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Mr Lancaster in HAMPTON
Security printing techniques and technologies on banknotes, passports, other ID documents and cards, labels, tax stamps • Product and brand strategies and technologies to combat counterfeits • Optical security features - holograms, DOVIDs, optically changing ink, etc. • Traceability • The use, design, production and issue of tax stamps
Dr Chatfield in SOUTH GODSTONE
Adhesives • Body fluids, alcohol in • Bitumens & asphalts • Corrosion & metal treatment • Detergents & wetting agents • Surfactants • Forensic science • Paints • Sealants • Printing inks • Packaging materials • Plastics • Rubbers • Colour measurement • Skid resistance & slip testing • Double-glazing failures • Patent infringements • Road markings
Mrs Briggs in RUGELEY
Forensic handwriting, signature and document examination by an experienced expert witness with over 15 years' experience of criminal and civil casework. • Comparison of disputed handwriting and signatures with known samples to determine authorship • Examination of printed, photocopied and typewritten documents • Examination of certain documents to determine authenticity • Reconstruction of torn/shredded documents • Examination of documents for indented impressions...
Mr Handy in READING
Handwriting comparison: identification of writer based on comparison • Signature analysis: comparison to establish genuineness or otherwise of signatures • Document examination: detection of alterations, additions & erasures; detection of indented impressions by ESDA • Typewriting comparison • Civil & criminal work undertaken • Confidential reports prepared & evidence given at court or tribunal...
Mr Sims in BRISTOL
Metis can supply specialist consultancy and expert witness services in the field of the printing and graphics industry. This would include the paper and packaging industry, as well as general commercial printing, with specialisation in offset lithography. CPR35 compliant reports can be produced when required, and experienced in both criminal and civil court procedures and responsibility as an expert. A list of areas in which I will accept instruction is detailed below: • Industrial design • Product...
Mr Ashworth in BACUP
Packaging & packaging materials • Paints, lacquers, inks & varnishes • Polymer analysis • Building materials • Corrosion & coatings • On-site investigations • Chemical analysis • Forensic science
Hayley Ash leads the forensic engineering team at Keith Borer Consultants. She specialises in both civil and criminal cases involving road accident investigation and reconstruction, vehicle examination, personal injury and collisions involving cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Her reports deal with human factors, driver reaction times, vehicle factors, road safety audits, speed assessment/analysis and image analysis....
Ms Ellen Radley BA PgDip(Law) MAE MCSFS in HINDHEAD
The oldest independent forensic document laboratory in the UK • Forensic signature examination • Handwriting • Document examination • Typewriting examination • Forgeries: detection & examination • Alterations • ESDA (Electrostatic Document Analysis) • ESDA sequencing • Ink analysis • Dating issues • Evidence presented overseas and in UK courts • Extensive laboratory, library and photographic facilities • CVs and free of charge estimate of costs on submission of copy documentation...
Mr Stockton in YORK
Forensic handwriting, signature & document analysis • Signature authenticity • Comparison of handwriting to determine authorship • Examination of alterations & indentations on documents • Comparison of stamps, printing & typewriting • Analysis & comparison of inks & paper • Examination of Arabic signatures • Examination of Chinese signatures • Expert witness service & attendance at court • CPR compliant expert reports • LAA casework

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