementia, Huntington’s disease, Tourette's syndrome, complex epilepsy, non-epileptic seizures and conversion/functional neurological disorders • Sleep disorders • Alcohol-related brain injury Consulting address: Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service, Sid Watkins Building, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lower Lane, Liverpool , L9 7BB
Mr Amit in RUGBY
Head injury • Spinal injury • Spinal fracture • Brain tumours • Spinal tumours • Spinal infection • CNS infections • Peripheral nerve injuries • Chronic pain • Paralysis • Spinal degenerative disc disease • Cauda equina syndrome • Post-operative complications in brain and spinal surgery
Personal injury • Medical negligence • Family courts proceedings • Criminal & forensic reports • PTSD • Occupational health • Adult ADHD • Drugs & alcohol • Sexual abuse • Personality disorders • Mood disorders & psychoses
Mr Harlow in POOLE
Independent Chartered Neurological Physiotherapist specialising in the management of adults with complex neurological conditions • Traumatic and acquired brain injury management and rehabilitation, including equipment • Spinal cord injury management and rehabilitation, including equipment • Aquatic physiotherapy/hydrotherapy
Professor Mendelow in NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
Disc protrusion • Head injury • Neurosurgery • Spinal injury • Subarachnoid haemorrhage • Cerebral haemorrhage • Brain abscess • Spinal abscess • Brain & spinal tumour • Operative neurosurgery • Paraplegia • Specialises in the effect of delay in treatment, investigation or referral on outcome in the neurosurgical conditions listed • Effect of timing of treatment in the conditions listed • Professor Mendelow was one of Britain's Top Doctors (2010) & Top Surgeons (2011) in London Times Magazine 2nd Emergency Tel: 07850 171782
Traumatic brain & spinal injuries • Clinical & occupational neurology • Disability assessment • Neurological rehabilitation • Cerebrovascular disease: intracranial aneurysms, AVMs, TIA & stroke services, thrombolysis for acute stroke • Sport-related injuries, especially concussion & spinal injuries • Military medicine & defence medical rehabilitation • War pensions & armed forces compensation Also consulting in Bristol & Harley Street, London
Dr Sakhuja in CARDIFF
Medico-legal work 1. Personal injury - all aspects of personal injury 2. Medical negligence 3. Psychiatric consequences of medical negligence 4. Traumatic brain injury 5. Drug & alcohol testing 6. Hair analysis for family courts 7. Chronic pain 8. Psychiatric consequences of abuse Treatments for addictions & psychiatric illness Tier 1 APIL Expert • CUBS Expert Witness Certificate • Certificate of Medical Reporting - 1
Neurology • Neurological effects of disease • Neurological effects of trauma • Neurological effects of stress • Lately Senior Consultant Neurologist to Kings College Hospital
Neuropsychological assessment of brain injury • Special needs reports in catastrophic injury, especially brain injury • Psychological assessment in post-traumatic stress disorder • Persistent pain & other psychological reactions to trauma
Mrs Filson in ALTRINCHAM
Physiotherapy quantum for any medical or professional negligence, road traffic accidents, insurance claims, with regard to: • Paediatrics: neurological, respiratory & orthopaedic • Adult neurological: spinal injuries, hemiplegia, head injuries, etc. • Amputations • Orthopaedics, including whiplash, spinal problems & peripheral problems • Acute trauma • Adult respiratory • Sports injuries • Repetitive strain injuries • Registered with the Health Professional Council
Dr Mallen in NORWICH
Dr John Mallen is in private practice as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS) and is approved by the Health Professions Council as a Practitioner Psychologist (Registration Number: PYL 15629). Dr John Mallen has completed the appropriate British Psychological Society specialist conversion courses in Postgraduate Clinical Neuropsychology and Expert Witness Training, demonstrating the necessary skills, experience...
Medico-legal reporting as an expert witness and clinical negligence reports of: • Trauma and musculoskeletal radiology • Radionuclide (nuclear medicine) radiology • General and selected interventional radiology Radiology assessment remotely in reports. Prepared to attend meetings and court as required. Additional email: [email protected]
Dr Herron in BELFAST
I specialise in fatal injuries to the head & spine. This may be in relation to murder with fatal assault, shaken baby syndrome, non-accidental injury, road traffic accidents, industrial injuries or any other causes of head or spine trauma. My expertise has been used in many murder cases. I have been involved in cases limited to allegations of medical negligence in hospitalised neurologically ill patients who subsequently die & assessment & diagnosis of dementia & other neurological & psychiatric conditions....
Dr Dambatta in HULL
Head injuries • Spine injuries (neck to lower back) • Back pain/cauda equina All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Mrs Bush in CRIEFF
A professional, independent Health and Social Care Consultant/Case Manager/Independent Assessor/Care Expert/Independent Social Worker with over 30 years' professional experience in health, social care and social work settings. I am well qualified in undertaking assessments and writing reports in respect of medical negligence, personal injury, breach of duty, quantum care and independent social work reports for various service user groups. Areas of expertise Brain injury • Disability • Cerebral palsy • Learning disability •...
Mr Seccombe in SHEFFIELD
Orthotic Clinical Specialist • Part 35 report fees are fixed • Computerised gait analysis (static and dynamic analysis) included where appropriate • Appointments are made within 3-6 weeks of instruction with the report produced within 5 weeks of the consultation • A 'fast track' service also offered • Clinic held weekly in Sheffield and every 6 weeks in London • Home visits can be accommodated too • Chair of the International Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists (ISPO) Consulting in Sheffield and London
Psychiatric/psychological sequelae of personal injuries, including road traffic & work-related accidents, chronic pain, work-related stress & medical negligence
Dr Mittal has an extensive paediatric background, with experience in matters such as child protection, including neglect, fabricated and induced illness (FII), child deaths, behavioural paediatrics, and child development and disability.
