Maxillofacial anaesthesia

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Professor Hardman in NOTTINGHAM
Anaesthesia (general, spinal, epidural & local) • Awareness during anaesthesia • Injury & complications during anaesthesia • Patient safety • Problems with tracheal intubation • Pre-operative assessment & preparation • Post-operative care & complications • Medical negligence involving anaesthesia • Research involving anaesthesia • Anaesthetic equipment • Regional (nerve block) anaesthesia • Nerve injuries in the perioperative period • Allergic reactions during anaesthesia • Standard of care in anaesthesia
For all PI matters in oral and maxillofacial surgery, a unique responsive service is provided by a GMC-accredited revalidated surgical specialist.
Dr Kumar in ABERDEEN
Anaesthesia • Obstetric anaesthesia • Labour analgesia • Awareness under anaesthesia • Regional anaesthesia • Anaesthesia for orthopaedic surgery • Anaesthesia for spinal surgery • Emergency anaesthesia • Anaesthesia for airway surgery and other ENT procedures • Anaesthesia for lung surgery • Anaesthesia for gynaecological surgery • Anaesthesia for general surgery • Cell salvage and blood conservation during surgery • Clinical negligence • Ethical issues with COVID • Clinical governance and management of adverse events
Dr Norman in LONDON
Obstetric anaesthesia & analgesia • Complications of epidural & spinal techniques • Anaesthesia for plastic & cosmetic surgery • Hypotensive anaesthesia • Risk management
Dr Hambly in OXFORD
Anaesthesia for all surgical procedures except cardiac surgery & obstetrics • Airway management & intubation • Resuscitation • Awareness • Anaphylaxis • Preoperative assessment • Postoperative care & complications • Cardiac arrest • Spinal/epidural & regional anaesthesia • Nerve blocks • Anaesthetic equipment & monitoring • Central venous catheterisation • Arterial cannulae • Management of haemorrhage • Human factors in anaesthesia

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