Breast pain

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Mr Linforth in BOLTON
Breast disease • Breast cancer • Breast cancer surgery • Axillary lymph node disease • Sentinel node biopsy • Breast reconstruction • Acellular dermal matrix implant-based reconstruction • Breach of duty & causation • Condition & prognosis with breast cancer • Tumour doubling times • Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer • Informed consent • Montgomery compliance
I am broadly trained and experienced in all disciplines of general and emergency surgery. I was honoured by HM The Queen in her Birthday Honours List in 2015 for my work on trauma care for the Defence Medical Services. I now specialise in full-time NHS and independent clinical practice in breast, thyroid and parathyroid disorders. I have a wide ranging and efficient medico-legal practice. I have a particular interest in cancer diagnosis and treatment, having been Editor in Chief of the...
Breast oncoplastic surgery • Breast cosmetic and reconstructive surgery • Breast cancer genetics Dr Khout has gained three MSc qualifications in Genomic Medicine, Health Leadership and General Surgery.
Dr Ordman in LONDON
Long-term pain management as a result of illness, disease, personal injuries, surgical mishap and inappropriate treatment • Lead Consultant at the Wellington Hospital Pain Functional Restoration Programme • Adult only (18+) • Assessment of current situation and treatment recommendations • Misdiagnosis of pain • Interested in current responsibilities regarding informed consent Also sees patients at: • By video link during Covid-19 pandemic • Royal Free...
Professor Bundred in MANCHESTER
Breast disease (benign & cancer surgery) • Prognosis of breast cancer • Diagnosis of breast disease • Breast cancer screening & symptomatic management • Condition & prognosis in breast cancer • Breast cancer surgery, treatment of ductal carcinoma in situ • Sentinel & axillary node biopsy • Breast reconstruction surgery • Thyroid cancer • Breast oncology • Delay in diagnosis • Tumour doubling • Life expectancy • Experience in medical negligence for both plaintiff & defence...
Mr Ornstein in LONDON
All correspondence to: 23 Crown Street, Harrow, HA2 0HX. Laparoscopic surgery • General surgery • Personal injury • Clinical negligence • Hernia • Breast disease • Abdominal disease • Consulting at London W1 & Guildford
Dr Adedokun in MANCHESTER
Dr Adedokun has extensive clinical experience in the management of various chronic pain syndromes including persistent neck, back or neuropathic pain especially following personal & occupational injuries, with experience in medical negligence claims • Dr Adedokun's experience also includes other chronic pain conditions such atypical facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, post herpetic neuralgia, & other neuropathic pain syndromes, complex headaches, complex regional pain syndrome, cancer pain,...

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