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Dr Dixon in email/phone contact only
GNSS & GPS forensics • Jamming & interference analysis • Phone positioning (Android & iPhone) • Satellite & radio navigation & communications • Vehicle telematics tracking & insurance • Electronic offender tags • SatNavs • Aviation & maritime navigation & communications • Integrity & safety systems • AIS • Timing • Patents & IP
Contact: Dr Kathryn Barr MA PhD in BIRMINGHAM
Steve Cosslett and Kate Barr are two of the most experienced handwriting experts working in the UK, approaching 40 years' and 30 years' experience respectively. Forensic handwriting, signature and document examination • Comparison of disputed handwriting and signatures • Examination of printed, photocopied and typewritten documents • Examination of documents for indented impressions of writing • Examination of documents for alterations and/or additions • Reconstruction of torn/shredded documents • Preparation of reports...
Mrs Thorndycraft-Pope in STONEHAVEN
The examination of questioned handwriting to help identify the author, e.g. wills & contracts • The examination of alterations, obliteration, etc., to help reveal the original entries, e.g. altered cheques • The detection of indented impressions to aid, e.g. in identifying the author of anonymous letters • The examination of documents to establish authenticity, e.g. security fibres • All necessary scientific equipment, e.g. stereomicroscope, VSC, Mi-Scope & ESDA
I examine documents so as to discover information of relevance to the inquiry. This involves, variously, the examination and comparison of handwriting, of signatures, of typewriting, of printed and photocopied material, the detection of alterations, the detection of indented impressions and so on: the full range of document examinations apart from the botanical analysis of paper. I prepare written reports of my findings and give expert evidence in court. In addition to courts in the south-east of England,...
Mr Jones in LONDON
Cryptocurrencies • Money laundering • Counter funding of terrorism • AML • CFT • Bitcoin • Bitcoin mining • Crypto exchanges • Wallets • Public addresses • Private keys • Technology • General IT outsourcing • Blockchain • Digital currencies • Regulation Author of The Executive Guide to Blockchain: Using Smart Contracts and Digital Currencies in your Business
Mr Allan Watton in WIGAN
Expert Services The specialists within Best Practice Group have extensive experience in providing Expert Witness Services as part of litigation or dispute resolution. We work with firms of solicitors and barristers along with their clients and lay-clients to provide wholly objective and independent Expert Witness Services. Our technical people assess technical evidence to determine levels of liability and delineation of roles and responsibilities in major programmes and projects. Our forensic accounting specialists...
Mr Jackson in LIVERPOOL
All aspects of pre-hospital care, including the full range of medical & trauma conditions, including the assessment & management of: • Cardiac arrest & arrhythmias • Medical emergencies (abdominal pain, chest pain, breathlessness, headache) • Traumatic emergencies (head trauma, spinal trauma, thoracic trauma, abdominal trauma, limb trauma & trauma in pregnancy) • Paediatric emergencies • Obstetric & gynaecological emergencies • Administration of medicines under POMS exemption • All pre-hospital interventional procedures •...
Mr Farquharson in WOKING
I am Director of MaaStran Ltd and Smartran Consulting. I have been responsible for investigating and resolving many contractual issues and disputes. I have most recently appeared as Expert Witness in a dispute taken to ICC Tribunal by a public authority against a technology services supplier. I led the preparation of two reports, guidance to the client, presented to Tribunal, underwent cross-examination and participated in expert witness conference. I have over 30 years' wide-ranging experience successfully...
Mr Fielding in LONDON
Surveillance • Counter surveillance • Anti-surveillance
Mrs Briggs in RUGELEY
Forensic handwriting, signature and document examination by an experienced expert witness with over 15 years' experience of criminal and civil casework. • Comparison of disputed handwriting and signatures with known samples to determine authorship • Examination of printed, photocopied and typewritten documents • Examination of certain documents to determine authenticity • Reconstruction of torn/shredded documents • Examination of documents for indented impressions of writing • Examination of documents for alterations...
Mrs Jaffe in ILFORD
I have over 27 years of experience as a handwriting expert • Specialist areas of work: suspected forgeries, the identification of signature & non-signature scripts, the verification of disputed documents & notes, anonymous letters & graffiti • Graphological assessments are utilised for psychological profiles, character appraisals & recruitment • Court expertise provided in the UK & abroad • Professional & reliable service • Comprehensive reports • References available

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