Dr Shmueli in LONDON
Since 1993 I have provided assessments & consultations on a variety of criminal & civil matters, including: • Assessments of personal injury following road traffic & industrial accidents • Adjustment disorder • Pain disorder • Assessments of neuropsychological functioning • Assessments of suggestibility & fitness to plead • All aspects of family law • Emphasis is given to presenting the complexities of the clinical situation with sufficient clarity so that it may be understood within a legal framework whilst simultaneously...
Professor Gurusinghe in PRESTON
Head injury • Post-traumatic epilepsy, headache, concussion • Spinal injury • Whiplash injury • Lower back injury • Neurovascular diseases • General neurosurgery • Nerve injury
Dr Jenkins in CARDIFF
General adult psychiatry • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Depression & mood disorders • Psychiatric aspects of medical & surgical conditions • Liaison psychiatry Please note Dr Jenkins is not currently accepting new instructions.
Liaison psychiatry • Head injury • PTSD & related disorders • Medical negligence • General psychiatry • Employment issues • Psychiatric occupational health
All aspects of general adult psychiatry, including: • Mental Health Act appeals • Psychiatric sequelae of injuries • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Stress-related psychiatric disorders Initial contact by email or telephone only
Dr Brow in LONDON
All aspects of general adult and forensic psychiatry
Dr Pinder in WIRRAL
I have experience in all areas of neurological rehabilitation. My main area of expertise is the assessment & rehabilitation of brain injury from any cause - many are patients with head injury. I deal with all types of head injury, from mild post-concussive symptoms to severe disability. I also assess & treat patients with spinal cord injury, as well as patients with multiple trauma.
Mrs Pocknell in ASHFORD
Nurse expert witness providing care needs reports with reference to multiple trauma, catastrophic injury & acquired brain injury • Cost of injury, disability or death • Care needs quantification • Medical & nursing care, aids & equipment requirements • Rehabilitation assessment • Functional ability & life skills assessment • Professional & clinical advice to solicitors & insurers regarding nursing care & treatment • Breach of nursing care causation, liability, condition & prognosis reports undertaken
Mr Ameen in LONDON
Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon • 24 years’ experience in medico-legal report writing in the UK Main interests Head and spinal injuries • Cervical and lumbar disc diseases and sequelae of their treatment (i.e. failed neck and back surgery syndromes) • Negligence claims in neurosurgery and spinal surgery Author of 'Neurosurgeon in War and Peace' , ISBN: 9781665585323, available in print and E-Book (Amazon, eBay and Author House UK).
Consultant in adult psychiatry, including responsibility for local secure unit • Experience as an expert in both civil & criminal proceedings related to psychiatric disorder, both reactions to injury & other mental illness • Trained as a single joint expert • Published on mood disorders, particularly manic depression • Book: Bipolar Disorder - Your Questions Answered • Associate Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Dr Garcia Reitboeck in LONDON
General neurology (disorders of and injuries to the nervous system, i.e. brain, spinal cord, nerves, muscles) • Stroke • Headache • Parkinson's disease • Disorders affecting memory or thinking • Dementia • Capacity assessments • Myasthenia gravis • Motor neurone disease
Mr Faull in BRIGHTON
Experienced in providing expert reports & expert evidence in court in connection with all types of litigation support work, including: • Personal injury • Fatal accident • Clinical negligence • Professional negligence claims • Loss of profit claims • Business & share valuations • Loss of earnings, loss of pension benefits and loss of chance of higher earnings are particular specialities • Forensic investigations • Willing to undertake claimant & defendant work • Over 1000 expert reports prepared • Numerous court appearances • Estimates...
Dr Harriss in BROMLEY
Building on decades of international training and experience in adult and paediatric rehabilitation, each patient is considered from all medical, surgical and specialist rehabilitation perspectives. I assess and treat patients of all ages, offering a unique breadth of neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation medicine. I deliver my comprehensive assessments promptly, offering fresh insights into causality, optimal care and prognosis. Specialist Medical Expert Reports • Neurorehabilitation following traumatic...
Professor Walker in NOTTINGHAM
Paediatric oncology, all aspects of care • Special expertise in care of children with brain tumours • Delays in diagnosis • Special expertise in late consequences of childhood cancer treatment • Children's cancer care • Registered with GMC 2386010
Mr Aguiar in LIVERPOOL
Brain injury • Assessment of capacity • Neuropsychological assessment & rehabilitation • Neuropsychological assessment of dementia & other neurological disorders • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Post-traumatic stress disorder in brain injury • Criminal responsibility in brain injury • Fitness to plead • Personal injury
Dr Monaci in email/phone contact only
Clinics at London, Reigate, Guildford, Leatherhead, Southampton & Portsmouth. Consultations for medico-legal services in care homes and in individuals' homes may also be possible when based on clinical needs. Also available for travel throughout the UK and abroad. • Neuropsychology expert • Assessment of cognitive & emotional functioning using psychometric & neuropsychological objective assessments & by clinical interview • Known or suspected brain injury • Neuropsychiatric conditions • Neurodegenerative conditions,...
