Cattle diseases

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Cattle diseases. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Dr Atkinson in WHITCHURCH
29 years' experience in farm animal practice and the wider dairy industry • Bond Solon-trained in expert report writing • Excellent communication skills, trusted to explain complex issues in a user-friendly way Dairy cow husbandry • Veterinary matters pertaining to cattle farms • Veterinary matters pertaining to dairy industry • Dairy cow nutrition • Dairy herd health and disease • Animal welfare - cattle • Lameness in cattle • Veterinary medicines residues (in particular in milk) • Personal injury in relation to cattle and...
Mr Edmondson in SHEPTON MALLET
41 years in farm animal veterinary practice • Cardiff University Expert Witness • Excellent communication skills • Explains complex technical issues in layman's terms • Author of textbook and contributor to veterinary and farming journals Cattle diseases • Personal injury claims • Accidents • Cattle behaviour • Fertility • Milk quality & mastitis • Milking machines • Herd management & husbandry • Professional negligence • Antibiotic residues • Robotic milking systems
Mr Madeiros in BANBURY
Management of a mixed general veterinary practice, including employment of staff, official veterinary service work & veterinary work, including bovines, ovines, porcines, equines, felines, canines, reptiles (including hydrotherapy) • Professional negligence claims • Animal welfare, cruelty & negligence cases (including RSPCA cases) • Riding schools, measuring equines & equine chiropractic • Agricultural veterinary show work • Avians (including parrots, poultry, rhea, ostrich & emu) - management, nutrition, export/import,...
Dr Forsyth in YORK
Veterinary medicine & surgery as a general practitioner • Farm animals & domestic pets • Certificate holder in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics & Law • Casualty Veterinary Surgeon at Beverley, Redcar & Doncaster racecourses • Official Veterinary Surgeon acting in abattoirs for meat hygiene & veterinary public health, & animal welfare from farm to abattoir • Equine matters pertaining to performance horses, racehorses, eventers, show jumpers • Transport of animals • Veterinary negligence
I am qualified to accept instruction in all matters related to veterinary pathology and veterinary medicine, including desktop post-mortem reviews.

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