Interest rate hedging products

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Mr Dornton-Duff in LONDON
Matters involving trading, structuring, selling or advising upon following over-the-counter (OTC) financial derivatives: • Interest rate swaps & options • Foreign exchange swaps & options • Cross-currency swaps • Inflation swaps
Mr Brawn in LONDON
The pricing, trading, risk management and selling of OTC and listed derivative products in both asset and liability management • Including the use of plain vanilla interest rate swaps and options (asset swaps, fixed income, loans, caps, floors, swaptions, cross currency swaps), foreign exchange spot, forwards and options, equities and commodities • Applied to fraud, insider dealing and mis-selling • Suitability of hedge funds and other investments in client portfolios, performance measurement,...
Over 25 years in the practical application of commercial/corporate banking finance underwriting, managing business relationships and adverse debt situations. Remediation projects for banks applying 'Treating Customers Fairly' principles to complaint outcomes - most notably: 1. Interest rate hedging - quality overview of cases and corresponding with the skilled person (Deloittes) on more complex cases. 2. Fixed rate loans - Technical Project Manager and developed methodology...

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