Employment prospects

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Mr Homer in STAFFORD
Personal injury - golf • Health & safety aspects connected with the sport of golf • Accidents caused by golfers either to other golfers or to members of the public • Accidents occurring on golf courses, golf driving ranges & golf practice grounds • Double winner of the British Amateur Golf Championship • Designed golf courses • Designed golf driving ranges on land adjacent to public roads & public buildings • Specifying all safety equipment • Setting out preventive measures • Adviser to the principal golf bodies •...
Mrs Halsall in WIGAN
Vocational, employment & functional expert • Capacity for work • Functional abilities & limitations • Employment prospects • Suitable occupations • Pre & post-injury earning potential • Evidence-based vocational expert witness assessments
Ms Walters in BANBURY
Employment • Research & analysis of a claimant's pre- & post-accident employment & earnings prospects • Instructions undertaken as a joint or single party expert • Rehabilitation • HJS's Pathway to Work Programme is a vocational rehabilitation programme which encourages & assists a return to training & work
Mr Carter in LONDON
Career structure assessment • Earning assessment • Employment practice • Job market analysis • Rehabilitation assessments...
Considerable clinical & research experience into the effects of spinal cord trauma & physical injury • Specialist in the assessment & treatment of psychosexual difficulties, adjustment to loss & adaptation to trauma • Reports focus on a quantification of loss, assessment of pre-morbid status, prognosis, impact of psychological disturbance on daily living, employment prospects & recommendations for treatment & rehabilitation where appropriate
Dr MacKenzie Ross in LONDON
Assessment of emotional state following accident, assault or medical malpractice, e.g. post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression • Also overall impact of accident or assault on quality of life, e.g. impact on employment, social & leisure activity, relationships • Neuropsychological assessment & psychometric testing • Assessing the impact of accident, assault, poisoning or disease process on intellectual level, memory functioning, language, perception, personality & behaviour, etc.
Mr Ledingham in ELLESMERE PORT
Nick Ledingham is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in acting for dentists. He has acted for dentists for over 30 years and has developed a high degree of expertise in this area. He regularly acts as an Expert Witness and Expert Adviser, preparing reports for the Court under the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35, the Family Procedure Rules Part 25, and the Practice Direction. He is appointed as a Single Joint Expert and is involved in discussions with other Expert Witnesses. He also appears...
Mr Dewar in GLASGOW
Evaluating employment training & financial prospects after personal injury consequential to domestic, industrial & road traffic accidents, as well as sports injuries & medical negligence • Quantification of career & employment prospects after marital breakdown
Mr Gilbert OBE in IPSWICH
Employment • Loss of earnings • Vocational rehabilitation • Matrimonial • Victims of abuse • Labour market assessment • Work undertaken as joint expert or for claimant or defendant Trevor Gilbert & Associates Ltd is a leading expert witness practice established in 1991 with experts nationwide. Case management centre DX:87955 Ipswich Experts include: Margaret Dale Phil Perlin Natalie Styles
Contact: Mr Peter H E Davies in GLASGOW
Key expertise & experience in: • Loss of earnings • Employment matters • Return to work after injury & related wage loss estimates • Particular expertise in return to work after acquired disability & brain injury • Vocational rehabilitation • Functional capacity assessment Can also provide: • Occupational & aptitude assessment • Vocational case management • Wage loss • Counselling
Mr Jackson in BARNSLEY
Personal injury, including: • Brain & spinal injuries & birth defects • Employment prospects • Loss of earnings • Loss of opportunity • Labour market analysis • Research service • Employment case management • Vocational rehabilitation • Occupational psychology • Psychometric & occupational testing • Careers advice • Employment practice • Employee retention • Discrimination in employment • Claimant, defendant & single joint instructions undertaken • UK-wide service • Job analysis

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