Ms Wilkinson in CHESTERFIELD
Areas of speciality are neurological & musculoskeletal (orthopaedic) rehabilitation of both adults & children • Injuries include spinal & head injuries • Cerebral palsy • Orthopaedic conditions • Quantum & negligence reports to include care requirements, physiotherapy provision, aids, appliance & equipment needs, rehabilitation cost reports, hydrotherapy reports & negligence reports
Dr Porter in WIGAN
I have been a physiotherapy lecturer since 1997. I am an internationally published author, having written ten textbooks translated into eleven languages. My expertise is patient assessment and management, ethics and professional practice, rheumatology, orthopaedics and soft tissue injury management. I am a publishing consultant for Elsevier publishers Oxford. I hold a PhD in exercise behaviour in rheumatology. I maintain my HCPC and CSP registrations and CPD into expert witness work - details can be provided....
Dr Annesley-Williams in MELTON MOWBRAY
All aspects of neuroradiology, including: • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) & computed tomography (CT) of the brain & spine • Head injury • Spinal degenerative disease • Cerebrovascular disease & stroke • Spinal injury & whiplash injury • Brain haemorrhage & aneurysm • Spinal cord damage • Brain tumours • Myelography • Congenital brain & spine abnormalities • Percutaneous vertebroplasty PA Emma Spencer Email: [email protected]
Mrs Best in ROMSEY
Orthotic devices (braces and splints) of all types for lower limb, upper limb, spinal, cranial, including orthopaedic footwear, footwear adaptations, orthotic insoles, functional electrical stimulation and lycra garments • Specialist in biomechanics and gait analysis • Conditions that may require orthotic treatment include cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke, spina bifida, scoliosis, drop foot, traumatic injuries, fractures, dislocations, soft tissue injuries, birth defects, leg length discrepancies, arthritis,...
Dr Loizou in LEEDS
General adult neurology • Neurological rehabilitation • In-patient care • Head injuries, stroke, neuropathy & other neurological disorders • Spinal injuries • Epilepsy • Multiple sclerosis • Parkinson's disease • Neck injury • Medico-legal experience, in particular minor & major head injuries, whiplash injuries & psychological trauma • Accident neurology • Neurological aspects of back injury • Rehabilitation after brain injury • Rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis • Medical negligence cases
Mr Dorward in BARNET
Neurosurgery • Surgical conditions of the brain and spine, head injury and spinal injury. Having 17 years' consultant experience in all aspects of neurosurgery, I am qualified to provide an opinion on most aspects of spinal and cranial conditions and treatments. My particular clinical interests are endoscopic pituitary region surgery, degenerative spinal surgery, including instrumentation, and endoscopic ventricular surgery. I have significant medico-legal experience and have been cross-examined in the Coroners...
Ms Woolcomb in CHESHAM
Complex disability • Neuro-disability • Pressure ulcer • Postural management • Continence • Orthopaedics • Loss of service HCPC Registration OT20887
Dr Hides in LEEDS
Clinical Psychologist and NHS Clinical Lead with 21 years of experience • Personal injury and RTA • Medical negligence • Cognitive assessments, including learning disabilities and difficulties, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and assessments of cognitive functioning/IQ • Assessment and treatment of mental health problems such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, personality disorder, adjustment disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Work-related stress and trauma • Cognitive behavioural...
Dr Davidsson in SOUTHEND-ON-SEA
I provide psychiatric reports in criminal & civil matters, as well as serve as an expert witness • I have a special interest in transcultural psychiatry (including Refugee Mental Health), PTSD (including road traffic accidents) as well as in criminal matters (10 years' experience from Criminal Justice Mental Health Team) • I am able to perform consultations in English, Danish, Swedish & German • I have more than 25 years' experience in a senior position (including management) & I feel confident within most aspects...
Dr McCarter in BRISTOL
Neuropsychological assessment of individuals with known, suspected or claimed brain damage or dysfunction, including head injury, cerebrovascular accident, anoxia, neurological disease, alcohol or developmental disorder • Delineation of the extent of impairment to cognitive, memory & behavioural functions as a result of injury or disease • Prognosis for future educational & vocational options • Comment on issues of malingering or non-organic factors influencing performance & presentation • More than 30 years' postgraduate...
Dr Walton in BRISTOL
Clinical neuropsychological assessment • Psychometric testing & issues • Head injury • Mild head injury • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Epilepsy • Stroke • Alcohol abuse • Personal injury compensation • Neurological disease Qualifications BA(Hons) 1985; MA(Hons)(Clinical Neuropsychology) 1988; PhD 1999; MAPsS 1988; Member APsS College of Clinical Neuropsychology 1988-1993; CPsychol 1993; AFBPsS 1994; Full Member BPsS Division of Clinical Neuropsychology 1993; Member International Neuropsychological Society 1988; HCPC Registered...
Neuroscience • Neuroimaging • Neurological injury & rehabilitation • Neuropsychology: diagnoses, causation & treatment of a wide range of neurological conditions, including injury (such as incurred in the context of MVAs) • Major trauma • Pain • Anxiety disorders • Bereavement • Depression • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Human factors in sport & occupational performance • Aviation psychology • Specialist interests & expertise in the following physical conditions: neurological disorders, pain management & physical disability
Mrs Walliman in GLOUCESTER
Significant experience of working at senior level in the NHS and private healthcare sector. Extensive complex care provision experience alongside case management. Advanced nurse practitioner with independent non-medical prescribing qualification. Extensive experiences supporting clients (adults and paediatrics) with complex healthcare needs including: • Spinal injury • Traumatic brain injury • Cerebral palsy • Neurological conditions With over 17 years' nursing experience, Lena is a professional and proficient...
