Chest radiology

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Medico-legal reporting as an expert witness and clinical negligence reports of: • Trauma and musculoskeletal radiology • Radionuclide (nuclear medicine) radiology • General and selected interventional radiology Radiology assessment remotely in reports. Prepared to attend meetings and court as required.
Dr Krishnan in MANCHESTER
Dr Krishnan is the Radiology Lead for the treatment of complex thoracic and abdominal aneurysms. His practice entails general radiology and specialist vascular radiology imaging and interventions. He routinely undertakes interventional radiology procedures, including embolisations, angioplasties, stents, hepatic and transplant interventions.
Dr Quantrill in LONDON
I specialise in failure to provide (breathalyser) cases in relation to which I have written over 150 reports and appeared in court many times. My other main interest is in asthma related to damp housing....

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