Building facades

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Mr Hetherington in EDINBURGH
• General structural engineering: single and multi-storey structures in steel, concrete, masonry, aluminium and timber; masonry and concrete-retaining walls; spread, piled and raft foundations • Specialist building engineering: facades, structural glass, structural connections, secondary steelwork, vibration studies, protection of structures from water in the ground, fibre-reinforced concrete • Historic structures work: repair and maintenance of historic timber, masonry, cast and wrought iron structures, historic...
Miss Casson in LONDON
Forensic Architect involved with the investigation of building defects and allegations of professional negligence for construction disputes. Cases have included: • Fire safety defects in the design and construction of higher risk residential buildings • Waterproofing defects in the design and construction of basements • Review of the responsibilities of design team consultants • Defects under building contracts • Review of building maintenance and operations strategies
Mr Parkin in CHORLEY
Building surveying • Building technology • Buildings • Alterations to buildings • Damp in buildings • Dilapidations • Dilapidation of buildings • Construction of buildings • Construction • Architecture • Fire • Fire safety • Building regulations • Boundary disputes • Party walls • Building design • Building defects • Construction defects • Building inspection • Building condition • Building Act • Building engineering • Building pathology • Commercial buildings
Provides professional services in the following field of expertise: • Construction defects • Building contract and property title disputes • Landlord and tenant dilapidations • Section 11 housing disrepair
Mr Morley in REDHILL
Building defects • Works not in accordance with Building Regulations • Reviews of design information in relation to scope • Reviews of the design/construction of external walls with respect to Part B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations (e.g. material specification, cavity barriers) • Performance of the architect or lead designer
Mr Gibb in GLASGOW
Architects' professional negligence • Architects' appointments & fees • Building contract disputes • Building defects & failures • Cladding & performance in fire • Contract claims, including adjudication response • Land & property disputes, including matters referred to Lands Tribunal • Liability within the design team • Historical analysis of buildings • Preparation of visualisations • Preparation of expert reports • Attendance at court • Participation in all forms of ADR • Representations in respect of planning applications, adjudication...
Mr Jacklin in LONDON
Building defects • Professional negligence • Construction disputes • Architectural design • Project management • Party walls • Flat roof defects • Roof defects • Window defects • Cavity wall insulation Simon has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry where he has practised as a chartered building surveyor and chartered project management surveyor on a wide range of instructions, including building surveys, defects diagnosis, party walls, dilapidations, project management, contract administration and health...
Dr Ryan in EPSOM
Consultancy specification & design of curtain walls, cladding, solar shading, overhead glazing, atrium glazing & bolted glass • Weatherproofing of the building facade, cladding & overhead glazing • Facade & roof specification & design • Structural design of facades, cladding & components in glass, aluminium & stainless steel • Durability of facade, roof & cladding materials
• Chartered Architect • Full time Expert Witness • RIBA Register of Experts • Academy of Experts • Society of Construction Law • Experienced in architectural and contractual disputes • CPR 35 reports; has been cross-examined • Registered Mediator Expert architect in buildings and construction and professional negligence • Expertise on fire regulations, fire stopping & fire compliance • Recognised as an expert in the external envelope brick timber and cladding • Architect's negligence • Has been instructed by both claimant...
Mr Murray in LONDON
Architecture • Planning • Building regulations • Cladding • Facades • Fire protection • Fire • Professional negligence • Defects • Remedial works • Water ingress • Damp • Roofing • Condensation • Basements • Curtain wall • Glass • Joinery • Partitions • Flooring • Corrosion • Acoustics • Contract administration • Design • Co-ordination • Appointment • Listed buildings • Waterproofing
Mr de Boehmler in LONDON
Full-time expert witness experienced in technical report writing for building, development and construction project disputes and insurance claims • For claimant, defendant, contractor, employer, insurer • 40 years of professional industry experience, including 20 years at partner or director level in international property firms • Worked in the UK, Europe, US, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai Building surveying • Building defects pathology diagnosis and causation • Inspections and survey reports • Professional negligence •...
Mr Tucker in LONDON
Structural engineering • Civil engineering • Forensic engineering • Maritime engineering • Coastal engineering • Design • Construction • Workmanship • Professional negligence • Damage • Defects analysis • Cracking • Buckling • Corrosion • Deflections • Deterioration • Dilapidations • Settlement • Subsidence • Heave • Ground movement • Concrete quality • Concrete durability • Concrete strength • Concrete testing • Basements • Foundations • Refurbishment • New build • Historic buildings • Raised access floors • Floor slabs • Screeds • Structural analysis • Structural stability •...

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