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Dr Keenan in email/phone contact only
A Consultant Paediatric Haematologist with over 20 years' experience, Dr Russell Keenan can act as an expert witness, including the preparation of medico-legal reports and appearing in court, in child protection cases, clinical negligence cases and relating to all aspects of paediatric haematology. His specialist areas of expertise include: • Haemophilias and other bleeding disorders • Thrombophilias • Haemoglobinopathies • Thalassaemias • Sickle cell disease • Benign haematological disease • Malignant haematology • Leukaemia •...
Mr Davies in HORSHAM
Established in 1986, Assurity Consulting is an independent consultancy providing solutions for workplace health, safety & environmental performance • Services cover: • Legionella management & control • Risk assessment & training • Building air & water systems • Asbestos management • Health & safety • Fire safety • Computer room auditing (including zinc whiskers) • Environmental management Scope of work includes: • Liaison with enforcement authorities • Senior management briefing & training • Assessing the performance of third...
Dr Brown has a broad haematology clinical practice managing patients with haematological malignancy, such as myeloma, chronic myeloid leukaemia, myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) and myelodysplastic syndromes. She is the Trust Lead for MPN patients, and has a specialist interest in this area. She also manages general haematology patients, including those with venous thromboembolism (DVT/PE), iron deficiency anaemia and chronic blood abnormalities, such as neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and anaemia.
Mr Deer in LONDON
Electrical engineering • Building services • Fire engineering • Commercial property • Lifts • Maintenance • Design • Swimming pools • Industrial buildings • Access control • Sports centres • Health clubs • Power supply • Generators
35 year career in water treatment and legionella contracting and consultancy, plus involvement in the LCA, BSRIA and a number of high-profile Legionella cases. Experienced Managing Director, Technical Consultant, Risk Assessor and Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the water hygiene services industry. Technically strong in legionella compliance, risk assessment and water treatment. I have progressed from business start up in 1989 to MD of a £21M UK leading water hygiene business in 2018, and...
All aspects of renal disease • Hypertension • All aspects of renal replacement therapy • Special expertise in transplant medicine Consultant in renal medicine for over 25 years • Honorary contract with NHS and Plymouth University as Associate Professor • Past Deputy Medical Director • Trained by Bond Solon • 20 years' experience
Dr Humphries in LONDON
Building services • Air conditioning systems • Office air conditioning systems • Boiler plant & heating systems • Condensation in building fabric • Drainage & plumbing • Environments for museums & works of art • Fees for consulting engineers • Close controlled environments • Swimming pool plant & equipment • Engineering evidence
Dr Watt has a broad haematology clinical practice including haemato-oncology, haemostasis and thrombosis and general haematological conditions.
Mr Robins in UTTOXETER
After training as a marine engineer, I pursued a career in heat and mass transfer until establishing my own consulting firm. I was first retained by the Department of Energy, then by the DTI Design Advisory Service and the Production Engineering Research Association. I have since undertaken 46 plant design and build projects alongside 53 process consultancies, and completed 17 expert witness instructions. My CEng registration was predicated by the design and engineering of major projects for Alcan Aluminium,...
Water resources • Water quality • Water supply, distribution • Drinking water quality & treatment • Sewage, waste water management • Oil spill environmental impact assessment, pollution, treatment • River pollution • Contaminated land relative to water quality • Legionella risk assessments

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