Dr Elrington in email contact only
Consultant Neurologist since 1993 • Areas of special expertise: • Headache • Chronic disability • Multiple sclerosis (Highly Commended by MS Society 1999) • Neuropsychiatry (Member of British Neuropsychiatric Association) Also at: (i) 10 Harley Street, London , W1G 9PF. (ii) Spire Wellesley Hospital, Southend , SS2 4XH. (iii) Zen Clinic, 143 London Road, Colchester , CO3 8NZ.
Assessments of adults & children with communication problems • Recommendation, costings & advice for appropriate speech & language therapy • Specialist in swallowing disorders (dysphagia), language disorders (dysphasia) & speech production disorders (dysarthria) • Cognitive language disorders • Also in problems arising from traumatic brain injury. Consulting rooms also in Central London
Dr Gould in LONDON
Psychological assessments of: 1. Civil/personal injury such as accidents and medical negligence 2. Employment law, including the Equality Act, racial discrimination, fitness to work and Occupational Mandated Psychological Assessments 3. Immigration and asylum 4. Vulnerable witness and special measures 5. Adult mental health, and especially PTSD Working in particular with: • Media, TV, journalists • Aviation psychology and neuropsychology • Police and emergency services • Military and veterans • Criminal Injuries Compensation...
Dr Zaiwalla in OXFORD
Epilepsy, with special expertise in paediatric epilepsy • Sleep disorders, adults & children • Qualified as Mediator 2019, trained Society of Mediators, Strand • Member of Society of Mediators & registered with the Civil Mediation Council • Will accept only medical mediation cases Additional email: [email protected]
Dr Sembi in LONDON
1. Clinical neuropsychology • Assessment & diagnoses of brain functioning following head injury, post-concussive state, dementia & other neurological disorders 2. Psychometric testing (learning disability, general adult & older adult populations), including: assessment of intelligence (IQ), memory testing & other cognitive functioning 3. Neurorehabilitation following brain injury & other neurological conditions 4. Psychiatric diagnoses , in particular medico-legal assessment of PTSD, adjustment disorders, depression,...
Dr Plowman in BIRMINGHAM
I specialise in the neuropsychological assessment of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural consequences of acquired brain injury in adults following road traffic accidents, assaults, anoxia or exposure to toxic substances. I have experience in neurotoxicology, epilepsy, drug and alcohol misuse, tumours and HIV, and in the areas of personal injury and clinical negligence. I am a recognised expert witness by Cardiff University Law School and Bond Solon, and I am trained in the legal aspects of report writing,...
Dr Krishnan in PINNER
Radiology • Neuroradiology • Diagnostic CT and MRI All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Sinnathuray in WINDSOR
General paediatrics • Tertiary neonatal medicine • Neonatal transport All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Ms Gatt in RETFORD
HCPC and CSP registered with 26 years of clinical experience in neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation of adults and children • Hippotherapy and equine-facilitated physiotherapy • Paediatrics: cerebral palsy, orthopaedic and neurological • Adult: orthopaedic, neurological, spinal injuries, cauda equina, trauma, persistent and chronic pain • Physiotherapy quantum in relation to personal injury, medical and professional negligence. Member of Medicolegal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists
Dr Khandanpour in LONDON
Neuroradiology (brain & spine CT & MRI): adults, paediatrics, neonatal Brain • Alzheimer's & other dementias • Stroke/cerebrovascular disease • Vertigo/dizziness • Brain injury • Brain tumour • Cerebral palsy • Concussion • Dementia • Physiotherapy rehabilitation • A & E medicine • Mental health: seizures/epilepsy, numbness, tremor, memory loss, seizures, Bell's palsy, normal pressure hydrocephalus, headache, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, neuropathy, neuromuscular & related diseases, Parkinson's disease, psychiatric conditions...
General adult neurosurgery, including head injury, brain tumours, pituitary tumours, hydrocephalus, degenerate spinal disorders, cervical & lumbar disc disease, brain haemorrhage, aneurysms, AVMs • I am able to provide personal injury reports & clinical negligence reports • I am situated in The Midlands & can do home visits if required
General neurosurgery excepting functional and pituitary neurosurgery • Oncology neurosurgery • Head injury • Spinal neurosurgery • Paediatric neurosurgery • Vascular neurosurgery • Degenerative spinal disease • Human factors and mathematical modelling of disease and treatment • Clinical trials Private Secretary: Jennifer Walton - [email protected]
Dr Stein in LONDON
All adult general psychiatry 16-65 age group • Subspecialty: post-partum psychiatric disorders • Bonding difficulties • Adult psychiatric assessments of mothers in care proceedings with social services • Personal injury • Injury, somatization, road traffic accidents, PTSD, psychiatric negligence • Some forensic experience (not homicide) • Asylum seekers • Forensic psychiatry, including prison assessments • Immigration cases • Psychiatric aspects of crime
Mrs Utting in DONCASTER
Spinal injuries • Acquired brain injury • Amputations (leg or arm) • Complex medical needs
Mr Al-Tamimi in SHEFFIELD
Areas of interest include personal injury and clinical negligence claims involving cranial and spinal neurosurgery. Specifically this includes: • Head injury • Neck and back injury • Spinal surgery • Cranial surgery • Neuro-oncology • Skull base surgery • Vascular surgery and subarachnoid haemorrhage • Meningioma surgery • Whiplash. Consulting face to face in Sheffield and Manchester.
