Carotid stenosis

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Mr Bahia in LONDON
Mr Bahia has a special interest in aortic aneurysm, lower limb arterial and venous disease, and carotid artery disease. He is a member of a number of hospital programmes and committees aimed at optimising thrombosis treatment, prescribing compliance and improving risk management for vascular patients.
Professor Mendelow in NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
Disc protrusion • Head injury • Neurosurgery • Spinal injury • Subarachnoid haemorrhage • Cerebral haemorrhage • Brain abscess • Spinal abscess • Brain & spinal tumour • Operative neurosurgery • Paraplegia • Specialises in the effect of delay in treatment, investigation or referral on outcome in the neurosurgical conditions listed • Effect of timing of treatment in the conditions listed • Professor Mendelow was one of Britain's Top Doctors (2010) & Top Surgeons (2011) in London Times Magazine...
Mr Fligelstone in SWANSEA
Upper limb conditions: DVT, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, ischaemia, trauma • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: upper limb condition affecting nerves, veins and arteries • Limb ischaemia: leg and arm - acute and chronic • Major limb amputation - below knee, through knee, above knee, hip disarticulation • Minor amputation of toes/partial foot amputation/transmetatarsal amputation • Compartment Syndrome, including Well Leg Compartment Syndrome post laparoscopic surgery • Carotid artery surgery for stroke prevention • False...
Professor McCollum in MANCHESTER
Artery & vein diseases • Arterial & venous thrombosis • Vascular injury or surgery • Arterial & venous surgery • Varicose veins • Stroke & cerebral perfusion • Carotid & extracranial artery surgery • Heart attack & stroke in young adults • Shock & organ damage • Blood transfusion • Leg ulceration • Pressure sores & bedsores • Provision of expert reports across the range of arterial & venous surgery • Life expectancy • Experience in medical negligence for both plaintiff & defence • Special experience in multi-party litigation
Dr Kishore in MANCHESTER
Dr Kishore is involved in the delivery of high-quality hyperacute stroke care, including thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy. He has a special clinical interest in the diagnosis and management of acute cerebrovascular conditions such as acute ischaemic stroke, acute intracerebral haemorrhage, carotid and vertebral artery dissections and TIAs. He is also interested in secondary prevention, understanding the aetiopathogenesis of stroke and the evaluation of embolic strokes of unknown source.

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