Dog training

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Dr Davidson in EPSOM
Forensic veterinary medicine & surgery in cases involving injury, neglect & cruelty particularly in the following species: • Dogs, cats, small pets such as rabbits, small rodents, caged birds, pigeons • Forensic matters involving injuries to persons from animals, including confirmation of identity of animals involved & the linking of human injuries to particular animals • Forensic behavioural evidence particularly relating to dogs, cats & horses • Dangerous dogs, including identification of the types proscribed...
Dr d'Sa in ALTON
Criminal & civil proceedings for both defence & prosecution cases • Dog behaviour/training & breed identification, including prohibited breeds • Dangerous dogs legislation • Police Dog Legislation Officer (DLO) training • Behaviour expert for the MPS & many other UK police constabularies • Dog bites • Human fatalities involving dogs • Cat behaviour • Animal behaviour (mammals & birds) • Animal welfare & protection • Animal-related environmental matters • Animal boarding establishments - licensing matters • Animal...
Animal behaviour & welfare • Behaviour & temperament assessment of dogs • Aspects of dog behaviour in general • The human-animal bond • Attitudes to animals • Animals in human housing • Role of animals for physical & emotional health of humans of many groups, e.g. elderly, children • Companion animal welfare • Senior lecturer in animal behaviour, human-animal interactions & companion animal behaviour counselling • Member of Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors • UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists • Dog...
All aspects of equine behaviour • Canine behaviour, case-specific
Colin is able to assist in both civil and criminal court cases as an expert witness in: • Dangerous dog-related matters under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991 (as amended 1997) • The Dogs Act 1871 Section 2 • The Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 pertaining to dog-related matters • The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 • Animal Welfare Act (2006) Colin is an accredited retired Police Dog Legislation Officer (DLO). As an expert witness in banned...
Qualified canine behaviourist • Assessment of dogs suspected of being 'dangerous dogs' under Section 3 DDA 1991 and for 'type' assessment for dogs suspected of being prohibited under Section 1 of the Act • Assessment of dogs involved in cruelty cases both for defence and prosecuting authorities • Clients include Police and CPS services throughout the UK, local authorities, private solicitors, RSPCA • Highly experienced in giving expert evidence in both magistrates' and crown courts, including appeal courts
Mrs Howell in DOBSHILL
I can provide expert evidence in respect of cases under Section 1 (Breed type) and under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Services include a thorough investigation of the circumstances leading up to a dog bite incident, a behavioural assessment and conformation assessment (if required) of the dog, and assessment of the home environment. A full written report and video and photographic evidence are provided. As a former police detective, I have extensive court experience. I am an...
Mr Turner in LONDON
Experience of pit bulls since 1978 • Police officer 37 years • Dog handler 25 years • Worked with RSPCA, local authorities & other animal welfare organisations • Organises seminars & gives presentations on dangerous dogs to police officers & local authorities • Assessments on dog breed & temperament • Receives instructions from defence & prosecution teams & local authorities • Examined dogs in four high-profile cases
Canine behaviour & training • Police dog handling & training • National Police Dog Assessment Model • Companion animal behaviour problems • Dangerous dogs legislation • Dog assessment • Dog bites • Accredited Police Explosives Search Dog Instructor awarded by Home Office 19 July 1996 • Accredited Police Dog Instructor awarded by Home Office 6 March 1992 • Accredited by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
All matters relating to the training, care & operational deployment of general purpose police dogs, & specialist search dogs used for the detection of explosives, drugs, currency & weapons • The training, care & deployment of firearms support dogs • Selection & behavioural traits of dogs deemed suitable for police work • The deployment of a police dog in relation to the use of force • Providing dog behaviour advice...
Expert evidence on dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 both for type & behaviour • Behavioural assessments on dogs seized by police as dangerously out of control • Expert evidence given in animal welfare & livestock worrying cases • Have multi-agency working experience with RSPCA, local authorities & animal welfare organisations • Have presented seminars to various groups & professional bodies including veterinary professionals, police officers, local authority officers & charitable bodies •...
Mr Hesmondhalgh in BOLTON
Shaun is available to support legal counsel in any dog-related matters that fall under the auspices of the following legislation: • Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 • Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 • Dogs Act 1871 • Antisocial Behaviour Crime & Policing Act 2014 • The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 • Animal Welfare Act 2006 • Guard Dog Act 1975 We provide support by conducting the following: • Conformation assessments to identify...

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