Handling practices

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Dr Wilson in BELFAST
Food poisoning outbreaks • Food-borne & water-borne disease • Salmonella • Microbiological examination of food, water & environmental samples • Regional food examiner • Food microbiology • Food safety • Microbiological quality & safety of foods for import & export • Consumer complaints • Public health • Ecological assessments • Campylobacter • Swimming pools • Legionella • Occupational infections • Clostridium • E. coli 0157 • Infections on holidays • Shigella • Eggs
Dr Dinsdale in NORWICH
Consultant & Expert Witness (criminal & civil) since 1978 • Investigation of accidental food contamination claims (UK & abroad), & allegations of food safety offences (UK & Ireland) For criminal cases, see especially R -v- Kashioulis, Wood Green CC, T1999-0567, successfully defended by Margetts & Ritchie & Gough Square Chambers, & West Berkshire Council -v- Little Jogs Nursery, successfully defended by Gough Square Chambers....
Dr Stuart-Moonlight in FOLKESTONE
Dr Stuart-Moonlight is one of the foremost food safety and infectious disease experts in the UK, possessing excellent academic credentials including three fellowships. Her typical food cases include contamination, food poisoning, foodborne disease and food allergy. Her typical environmental cases include workplace, environment and travel-related infectious diseases such as norovirus, Sars-Cov-2 and leptospirosis. Dr Stuart-Moonlight has a historic background as a regulator, so is able to...

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