Dr Sanjay Suri has a total of 35 years’ experience with expertise in neuro-disability. He is not a paediatric neurologist nor a clinical psychologist. His neuro-disability expertise includes cerebral palsy, spina bifida, genetic syndromes, sensory deficits, global developmental delay and autism. He has 20 years' experience in medico-legal work and attended the Bond Solon expert witness report writing course in 2022. He has also participated in a mini-pupillage and courtroom skills course in the past. He has...
Professor Marks in LEEDS
Advice on medico-legal aspects of head injuries, spinal injuries, Cauda Equina Syndrome, post-traumatic epilepsy & all other neurosurgical disorders, especially advice on subarachnoid haemorrhage & pituitary disorders • Advice on malpractice • Advice on carotid endarterectomy • Accredited Mediator
Professor Davis in PRESTON
Head injury • Brain damage • Neck injuries • Spinal cord injuries • Lumbar spine problems • Pain syndromes • Back disorders • Negligence • Screening • Free phone discussion • Settlement at 1 year • Pro bono advice • 30 years' experience Also at: Greater Lancashire Hospital, Wyder Court, Millennium City Park, Preston , PR2 5BW.
Dr Jacobson in BECKENHAM
I have special interests in the fields of: • Neuropsychiatry • Affective disorders, including bipolar disorder • Psychiatric disorders following accidents, including post-traumatic stress disorder • Chronic pain • Neuropsychiatric sequelae of head injury • Brain damage in children & adults • Assessment of capacity
Professor MacKenzie Ross in LONDON
Neuropsychological assessment & psychometric testing • Assessing the impact of accident, assault, poisoning or disease process on intellectual level, memory functioning, language, perception, personality & behaviour, etc. • Assessment of emotional state following accident, assault or medical malpractice, e.g. post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression • Also overall impact of accident or assault on quality of life, e.g. impact on employment, social & leisure activity, relationships
Dr Farhy in RADLETT
Neuropsychology • Psychological testing • Psychometry • ABI assessment & treatment • Cognitive functioning • Assessment of capacity to learn & change in family law context • Trauma assessment • Personal injury (psychological) • Trauma sequelae • Accident victims • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Psychological assessment of abnormal behaviour, mental disorder, dangerousness & risk • Personality disorders • Psychological counselling & therapies • Psychotherapy • Anxiety disorders • Depressive disorders • Relationships • Pain • Obsessive-compulsive...
Professor Philips in BRIGHTON
Intensive care medicine: • Particular interests: • General intensive care • Acute kidney injury • Sepsis • Prescribing in intensive care medicine • Trauma • Airway care • Metabolic and endocrine disorders • Cardiovascular optimisation Anaesthesia: • Particular interests: • Anaesthesia for breast surgery • Breast reconstructive surgery • Endocrine surgery, orthopaedics and trauma • Emergency surgery and pre-operative assessment • Clinical ethics Please contact by email in first instance Correspondence address: Bronte House, Rock Road,...
Dr Frazer in LEEDS
I undertake the assessment of claimants and defendants in civil claims, including personal injury and medical negligence cases. I undertake the assessment of defendants in possession claims by housing organisations. I have stopped taking any criminal or family law cases. I have retired from the NHS but continue to sit on the NEAP committee and to train doctors who seek reapproval under the MHA (1983). I am AC and Section 12(2)-approved. I am an on-call psychiatrist for Cygnet Hospitals Bradford.
Dr Takon in ST ALBANS
Post-traumatic brain injury • Sleep disorders • Epilepsy • Non-epileptic disorders • Tic disorders • Functional neurological disorders • Assessments for neurodevelopmental disorders All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Traumatic brain injury • Injury to the central nervous system - brain and spinal cord, e.g. paralysis, sensory disturbance, including neuropathic pain • Injury to the peripheral nervous system, e.g. peripheral nerve trauma as a result of accident • Nerve root trauma - peripheral nerve and radicular symptoms, e.g. neuropathic pain • Post-traumatic headaches and cognitive complaints
General neurosurgery • Pituitary neurosurgery • Skull base neurosurgery • Endoscopic neurosurgery • Neuro-oncology • Paediatric neurosurgery • Trauma/traumatic brain injury Prepared to work for the claimant or defendant, or as an SJE.
Dr Madhavan in COLCHESTER
Radiotherapy & chemotherapy • Special interest: tumour sites, neuro-oncology, gynae-oncology, head & neck & thyroid cancers • Non-melanoma skin cancers Additional email: [email protected]
Obstetrics • Antenatal care & management of developing complications • Antenatal care of high-risk pregnancy • Fetal screening & ultrasound scanning • Management of fetal anomalies • Management of preterm birth • Labour care • Management of complex labour • Delivery care, including instrumental birth, shoulder dystocia, perineal tears, obstetric anal sphincter injury, Caesarean section, haemorrhage • Maternal & fetal death • Pregnancy leading to hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy • Fetal injury at birth
Dr Cleaver in STOWMARKET
Statutory Special Educational Needs & Disabilities mediation & ADR • Statutory Special Educational Needs & Disabilities judicial ADR • Statutory Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Tribunal Appeals (SEND Chamber) • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Statutory Framework & legislation • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Mental Capacity Assessments • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Youth Offending Team • Statutory Education, Health & Care Plan analysis & composition • Accredited CMC Training Provider...
