COMAH regulations

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Mrs Whiting in COLCHESTER
Having worked for over 11 years in operating companies, I am qualified to provide advice on process safety management, risk assessment and risk management for high hazard sites. This includes offshore installations and onshore COMAH sites. I would be able to inform you if based on evidence the hazards that were known to the company, what mitigations were put in place, if they were in place at the time of the incident and if actually these mitigations would have been effective to prevent the incident.
Accident investigation • Major hazards • Fire • Explosion • Toxic gas • Chemical spills • HSWA • COMAH • COSHH • DSEAR • Industrial injuries from chemical & process hazards • Risk from transport, storage, handling & treatment of chemicals, including hazardous waste • Environmental impact assessment • Accidents to the environment • Planning inquiries (risk & air pollution issues) • Air pollution, including odour nuisance & food tainting • Cargo quality disputes • Cargo contamination incidents...
Jean is an engineering professional with a varied career spanning 25 years in crude oil refining and consultancy. She is highly experienced in integrity management, including inspection and reliability, as well as operations and project engineering at COMAH sites where interface with the UK regulator is essential. Jean has held management and leadership roles for over 20 years, working on improving systems and processes and problem solving. Her experience as Engineering Manager at Murco Milford...
Hughes in CARLISLE
Occupational safety & health representation • Accident/incident investigation • Risk assessment & analysis • Management systems • Safe work systems • Human factors • Engineering failures • Compliance • Due diligence • Expert witness • COVID 19 risk assessment, audit & compliance checking • Review of systematic failures and consequences investigation.
Over 30 years' experience covering: • Safety Management Systems • Safety Engineering • Major Hazards • Quantitative Risk Analysis & Assessment • Process Safety • Explosions • Safety Critical Elements • Fire Safety Engineering • Fire Protection • Fire & Gas Detection • Safety Audits • Planning Applications & Safety Cases • Emergency Response Sectors: • Oil & Gas Onshore & Offshore • Petrochemicals • Pipelines • Subsea • Railways & Underground Transit Systems • Hotels & Occupied Buildings • Dock Operations & Container Handling • Wood...
Mr Butcher in WARRINGTON
Process plant hazards • Major hazards risk assessment • Oil, gas, LPG, LNG hazards • Hydrocarbon fires • Explosion analysis (accidental) • Event frequency analysis • Quantified risk assessment (QRA) • Toxic gas hazards • COMAH safety cases • Major accidents to the Environment (MATTE), etc.
Dr Randle in LONDON
Ergonomic assessments of: • Work-related upper limb disorders (WRULD) • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) • Manual handling accidents • Back injury cases • Human factors • Human error • Safety critical tasks • Safety management systems • Hand-arm vibration • Vibration white finger • Accident investigation • COMAH • Safety design • Patient safety • Product design • COSHH • Slips, trips and falls • Musculoskeletal disorder • Display screen equipment • Assembly work • Cumulative trauma disorder...
Dr Ketchell in WARRINGTON
Process plant hazards • Major hazards risk assessment • Oil, gas, LPG, LNG hazards • Hydrocarbon fires • Explosion analysis (accidental) • Event frequency analysis • Evacuation assessment • System reliability • Quantified risk assessment • Toxic gas hazards • COMAH safety cases • Storage hazards of petrol, diesel, jet fuel, liquefied gases, etc. • Building fires
Mechanical engineering • Pressure vessels • Pressure systems • Safety of amusement rides • Safety of fairground rides • COMAH regulations • Gas explosions • Machinery guarding • Forensic engineering • Scaffolding • Construction • Chemical industry • Experienced in the assessment of requirement for, procurement, training, fitting, use, storage & maintenance of PPE & RPE

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