Machine learning

This list shows every expert witness in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses who claims expertise in Machine learning. Click on any expert witness to view full details. You may prefer to interactively search the Register.

Mr Brewer in WESTCOTT
International wholesale & retail banking systems & operations • Banking & securities payment & clearing systems • Foreign exchange, money markets, commercial lending, bonds, equities & financial derivatives systems & operations • Computer systems design, selection, implementation & project management & related methodologies • Practice of management consultancy • Internet & e-commerce • Insurance systems • Computer evidence • Artificial intelligence • Machine learning • IT intellectual property
Dr Collie in LONDON
Digital device forensics, cell site analysis, computers, mobile phones, IOT and Cloud data • Digital document analysis • Cybersecurity consultancy • High quality expert reports in plain English Dr Collie is a CUBS-accredited Expert Witness, certificated for both civil and criminal litigation. In the private sector, clients have included City banks and broker houses, as well as major corporates with issues such as IP theft, fraud, system hacking and staff computer misuse. She has Expert and...
Mr Shaw in LONDON
Artificial intelligence, AI, AR, 5G holograms • Blockchain • Smart contracts technology • Coding, Assembler machine language through to Z-notation • Cybersecurity, defence and offence, breaches • Data privacy • Digital media and IT technology • Due diligence • eDiscovery • Failed projects • Fintech, pure technology, start-ups and investments • Hardware, middleware, design and architecture • IoT • Network, telecoms • Software, forensic and anti-forensic • Technology development, risk and program failure
Dr Bateson in LONDON
Investment banking • Capital markets • Derivatives • Fund management • Investment management • Wealth management • Hedge funds • Quantitative investing • Algorithmic trading • Systematic investing • Interest rate swaps • Credit default swaps • Artificial intelligence • Alternative data • Trading technology • Information technology • Intellectual property, compliance and operations Since 2017, Dr Bateson has been engaged as an expert witness on legal cases in the UK and US involving AI/systematic trading, hedge funds...

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