Dr Gross in HARROW
1990-2001 Chairman Neurosciences & Consultant Neurologist, Royal Surrey County Hospital • 1998 & 1999 shortlisted as UK Hospital Doctor of the Year • June 2001 full-time private practice covering all aspects of clinical neurology • Particular interest in medical reports for legal purposes • Accredited in neurology & neurophysiology • Annual appraisal • Named in 'Tatler' 250, Best UK Specialists 2013 • Consultant Neurologist - Director of 'The Body Factory', Rehabilitation & Therapies Centre Consultations at: (i) Clementine...
Psychological reports in civil, family & criminal cases • Psychometric tests • Psychological assessments & therapies in relation to trauma, emotional & mental health problems • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Professor Chhetri in MANCHESTER
Professor Chhetri covers all neurological conditions, including headache, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and nerve and muscle disease. He has a specialist interest in motor neurone disease.
Dr Seneviratne in LONDON
Extensive experience of appearing at court & tribunals • Also instructed as a joint expert witness & assessor for insurance companies • Fields of expertise include: • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Personal injury • Psychosis • Addictive behaviour • Criminal responsibility • Fitness to plead • Witness assessment • Mental disorder • Dangerousness • Road traffic offences • Mental Health Act reviews • Regularly instructed in civil & criminal cases
General neurosurgery • Neurovascular neurosurgery • Neurosurgical trauma • Head injuries
Dr Mathur reports on all aspects of brain and spine imaging, but has a particular interest in routine and advanced brain tumour imaging. He is a core member of the neuro-oncology, pituitary, skull base and neurology MDTs. He has a subspecialist interest in ENT/head and neck imaging, is a core member of the regional head and neck cancer MDT and is also the radiology lead for the NSSG. In addition, Dr Mathur has a keen interest in temporal bone and paranasal sinus imaging.
Ms Henshaw (nee Neil) in CHESHAM
Neurological conditions • Bariatrics • Pressure care • Palliative care • Loss of service HCPC Registration OT43431
Dr Laidlaw in GLOUCESTER
Civil & criminal court reports • Expert witness trained • General adult & forensic psychiatry • Post-traumatic stress disorder & psychiatric aspects of personal injury • Occupational stress • Medical negligence • Parental assessments in child care cases • Electroconvulsive therapy
Dr Lyle in BRISTOL
Criminal Justice Expert Reports (defence/prosecution) Special areas of expertise: • Psychometric Testing • Learning Difficulties • Memory Testing • Suggestibility • Head Injury • Asperger's and Autistic disorders • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder • Detection of Malingering or otherwise • Sexual Offences • 'Viewing' offences •Driving, Fitness, Psychological (Cognitive) Assessment Personal Injury Expert Reports and/or Treatment Special areas of expertise: • Phobic Anxiety (including travel, driving post-accident) •...
Dr Theochari in LONDON
General neurology (disorders of and injuries to the nervous system, i.e. brain, spinal cord, nerves, muscles) • Epilepsy • Post-trauma epilepsy • Stroke • Migraine • Headache • Nerve injury • Neuropathy • Neuropathic pain • Neurodegenerative diseases
Mr Hoare in BEDFORD
Ear, nose, throat, head & neck surgery & medicine, including: • Deafness • Tinnitus • Balance disorders • Nasal trauma • Smell disturbance • Sinus problems • Voice problems • Tracheostomy cases • Head & neck cancers & benign tumours • General medical issues, including: • Consent • Communication • Training Additional email: [email protected]
Dr Pradhan in BIRMINGHAM
Psychopathology & psychiatric disorders • Trauma sequelae (psychiatry, including personal injury) • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Personality disorder • Criminal responsibility (psychiatric assessment) • Fitness to plead (psychiatric assessment) • Dangerous & risk assessment (psychiatric) • Crime victims (psychiatry) • Offender assessment (psychiatric) • Witness assessment & testamentary capacity • Criminal behaviour • Child & family cases (custody cases) • Psychiatric care & rehabilitating • Disability Discrimination Act - psychiatric •...
Dr Teo in HALE
Minimally invasive neurosurgery • Management of skull base tumours • Vascular pathologies, including endoscopic endonasal approaches and cerebral revascularisations All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Chandrasekaran in WALLASEY
Neonatology • Prenatal care • High-risk infant deliveries • Neonatal emergencies All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Expertise in general oncology • Particular expertise in skin cancer, thyroid cancer, head & neck cancer, breast cancer & pain control in cancer patients • Occupational carcinogenesis
I have provided over 3000 expert reports on the costs of providing care in personal injury and clinical negligence cases. I have 50 associate experts in my team who prepare expert reports on care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, occupational health and liability nursing care reports.
Mrs Barnes in LEICESTER
Asbestos-related illness • Respiratory conditions (including mesothelioma and lung cancer) • Oncology • Long-term conditions and chronic illnesses (including multi organ failure and dementia) • Neurological conditions • Life-limiting illnesses • End of life/palliative care • Chronic pain • Pressure ulcers and wound management • Psychological and mental health implications • Stoma • Post-surgical complications • Orthopaedic injury and amputation • Loss of service • Care • Breach of duty
Ms Cawdry in YORK
I undertake quantum care & occupational therapy reports on a wide range of injury types including, but not exclusively: • Amputation • Brain injury • Cauda equina • Cerebral palsy • Chronic pain • Upper limb injury • Incontinence • Injuries from general medical/surgical conditions • Oncology • Orthopaedic conditions • Spinal injury • Strokes • Visual impairment • Sensory loss • Manual handling • Stoma care. I am happy to undertake initial telephone discussions with solicitors to identify if my clinical experience meets their client's needs.
