Compartment syndrome

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Compartment syndrome. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Mr Britten in LEEDS
Severe lower limb fractures and open (compound) fractures, treated with fine wire circular fixators such as the Ilizarov Frame and Taylor Spatial Frame, or with intramedullary nails and locked plates • Multiple injury and polytrauma • Acute compartment syndrome • Post-traumatic limb reconstruction, including non-union, malunion and deformity, limb length inequality, bone loss, bone infection and amputation • Lower and upper limb fractures in general • Consent...
Mr MacSweeney in NOTTINGHAM
Appointed as a Consultant Vascular Surgeon in Nottingham in 1995 • Provided over 700 medical reports • Provided reports in medical negligence & personal injury cases on behalf of both claimants & defendants on vascular injuries & complications, management of circulatory problems of various kinds, deep venous thrombosis, complications of arterial, venous & orthopaedic surgery & compartment syndrome • Attended courses on medico-legal report writing & on giving evidence in court • I am aware of my...

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