Care proceedings

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Dr Sanjay Suri has a total of 35 years’ experience with expertise in neuro-disability. His neuro-disability expertise includes cerebral palsy, spina bifida, genetic syndromes, sensory deficits, global developmental delay and autism. He has 20 years' experience in medico-legal work and attended the Bond Solon expert witness report writing course in 2022. He has also participated in a mini-pupillage and courtroom skills course in the past. He has provided reports for safeguarding cases, coroners inquests and...
Dr Hides in LEEDS
Clinical Psychologist and NHS Clinical Lead with 23 years of experience • Personal injury and RTA • Medical negligence • Cognitive assessments, including learning disabilities and difficulties and assessments of cognitive functioning/IQ • Assessment and treatment of mental health problems such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, personality disorder, adjustment disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Work-related stress and trauma • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) • Eye movement...
Dr Spoto in LONDON
Mental illness • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Family law • Testamentary capacity • Court of Protection • Forensic psychiatry • Mental Health Act • Psychotherapy • Road traffic accidents • Mental Health Review Tribunals • Immigration • Personal injury • Clinical negligence • Employment law • Member of Council of the Medicolegal Society • Member of the Independent Doctor Federation sitting on the Education Committee
Ms Ownhouse in LONDON
Adult personality disorder • Adult mental health • Impact of alcohol and drug misuse • Adult attachment style • Trauma • Adverse childhood experiences • Relationship issues and family dynamics, including impact of domestic violence and/or substance misuse • Psychopathology in adults • Parenting (including therapeutic and support needs of parents, prospect of change and the likely timescale for that change) • Personal injury • Risk of violence • Risk of sexual violence
Dr Maratos in LONDON
Matters involving children or adolescents & families, including parental issues • Also, matters involving families & local authorities • Accidents & trauma (PTSD)
Mr Flatman in ASHFORD
Child, adult and family expert witness and treating psychologist
Dr Mittal has an extensive paediatric background, with experience in matters such as child protection, including neglect, fabricated and induced illness (FII), child deaths, behavioural paediatrics, and child development and disability.
Dr Edward in EDINBURGH
I am a practising Chartered Clinical Psychologist offering assessment and therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents. I have expert witness experience specifically in relation to children and adolescents. Prior cases have concerned child development, custody, contact, abuse (including sexual abuse), trauma (including RTA) and adoption. Cases involving adults relating to specific issues of trauma or sexual violence may also be considered.
Dr Ashcroft in WIGAN
Family proceedings: assessment of adults & families, including domestic violence, substance abuse, psychological aspects of non-accidental injury, cognitive functioning & capacity, contact, personality, mental health issues, risk • I have completed the Bond Solon Cardiff University Law School training for criminal, civil & family court proceedings
We understand the need for a professional service and rapid timescales, within Legal Aid Agency guidelines. Our expert Psychologists and Psychiatrists can provide adult and child assessments within: • Public and private law proceedings • Pre-proceedings • Criminal proceedings • Court of Protection proceedings • Immigration proceedings • Personal injury • Clinical negligence Please contact us to make a referral, discuss your requirements or find out more about the services we can provide.
Dr Valinejad in DARTFORD
I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has previously worked for the NHS for 25 years and has established my own psychological service since 2014. My specialist area is psychological trauma. I run a busy expert witness and psychological therapy practice. In addition, I provide specialist assessments, namely neuropsychological assessments for individuals who have suffered brain injury and any other type of neuropathology. I have been instructed in civil, family and criminal proceedings. I am a Member...
Dr Birch in email/phone contact only
A Paediatrician and Psychotherapist experienced in working with young people and families, particularly with respect to child neglect and protection, family disturbance, substance abuse and domestic violence. A leading authority on adolescence and teen pregnancy and have worked with psychopathic personalities, disorders such as borderline personalities, learning disabilities and with children in situations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as factitious illness (Munchausen)-type syndromes....
Dr Wiener in WATFORD
Psychiatry • Child psychiatry • Adolescent psychiatry • Psychopharmacology All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Psychiatric reports for persons detained in secure conditions • Gender-specific (especially female) psychiatric issues • Reports for Mental Health Review Tribunals • Mental Health Act 1983 assessments • Psychiatric reports in criminal & civil cases • Assessment of: fire-setting behaviour, homicide cases, insanity, fitness to plead, sexual offending, violent offending • Assessment for: claims for sexual abuse, child custody cases, testamentary capacity
An experienced educational psychologist with considerable and successful experience at carrying out a range of assessments to detect specific learning difficulties, including the effects of brain injury on a child's ability to learn. Qualified to conduct a range of psychometric tests with children and young people between the ages of 6 and 16. Able to assess a child's learning potential as well as those forms of teaching which will best help a child to learn.
Mr Hannah in LEYBURN
The care and welfare of young people with socialisation, behavioural and emotional problems
Personal injury • Medical negligence • Family courts proceedings • Criminal & forensic reports • PTSD • Occupational health • Adult ADHD • Drugs & alcohol • Sexual abuse • Personality disorders • Mood disorders & psychoses
Ms Poate-Joyner in CHICHESTER
Specialist areas include: • Adult mental health • Full range of psychological disorders • Learning disability • Vulnerable adults • Intellectual & cognitive functioning assessment • IQ • Mental capacity • Capacity to consent • Global parenting & family assessment • Risk assessment • Child care proceedings • Sexual abuse • Sexual offences • Trauma • PTSD • Specialist training & expertise in the assessment of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), especially Asperger's Syndrome • Domestic violence • Controlling & coercive behaviours Also consults...