Mr Hardwidge in HAYWARDS HEATH
Spinal surgery • General neurosurgery • Head injury • Skull base surgery, including acoustic neuroma management and meningiomas • Chiari malformation and syringomyelia - from all causes • Trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm and glossopharyngeal neuralgia • Intradural spinal tumours
Mrs Beazley Richards in HIGH HURSTWOOD
I am a Chartered Psychologist, a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist, a UKCP registered Psychotherapist, and a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst. I accept instructions in relation to psychological problems, intelligence, psychological trauma, cognitive impairment and mental illness, including capacity. I conduct risk assessments in family, criminal, extradition and personal injury matters. Specialism in child protection and in sexual and violent offences, with over 35 years' experience. Expertise...
Dr Greene in GLASGOW
All aspects of neurology • Neurological consequences of head and spinal injury • Epilepsy, blackouts and other causes of loss of awareness • Memory problems, dementias and other cognitive disorders
Dr Medley in NEWARK
Adult psychiatry • Post-traumatic disorders • Psychiatric sequelae to stress, trauma & physical injury • Psychiatric complications of physical illness • Compensation claims involving psychological disability • Assessment of mental incapacity • Psychiatric forensic reports • Occupational stress & psychiatric injury • Negligence • Child protection issues • Disability discrimination Secretary: Julie Waplington Mobile Tel: 07837 270164 E-mail: [email protected]
Dr Hartnoll in LONDON
I have been a Consultant Neonatologist since 1999 working in tertiary level neonatal units covering both medical and surgical conditions until I retired from NHS clinical work at the end of December 2019. I am able to give expert opinion on all aspects of neonatal care, including the medical care of the surgical baby, and complications of prematurity, perinatal injury and birth asphyxia.
Professor Kennard in email/phone contact only
Clinical neurology • Clinical neuro-ophthalmology • Head injuries
An experienced educational psychologist with considerable and successful experience at carrying out a range of assessments to detect specific learning difficulties, including the effects of brain injury on a child's ability to learn. Qualified to conduct a range of psychometric tests with children and young people between the ages of 6 and 16. Able to assess a child's learning potential as well as those forms of teaching which will best help a child to learn.
Dr Ogbureke in DARTFORD
I have been practising paediatrics for over 25 years (20 years as a consultant). I am vastly experienced in the management of complex medical and social paediatric problems. I currently work as a Consultant Paediatrician in an NHS hospital. I am interested in providing expertise in the following areas: general paediatrics, safeguarding/child protection, cerebral palsy, neonatal intensive care, inpatient care, paediatric emergency care, care of the newborn infant and child development.
Dr Miller in NORTHWOOD
Neurology • Autoimmune encephalitis • MRI analysis • Neuropsychology • Episodic memory • Memory disorders • Hippocampal dysfunction All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Radiology • Neuroradiology • Cerebral and spinal angiography • Treatment of acute and elective aneurysms • Mechanical thrombectomies • Treatment of arteriovenous malformations and dural arteriovenous fistulae • Pre-operative tumour embolisation • Parent vessel and balloon occlusion All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Das in WIRRAL
Following my postgraduate degree in medicine, I specialised in radiology & then subspecialised in neuroradiology • Radiologists are the only physicians qualified to provide expert reports on medical imaging • My expertise includes: • All imaging of adult brain & spine, including X-rays, CT, MRI & angiography • Advanced imaging of the brain & spine • Imaging of the brain & spine in all contexts, including tumours, epilepsy, trauma, movement disorders & headaches
General cranial neurosurgery • Skull base surgery • Acoustic neuroma surgery • Brain tumours • Neuro-oncology • Neurotrauma • Head injury • Traumatic brain injury • Cerebral abscess • Intracerebral haemorrhage • Subarachnoid haemorrhage • Hydrocephalus • Chiari malformation NHS employment: Consultant Neurosurgeon, University Hospital Birmingham, UK Additional email: [email protected]
Dr Valinejad in DARTFORD
I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has previously worked for the NHS for 25 years and has established my own psychological service since 2014. My specialist area is psychological trauma. I run a busy expert witness and psychological therapy practice. In addition, I provide specialist assessments, namely neuropsychological assessments for individuals who have suffered brain injury and any other type of neuropsychological pathology. I have been instructed in civil, family and criminal proceedings....
Dr Hardie in LONDON
Traumatic brain & spinal injuries • Clinical & occupational neurology • Disability assessment • Neurological rehabilitation • Cerebrovascular disease: intracranial aneurysms, AVMs, TIA & stroke services, thrombolysis for acute stroke • Sport-related injuries, especially concussion & spinal injuries • Military medicine & defence medical rehabilitation • War pensions & armed forces compensation Also consulting in Nottingham & Bristol Correspondence address: Hardie Medico-Legal Services, Foxhall Lodge, Foxhall Road, Nottingham,...
Dr Butterfield in MANCHESTER
Dr Butterfield has been a Consultant Anaesthetist since 2004 and was admitted to the Intensive Care Society in 2005. She is also a Consent Lead and the Clinical Lead for Organ Donation. Dr Butterfield has a clinical interest in neuroanaesthesia, including anaesthesia for all spinal surgeries and scoliosis surgery, neuroradiology anaesthesia, neurointensive care anaesthesia and general anaesthesia. She also has a clinical interest in perioperative, transfusion and intensive care medicine.
