Environmental hygiene

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Occupational hygiene • Exposure to hazardous substances • Asbestos exposure
Dr Dinsdale in NORWICH
Consultant & Expert Witness (criminal & civil) since 1978 • Investigation of accidental food contamination claims (UK & abroad), & allegations of food safety offences (UK & Ireland) For criminal cases, see especially R -v- Kashioulis , Wood Green CC, T1999-0567, successfully defended by Margetts & Ritchie & Gough Square Chambers, & West Berkshire Council -v- Little Jogs Nursery , successfully defended by Gough Square Chambers. For civil cases, see especially Buckley -v- Oakford Oysters , Bournemouth County Court,...
Dr Stuart-Moonlight in FOLKESTONE
Dr Stuart-Moonlight is one of the foremost food safety and infectious disease experts in the UK, possessing excellent academic credentials including three fellowships. Her typical food cases include contamination, food poisoning, foodborne disease and food allergy. Her typical environmental cases include workplace, environment and travel-related infectious diseases such as norovirus, Sars-Cov-2 and leptospirosis. Dr Stuart-Moonlight has a historic background as a regulator, so is able to contextualise evidential...
Mr Watson in FAREHAM
I provide independent and objective expert witness services in Environmental Health, Occupational Hygiene, Health and Safety, and Fire Safety Risk assessment. I have worked in these areas since 1978 and have provided expert witness services since 1996. I am trained as an expert witness and have provided over a thousand reports for the court. I accept instructions as a Single Joint Expert and from solicitors acting on single instructions for claimants and defendants. I have given evidence in court on numerous...
Very experienced practitioner specialising in health & safety/food safety matters since 1988, including 9 years as an enforcement officer • Particular areas of expertise include investigation of workplace injuries & fatalities, risk assessment, risk management & insurance-related matters • Further expertise as a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner with respect to food contamination, HACCP, food processing, alleged food poisoning & food-borne injury Author of Food Emergencies - A Practical Approach to...
Mr Blenkharn in LONDON
Healthcare (clinical) waste microbiology • Healthcare (clinical) waste management & disposal • Environmental microbiology, with particular regard to waste disposal • Infection control • Device-related infection • Hospital ventilation • Hospital maintenance
Ms Conroy in DONCASTER
Asbestos • Chemical agents (including carcinogens, asthmagens & others) • Biological agents (including legionella) • Physical agents (including noise, vibration, etc.) • Ergonomics
Health & safety management systems • Organisational culture • Training & education • Incident investigation • Workplace traffic management • Machinery safety & guarding • Manual handling • Noise • Thermal comfort & stress • Confined space entry • COSHH assessments • Airborne contaminant control • Experienced in the assessment of requirement for, procurement, training, fitting, use, storage & maintenance of PPE & RPE • Exposure to hazardous substances • Asbestos exposure • Occupational hygiene
Mrs McNeill in GLASGOW
Health & safety • Mechanical engineering design • Investigation of industrial accidents, personal injuries & fatalities • Occupational diseases (asbestos, noise, hand-arm vibration) • Investigations of fire & explosions • Investigation of defective engineering design & plant mal-performance • Risk assessments • PPE • Safe systems of work • Legionnaires disease
Dr Purnell in ST ALBANS
Health risk assessment & control of hazards in the workplace • Occupational hygiene • Noise • Hand-arm vibration • COSHH • LEV • Personal protective equipment • Legionella risk assessment & control • Microbiological hazards Areas of expert witness work include: • Investigation of workplace accidents and environmental pollution incidents • Identification of causative factors in cases of occupational ill-health • Examination of work environments and equipment following failure and/or injury • Inspection of workplaces, processes...
All areas of civil & criminal cases relating to occupational health, safety & welfare, for example: • Accident investigation • Occupier liability • WRULD cases/RSI • Premises health & safety issues causing illness, injury, etc. • Risk assessment • Training, competence & development • Failure in management systems Completed CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6

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