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Mr Broadhurst in MANCHESTER
Engineering failure investigations ranging from small personal injury claims to large multinational company losses • Forensic metallurgical investigations both on site & laboratory based • All aspects of metallurgical engineering, including materials selection, design evaluation, manufacturing & fabrication techniques, quality assurance • Industries previously serviced include rotating equipment, power generation, pressure vessels, quarrying, oil & gas, petrochemical, rail, automotive, aerospace
Mr Laslett in FOLKESTONE
Project planning & scheduling • Critical path analysis (CPA) • Delay & extension of time (EOT) • Project management • Project controls • Project engineering • Technical • Capital projects • All above in the following sectors: Offshore oil & gas, FPSOs, decommissioning, petrochemicals, pipelines, shipbuilding, oil rigs, power generation, renewables (including offshore wind farms, solar, wave/tidal), infrastructure, capital projects
Eur Ing Clarke in LONDON
Experience covers failure investigations on: • Metals: ferrous & non-ferrous • Non-metals: plastics & glass • Welding & fabrication • Lifting equipment, cranes, hoists, chains, nylon slings & hooks • Fire damage • Plant & machinery component failures • Construction materials & components: bolts, rebar, glazing units, etc. • Surface coatings: metallic, organic or thermally sprayed • Non-destructive testing • Historic structures & materials: bronze, cast iron & wrought iron • Corrosion problems: inland & marine •...
Professor Powell in NOTTINGHAM
I have over 25 years' experience as the technical director of two engineering firms (one in general engineering and one in laser cutting) and as a Professor of Engineering at two universities (Nottingham and Lulea, Sweden). I hold all four of these posts at the moment and they form the foundation of my expert witness work. My particular areas of expertise are: • General engineering, welding & fabrication • Laser cutting & welding • Water jet cutting • Profiling • Materials engineering • Health & safety

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