Child care costs

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I have provided over 3000 expert reports on the costs of providing care in personal injury and clinical negligence cases. I have 50 associate experts in my team who prepare expert reports on care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, occupational health and liability nursing care reports.
Mrs Bush in CRIEFF
A professional, independent Health and Social Care Consultant/Case Manager/Independent Assessor/Care Expert/Independent Social Worker with over 30 years' professional experience in health, social care and social work settings. I am well qualified in undertaking assessments and writing reports in respect of medical negligence, personal injury, breach of duty, quantum care and independent social work reports for various service user groups. Areas of expertise Brain injury • Disability • Cerebral palsy • Learning disability •...
Occupational therapy and care expert reports including: • Paediatrics • Orthopaedics • Surgical • Amputees • Spinal injuries, including Cauda Equina • Brain injuries • Loss of service • Wrongful birth • Specialist reports, including manual handling Additional email: [email protected]

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