Holistic chiropody

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Pathomechanics & biomechanics • Gait analysis, video analysis • Biomechanics of the hip, knee, foot & ankle • Prescription functional foot orthoses • Used footwear analysis for police criminal cases • Analysis of CCTV for the police • Forensic podiatry • Medico-legal reports • General chiropody • Treatment of corns, callous, ingrown nail, planar warts/verruca • Nail pathology • Footwear modifications: raising for limb length discrepancy • I have consulting rooms in a number of locations in England • For full details please refer to...
Mr Francis in ENFIELD
Podiatric (foot and ankle) surgery • Chiropody, including podopaediatrics • Diabetic foot complications • Personal injury, including the foot and ankle • Biomechanics and orthoses • Forensic gait analysis Also consulting at: 9 Harley Street, London , W1G 9QY. All correspondence to the Enfield address.

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