Electrical systems

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Mr Kelly in email contact only
My area of expertise includes: • Vehicle inspections and valuations • Salvage categorisations • Diminution in market value • Locus reports • Comparison reports • Post-repair inspections and reports relating to the rejection of motor vehicles • Repair assessment in defective goods cases • Mechanical and bodywork vehicle defects • Motor engineering I also have a specialist interest in rare, classic, sports, light and heavy goods and imported vehicles. Also engineer report reviews to assist a barrister with cross-examination.
Mr Mamoon Alyah is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with 36 years of experience. Over the years, Mr Alyah has been instructed as an expert by clients in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia. He prepared expert reports and provided expert advice in matters involving electrical power such as turbines (gas, steam and hydro), solar (PV and CSP), wind, transformers, switchgear, cables and others. Mr Alyah has given evidence in courtrooms and arbitration proceedings in numerous jurisdictions around the...
Mr Marshall in LONDON
I have a wide experience in mining, process industries, power generation, construction and mechanical and electrical engineering. I have been instructed on a broad range of matters, ranging from pressure vessels to electronic controls. Most engineers know how systems should work, and how to interpret standards. My speciality is in understanding, and explaining to laymen, why engineering systems do not work as expected, and in devising and implementing proportionate remedial measures. I have a good track record...
Dr Lockwood in LONDON
Electrical power systems • Switchgear • Transformers • Variable speed drives (VSDs) • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) • Power electronics • Circuit breakers • Switches • Transient voltages • Generators • Busbars • Electrical faults • Electro-mechanical devices • Relays • Solonoids • Electrical motors • Electrical heaters • Control systems • Boiler controls • SF6 breakers • Batteries • Vacuum circuit breakers
Mr Deer in LONDON
Electrical engineering • Building services • Fire engineering • Commercial property • Lifts • Maintenance • Design • Swimming pools • Industrial buildings • Access control • Sports centres • Health clubs • Power supply • Generators
Electrical engineering • CE & PUWER conformity • Project management • Control systems • Machinery safety • Functional safety • Electrical inspection & testing • Electrical fire • Product recall • Insurance claims • Electrical installation disputes • Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate
Power distribution systems • Cables • Cable failures • Power transmission systems • Cable joint design • Cable joint failures • Cable accessories • Cable terminations • Cable accessory design • Cable installation • Electrical equipment condition assessment • Partial discharge testing • Third party damage to cable systems • Underground cables
Eur Ing Barraclough in ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH
Mechanical engineering • Electrical engineering • Agricultural engineering • Electromechanical engineering • Process and machinery • Electrical fires • Plumbing • Electrical systems
Compliance of machinery to legal requirements (e.g. Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations) and associated designated standards and the Machinery Directive (EU) • Functional safety of machinery • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), e.g. guarding of machinery • Safety of electrical and control systems for machinery
Mr Roberts in GUILDFORD
Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years' experience of automotive design, development, manufacturing & after-sales, specialising in quality-related aspects • Experienced in the investigation & reporting of any aspect of motor vehicle quality & fitness for purpose
Consultant Chartered Engineer with extensive experience of electrical and control systems engineering, primarily relating to electrical installations and equipment • Published author on electrical safety of installations and equipment (by the IET) • BSI Standards Committee Chair/Member covering electrical installations, events and entertainment (including film and TV), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and audio • Experienced in civil and criminal cases • See www.eade.uk.com for more information
Eur Ing Kelly in DERBY
Expert opinion in electrical engineering • Electrical installation disputes • BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations • Electricity at Work Regulations • Verification of electrical installation designs & specifications • Part P of the Building Regulations • Advice to contractors & consultants based on technical, legal & safety requirements • Training & support
Electronics failure, including integrated circuit, printed circuit board, component & power electronics failures • Capacitor failures • Assessment of the impact of operating environment on materials, electrical systems & electronic systems, including the effects of pollution, mechanical & electronic stresses • Failure analysis & troubleshooting of consumer & industrial electronics & electro-mechanical systems • Forensic investigation & analysis of electrical & electronic fires • Safety & compliance of electrical products

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