Personal injury • Psychiatric consequences of road traffic accidents • Psychiatric consequences of work-related accidents • Work-related stress • Psychiatric aspects of stress • Psychiatric aspects of assault • Depression • Bipolar disorder • Anxiety • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Schizophrenia • Adult psychiatry • Liaison psychiatry • Perinatal psychiatry • Psychiatric disorders of pregnancy • Postnatal psychiatric disorders • Postnatal depression • Safeguarding children • Psychiatric aspects of childcare proceedings • Psychiatric condition...
Dr Mallen in NORWICH
Dr John Mallen is in private practice as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS) and is approved by the Health Professions Council as a Practitioner Psychologist (Registration Number: PYL 15629). Dr John Mallen has completed the appropriate British Psychological Society specialist conversion courses in Postgraduate Clinical Neuropsychology and Expert Witness Training, demonstrating the necessary skills, experience...
Dr Zdrali in WEYBRIDGE
Preparation of psychological assessments and expert witness psychology reports for court, specialising in the field of family court, personal injury and clinical negligence, including psychometric testing, assessment of mental health and mental capacity (MCA, 2005). Expert witness training in psychology was undertaken at the British Psychological Society. I have specialist expertise and knowledge of assessing individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions, e.g. learning disabilities/learning difficulties,...
Depressive disorders • Anxiety disorders • Alcoholism • Stress in employment • Psychological effects of accidents, including PTSD & assault, including rape • Civil matters relating to access to children • Psychological reaction to medical, surgical or obstetric negligence • Post-traumatic embitterment disorder
Ms Jackson in LONDON
Assessment of attachment & bonding in families • Assessment of parenting, including in the context of child care proceedings • Alcohol & drug abuse as pertaining to parenting ability • Domestic violence, physical, sexual & emotional abuse as pertaining to parenting ability • Adult cognitive & personality assessment, including own family history in relation to ability to parent • Cognitive assessment of adults to determine competence, identify learning difficulties & disabilities, & make recommendations • Educational...
Mr Hughes in ST HELENS
Children • Adults • Intellectual ability • Functional skills • Literacy • Communication • Police interview • Need for Appropriate Adult • Understanding of interview caution • Understanding of documents and forms • Fitness to plead • Capacity to instruct/participate • Special measures in court • Need for Intermediary • Vulnerable witness • Suggestibility • Compliance • Learning difficulty • Disability • Specific learning difficulties • Neurodiversity • Dyslexia • Dyspraxia • ADHD • Attention difficulties • Hyperactivity • Autism • Asperger Syndrome • Reasonable...
All matters pertaining to adult general psychiatry • Special interest in drug- & alcohol-related issues & those involving putative automatism • Experience in assessing perpetrators of sexual abuse • Regular involvement in the assessment of adults in family psychiatry • Regular involvement in the assessment & diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder
Dr Pradhan in BIRMINGHAM
Psychopathology & psychiatric disorders • Trauma sequelae (psychiatry, including personal injury) • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Personality disorder • Criminal responsibility (psychiatric assessment) • Fitness to plead (psychiatric assessment) • Dangerous & risk assessment (psychiatric) • Crime victims (psychiatry) • Offender assessment (psychiatric) • Witness assessment & testamentary capacity • Criminal behaviour • Child & family cases (custody cases) • Psychiatric care & rehabilitating • Disability Discrimination Act - psychiatric •...
Ms Waitman in NEWARK
Expert witness work in child and family law • Family assessments • Adolescents involved in criminal law (vulnerability assessment) • Immigration evaluation - assessment of mental health
Dr King in HARTLEY
Dr King specialises both in assessments of adults & children in the context of family proceedings & private law disputes, along with forensic issues (risk assessment, parole board reports, pre-sentencing reports, psychopathy assessments, veracity of evidence, fitness to plead & culpability). She also undertakes personal injury work. Recent instructions have encompassed: • Capacity to conduct proceedings • Analysis of an Achieving Best Evidence Interview • Assessment of attachment in a family (parental & sibling)...
Professor Stein in LONDON
Also consulting at 14 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1HD. Medico-legal report writing (family, civil, crime) • Divorce & separation • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Medical negligence • Children & adolescents with neuro-developmental processing problems • Children & adolescents who are not fulfilling their potential • Child & adolescent mental health • Family problems & family mediation • Child development • Children & adolescents with educational problems • Care proceedings • Mediation with schools • Medico-legal mediation • Removal...
Dr Vaidya in SHEFFIELD
Medico-legal assessments of children and young people and their families in public law (care proceedings - Single Joint Expert) • Medical negligence, negligence by public bodies, personal injury and coroner's inquests in children and young people • Reports in investigations by regulatory bodies • Youth offending: assessment for ADHD, autism, dangerousness, fitness to plead

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