Paving slabs

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Aggregates for construction • Alkali-aggregate reactivity in concrete • High-alumina cement & concrete • Concrete performance & failure (including thaumasite & other sulfate attack, etc.) • Mortar • Stone for construction (including slates) • Flooring (including screeds, tiling, etc.) • Forensic geology/geomaterials • Paving • Plaster • Rendering • Roofing (including fibre-cement materials) • Cladding materials & performance • Synthetic aggregates or cement replacements (e.g. slags, PFA, ash, clinker, etc.) • Construction...
Mr Blake in WEST AYTON
Subsidence • Structural surveys • Building defects • Paving & drainage • Petrochemical containment & environmental surveys • Ladder & walkway surveys • Personal injury reports • Workmanship issues • 35 years' experience of construction industry in the UK & Middle East

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