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Ms Anne Franc CBiol MSB in LONDON
Forensic Equity is a leading provider of forensic science services. With well over 1,000 years of combined experience, our forensic scientists cover all of the major forensic disciplines. All of our services and fee rates are suitable for legal aid applicants. We are always happy to receive case papers and will assess them and provide an initial opinion without charge....
Mrs Smith in SLOUGH
Fingerprint Expert with more than 30 years' experience, having conducted thousands of fingerprint comparisons and examined crime scene and fingerprint evidence in numerous cases, with offences ranging from burglary, fraud, immigration matters and theft to arson, rape, terrorism and murder. Has also attended Crown Courts, Magistrates' Courts and Youth Courts to give expert advice and testimony on many occasions. Work includes:...
Mr Christopher in email contact only
Examination, deconstruction & investigation of criminal and civil cases • Forensic case analysis • Police & CID operations • Criminal intelligence • Surveillance & covert methodology • Informants & protected witnesses • Major police investigations • Professional standards investigations • Resource management • Effective policy making • I offer a strategic analysis of case management • I am not a private investigator
The consultant has been engaged in all aspects of fingerprint & crime scene work for five decades • His knowledge & experience result from his working in & leadership of a large fingerprint department where he was responsible for major crime scene examinations, latent fingerprint development & identifications & to his advisory & research role at the Home Office, a post he held for 3 years • The consultant is an authority on fingerprint legislation & standards of evidence • He also maintains a reference...

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