Orthotic insoles

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Mr Elmer in BRISTOL
My character naturally lends itself to being organised and independent. Medico-legal orthotic reports are presented in a clear, detailed and methodical way which is easy to follow. I have an interest in biomechanics and lower limb orthoses in particular. I have been involved extensively in orthopaedics and rheumatology, but have been engaged in almost all aspects of orthotic bracing over my career, including 25 years in paediatrics.
Mrs Best in ROMSEY
Orthotic devices (braces and splints) of all types for lower limb, upper limb, spinal, cranial, including orthopaedic footwear, footwear adaptations, orthotic insoles, functional electrical stimulation and lycra garments • Specialist in biomechanics and gait analysis • Conditions that may require orthotic treatment include cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke, spina bifida, scoliosis, drop foot, traumatic injuries, fractures, dislocations, soft tissue injuries, birth defects, leg length...
Podiatry • Podiatric surgery • Biomechanics & gait analysis • Orthoses • The diabetic foot • Foot & ankle pathology

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