Dr Skett in GLASGOW
Clearance of alcohol from the body • Metabolism of alcohol • Calculation of blood or breath alcohol concentrations • Interaction of alcohol with other drugs • Clearance of drugs & chemicals from the body • Toxic effects of drugs & chemicals • Uses & abuses of drugs • Drugs of abuse
Professor Schapira in LONDON
Neurology, i.e. diseases or trauma affecting the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves, e.g. head injury • Spinal injury, including whiplash • Nerve injury • Brain damage from stroke, ischaemia, etc. • Headache • Epilepsy • Multiple sclerosis
Mr Mukerji in RIPON
Cerebrovascular disease, including cerebral revascularisation, aneurysms, arterio-venous malformations, cavernomas, dural fistula • Tumours of the skull base and carnio-vertebral junction, meningiomas and benign tumours of the brain and spine and degenerative spinal conditions • Neuroendoscopy, head injuries, hydrocephalus and shunts Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate
Mr Todd in BLYTH
Neurosurgery • Spinal surgery
Dr Thorley in LEICESTER
Assessment & diagnosis of children, adolescents & young adults • Treatment of mental health problems • Expertise in the effects of personal injury & medical negligence • Neuropsychological assessment of brain injuries in children • Domiciliary visits also possible nationwide
Ms Fyffe in LONDON
Quantification of lost income resulting from a variety of incidents including: • Personal injury - road traffic accidents, accidents at work, any other accident/injury (UK & overseas) • Fatal accident (loss of dependency calculations) • Industrial diseases (including lost years calculations) • Medical negligence Evaluation of income derived from: • Employed earnings (salary, bonus, benefits in kind, share options & pension benefits) • Self-employed earnings (profits from sole trader businesses & partnerships) •...
Professor Dr Thompson in POOLE
Neuropsychological assessment & consultancy • Medico-legal, civil & criminal • Medical negligence • Road traffic collisions • Neurodegenerative disorders • Memory problems • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Depression • Anxiety • Client visits • Testamentary & mental capacity • Head injury • Fatigue • Brain damage • Neuropsychological assessment of reactions to AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccinations • Carbon monoxide poisoning
Mr Radatz in SHEFFIELD
I have been a neurosurgeon in a large regional unit in Sheffield since 1999. I have been Lead Clinician and Program Director, and served on the SAC for Neurosurgery and Council of the Society of British Neurosurgeons. I am the Past President of the British Radiosurgery Society. My fields of expertise include: Head injury • Spinal injury • Whiplash in personal injury cases • Neurosurgery, spinal surgery and radiosurgery in negligence cases I have particular expertise in spinal and complex spinal surgery, and am...
Dr Weddell in COWBRIDGE
Assessment of neurobehavioural sequelae of traumatic & other forms of brain injury sustained in adulthood for compensation & negligence cases • Assessment of capacity of people sustaining brain injury in adulthood to make informed decisions
Dr Paviour in LONDON
General neurology • Headache • Movement disorder • Parkinson's disease • Clinical negligence • Neurological problems in pregnancy • Obstetric neurology
Mr Stott’s clinical interests and expertise are in obstetrics, intrapartum care and maternal and fetal medicine.
Dr Ives in OXFORD
Neonatal medicine • All aspects of the medical management of diseases & disorders of the newborn infant, including: • Resuscitation of the newborn • Newborn intensive care • Birth asphyxia • Hypoxic ischaemic brain injury • Jaundice of the newborn & related brain injury • Kernicterus • Infection in the newborn • Surfactant replacement therapy • Assisted ventilation
Professor Taylor in SWANSEA
I am a practising Clinical Oncologist • I can consider providing medico-legal reports for patients with a wide range of cancers • Particular areas of expertise are: • Sarcomas • Children's cancers • Lymphomas • Breast cancer radiotherapy • Brain tumours Employment address: South West Wales Cancer Centre, Singleton Hospital, Swansea , SA2 8QA. Additional emails: • [email protected][email protected]
Developmental paediatrics • All aspects of safeguarding children and child protection, including physical abuse, child sexual abuse, neglect, fabricated and induced illness and perplexing presentations.
Mr Fellows in BRISTOL
Adult neurosurgery: hydrocephalus, trauma/head injury Paediatric neurosurgery: trauma/head injury, hydrocephalus, brain tumours, spinal tumours, spinal injury, spinal dysraphism, cranial dysraphism, intrathecal baclofen pumps, intracranial infection, intraspinal infection
Paediatrics • Neurodisability • Epilepsy • Infectious diseases
Dr Jenkins in WINCHESTER
General neurology • Traumatic brain injury • Acquired brain injury • Neurological rehabilitation
Dr Murphy in LONDON
Preparation of expert witness reports, including: • Neuropsychological assessment & opinion following brain injury • Specialist expertise in profound brain injury & assessment of vegetative states • Assessments regarding capacity • Treatment & management of neuropsychological problems
Dr Ferriman in SHEFFIELD
Prenatal diagnosis, high-resolution fetal ultrasound & dopplers • Invasive prenatal diagnosis • Intrapartum care & high-risk obstetrics • Multiple pregnancy, including prenatal diagnosis, antenatal surveillance & intrapartum care • Antenatal screening & non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
Mrs Humberstone in TODMORDEN
Specialist in acquired brain injury with 30 years of medico-legal experience • Former lead & consultant to NW brain injury units but now fully independent through my own company Equip2Speak • Experienced at all stages of the recovery process • CUBS accredited since 2013 • Versed in condition, lifetime therapy & AAC equipment needs assessment and costs • Site visits nationwide & office consultation available • Offer bespoke carer training packages/therapy for clients in the NW • Augmented & Alternative Communication (AAC)...

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