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Chimney stack emissions & dispersion • Air pollution: dispersion & effects • Occupational hygiene & safety • Toxicology of industrial & environmental chemicals • Biological & chemical aspects of forensic science • Analytical chemistry • Odour assessment & control • Environmental & occupational noise
Mr McLenaghan in EDINBURGH
Experience in working with chimneys/flues, both modern & ancient • Fireplace & woodburner/stove installations • Assistance to forensic investigation following house fires • Technical advice on suitability of installations • Opinion on possible failure of chimney/flue systems, whether recent or historic construction Previously served as an Executive Director of the National Association of Chimney Engineers (NACE) and as a Regional Executive Officer of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS)
Mr Easton in BRISTOL
Building surveying • Expert in all aspects of building litigation, including defective construction, including, but not exclusively, drains, cavity walls, mortar, brickwork, roofs, floors, drainage, windows, dampness, condensation, concrete • Valuation for interim or final accounts • Advice on building contracts • Professional negligence • Whether a house is built to NHBC Building Regulations or Building Guarantee Standards • Party wall awards • Expert reports & advice • Compliant with CPR...
Dr Gibson in DIDCOT
Odour & air quality expert • PhD chemical engineering with 25 years' experience • Expertise in abatement design, operation, performance • Best Available Technology (BAT) & Best Practicable Means (BPM) Assessment • Expert in measurement of odour & air pollutants & impact assessment • Guidance development (e.g. for commercial kitchens) • Acted for regulators & operators & in private nuisance claims, planning appeals & also as joint expert for odour & air...
Mr de Silva in LONDON
General civil & structural engineering • Maritime works, including docks & harbours • Reinforced concrete, design & durability • Sub-structures, basements, foundations & piling • Offshore structures • Dams & associated hydraulic structures • Tunnels: bored, drill & blast, & cut & cover • Earth- & water-retaining structures • Waterproofing • Floor finishes

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