Computer servers

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Mr Ellison in LONDON
Nick Ellison is a senior director in the Data Insights and Forensics practice, based in London. Nick leverages more than 14 years of IT technology consultancy and software development experience. He has assisted clients with web and software development projects, disputed delivery of projects, fitness for purpose, IT security controls, digital forensics and cyber risk in the travel, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, financial services, charities/third sector and hospitality sectors. Being an accomplished...
Mr Steer in BARRHEAD
I have been in the field of digital forensics as an employee within the Police Service of Scotland for the last 20 years, and I regularly examine and provide technical reports relating to desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices. I have given evidence as an expert witness at all levels of criminal courts within Scotland. I am based within the central belt of Scotland. I am able to visit offices or receive items via courier service across Scotland or the UK.
MD5 specialises in the following services: • Mobile Phone Forensics • Computer Forensics • Advanced Data Recovery • eDisclosure • eForensics • Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) Experts in providing Digital Forensic and eDisclosure services to the legal sector, law enforcement agencies, public sector and corporate clients.
Mr Shaw in LONDON
Artificial intelligence, AI, AR, 5G holograms • Blockchain • Smart contracts technology • Coding, Assembler machine language through to Z-notation • Cyber security, defence and offence, breaches • Data privacy • Digital media and IT technology • Due diligence • eDiscovery • Failed projects • Fintech, pure technology, start-ups and investments • Hardware, middleware, design and architecture • IoT • Network, telecoms • Software, forensic and anti-forensic • Digital forensics in multiple criminal cases regarding software, images, infringements •...
Mr Allan Watton in WIGAN
Expert Services The specialists within Best Practice Group have extensive experience in providing Expert Witness Services as part of litigation or dispute resolution. We work with firms of solicitors and barristers along with their clients and lay-clients to provide wholly objective and independent Expert Witness Services. Our technical people assess technical evidence to determine levels of liability and delineation of roles and responsibilities in major programmes and projects. Our forensic accounting specialists...
Mr Hooper in NEWBURY
I work as an expert witness, neutral advisor and expert determiner in IT and outsource services: • Fitness for purpose in application, code review and forensic analysis, infrastructure, project and service management. I have particular experience in large-scale delivery (up to £250m a year), transformation, Agile methods and professional competence • IT project delay cause and quantification • Intellectual property review of algorithms, similarity of code, delivery methods, development effort, confidentiality,...
Mr Hogan in CHEADLE
Digital forensics • Computer forensics • Mobile phone forensics • CCTV forensics • SatNav forensics • USB storage device forensics • Network forensics • Deleted data recovery • e-Discovery Callum specialises in Digital Forensics and e-Discovery as an independent expert witness. His expertise means he completes each stage of Digital Forensic Investigation (DFI) models and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) whilst conforming to ACPO guidelines and ISO standards. This requires using various industry-standard Digital...

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