Newborn babies

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Professor Stenson in EDINBURGH
All aspects of neonatal medicine • Risk management in neonatology • Development of clinical protocols in neonatology • Neonatal respiratory care • Neonatal intensive care & life support • Preterm infants: resuscitation, surfactant replacement, oxygen supplementation • Antenatal prescription of corticosteroids • Neonatal & preterm feeding • Parental rights in neonatal units • Medical ethics • Perinatal medicine • Birth asphyxia • Birth-related brain injury of babies • Neonatal death
Dr Ives in OXFORD
Neonatal medicine • All aspects of the medical management of diseases & disorders of the newborn infant, including: • Resuscitation of the newborn • Newborn intensive care • Birth asphyxia • Hypoxic ischaemic brain injury • Jaundice of the newborn & related brain injury • Kernicterus • Infection in the newborn • Surfactant replacement therapy • Assisted ventilation
Mrs Garland in SEVENOAKS
All aspects of midwifery care • Hospital & community-based care of mothers & babies • Intrapartum & waterbirths a particular interest • Postnatal care, infant feeding & care of mothers who have had instrumental/caesarean section births an area of interest • As a qualified midwifery tutor I am able to provide expertise in areas of students or education of midwives • Knowledge of risk management & supervision of midwives • I was awarded a fellowship of the RCM in 2019
Neonatal intensive care • Neonatology • Neonatal medicine • Paediatrics • Interested in clinical neonatology, neonatal nutrition, body composition of infants, neonatal non-invasive ventilation
Obstetrics • Antenatal care & management of developing complications • Antenatal care of high-risk pregnancy • Fetal screening & ultrasound scanning • Management of fetal anomalies • Management of preterm birth • Labour care • Management of complex labour • Delivery care, including instrumental birth, shoulder dystocia, perineal tears, obstetric anal sphincter injury, Caesarean section, haemorrhage • Maternal & fetal death • Pregnancy leading to hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy • Fetal injury at birth
Mrs Parvia in CHESHAM
Community midwife • Home births • Midwifery-led units • Safeguarding • ENS cases Registration: 00I2473E
A practising midwife working one clinical day every week, predominantly on a busy delivery suite at a local consultant-led maternity unit. I work as part of a multidisciplinary teaching faculty for the Trust provision of monthly maternity essential training days. I am a national instructor for the Maternity Acute Illness Management (AIMS) courses and accredited with the Resuscitation Council (UK) for the facilitation of the NLS (newborn resuscitation) courses. I hold current...
Professor Whitelaw in BRISTOL
I have 43 years' experience of neonatal medicine and retired from clinical practice in 2015. I continue with academic work, both teaching and research. My sub-specialty within neonatology is neurology, and I have nearly 200 original papers in the scientific literature, as well as many chapters in textbooks. My clinical negligence contributions have been mostly causation reports on perinatal brain injury of all types.
Dr Vasu in ASHFORD
Dr Vasu is an experienced Consultant Neonatologist based in Kent. He has an LLM in Healthcare Law & Ethics and the Cardiff University Bond Solon civil expert witness certificate qualification. He is also an honorary senior lecturer at the School of Biosciences, University of Kent and has global child health experience. His instruction ratio is approximately equal between claimant/defendant. He has acted as an SJE and accepts legal aid work. His expertise includes all aspects of neonatology.
Dr Narayan in MANCHESTER
All aspects of paediatric respiratory medicine, namely any condition that affects a child’s lungs and airways (breathing tubes/windpipe). Areas of interest include asthma, chronic cough, recurrent chest infections, newborn breathing problems/reflux, allergy-related disorders, noisy breathing/stridor, bronchiolitis, sleep-related breathing disorder, paediatric bronchoscopy, bronchiectasis, congenital lung disease, cystic fibrosis, and rare lung disorders. Sleep and long-term ventilation.
All areas of midwifery: inpatient, outpatient, community, low-risk, high-risk, home births, midwife-led units, obstetric-led/shared care, antenatal, intrapartum & postnatal care • Neonatal care for the first 28 days of life • Gynaecology nursing • Women's healthcare • General adult nursing • Oncology nursing
Professor Fleming in BRISTOL
Consultant paediatrician experienced in: • Child abuse (young infants) • Intrapartum care • Perinatal care • Pre-term or low birthweight infant care • Neonatal intensive care • Perinatal & infant physiology • Infant care, general • Delivery room care of normal & high-risk infants • Sudden infant deaths • Fabricated or imposed illness by carers • Sleep physiology in children • Also practises as a Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Hartnoll in LONDON
I have been a Consultant Neonatologist since 1999 working in tertiary level neonatal units covering both medical and surgical conditions until I retired from NHS clinical work at the end of December 2019. I am able to give expert opinion on all aspects of neonatal care, including the medical care of the surgical baby, and complications of prematurity, perinatal injury and birth asphyxia.

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